Rams will take wait-and-see approach with Gregg Williams


Rams G.M. Les Snead joined PFT Live on Monday for a spot that was scheduled before the news broke regarding the bounty system administered by Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams when he was with the Saints.

Snead said the team won’t comment on the situation until the the NFL issues a final ruling.  “It’s a process the league is handling, and we’ll let them handle it,” Snead said.

Snead also opted not to comment on possible plans for replacing Williams, in 2012 or beyond.  “We will always be prepared for any contingency that arises,” Snead said.

The Rams would be wise to prepare for the contingency of Williams to not be an employee of the team.  After reading Peter King’s excellent new Sports Illustrated article on the Saints’ bounty system, I’m even more convinced Williams could be hanging out with Pete Rose before too long.

And Rams coach Jeff Fisher, who spent the 2011 season helping out the league office for free, may be wondering why no one gave him an inkling when filling out his staff that Williams may ultimately be unavailable to work in 2012, or beyond.

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37 responses to “Rams will take wait-and-see approach with Gregg Williams

  1. Wait something’s wrong here Peter King and great article in the same sentence…get real no way…how much did you get paid to put those two items together???

  2. Didn’t Fisher hire Williams because they’re buddies and worked together? It’s not like Fisher can say he didn’t know.

  3. Fisher certainly must have known there was the possibility of punishment for Williams, but I don’t think anyone really guessed the punishment would be so severe until the NFL issued the statement on the report. Those two are old enough friends that even if Fisher knew for a fact Williams would be suspended for a year, he might have hired him anyway.

  4. Lifetime ban for Williams is the only fair thing. He was the one who pushed it on multiple teams. He ended Kurt Warner’s career through this illegal program. Some claim Manning’s neck and many other injuries resulted as well. If this guy doesn’t get punished to the significantly, then the whole player safety emphasis from the NFL will lose all credibility. I think goodell is going to send a message with this guys punishment. And deservedly so.

  5. The best part is Fisher being on the Competition Committee and clearly knowing about / taking part in Williams’s bounty antics in the past, but hiring him again nonetheless. Stay classy Jeff. Just like Brees pretending he cares about anyone but himself and getting a ring. Shameless grandstanders.

  6. And Goodell will take the wait and see you later approach after he suspends Williams for One Year.

  7. The investigation has been going on for a couple of years now. Don’t know exactly when Williams confessed. Doesn’t matter, he admitted to illegal conduct and should be tossed immediately. Add on the fines later, if they determine more nonsense in WAS BUF etc. Not like the fans in STL are going to like him tainting their franchise. Send him packing.

  8. Even if Williams, Peyton and all of the Saints players are fined/suspended. Even if the Saints are forced to give all of their 2012 draft picks to the Vikings, the Vikings are still the losers and the Saints are still coming out on top, because the Saints have a Lombardi Trophy and Super Bowl rings, and the Vikings don’t.

  9. Goodell wants to change the “culture” of the NFL. How soon before someone starts playing the race card. I have no problem at all with what the Saints did and I am getting bored with the way these media “elites” are so full of righteous indignation over the whole thing. Football is a game for men played by men with a warrior mentality. Roger is trying so hard to push the game into Europe and make as much money as possible but he knows he can’t do that if the NFL is a violent game so he uses his power to make the league as politically correct as possible, unless of couse you sadistically slaughter animals for sports then he will bend over backwards to kiss your ass.

  10. Oh I know BPA, I’ve been banging the drum for SOMEONE (HINT HINT) to investigate the Fisher on the CC hiring a crooked MF angle of this. Anyone who thinks Fisher doesn’t know all of this about Williams already and hired him anyway has rocks in their head.

  11. If Williams were banned for life, well I think that would be ridiculous. No point elaborating on that, but 8 games or a year is sufficient.

    The Rams should find someone else. Why start off a new coaching tenure with this drama? The Rams don’t need the Saints’ baggage, they shouldn’t be punished for their mistakes. Oh well, as I 9er fan it’s better that he stays, but Rams fans should be pushing for his dismissal.

  12. It’s disturbing to see all the photos and films of Williams recently. Guy looks nasty, miserable, seems to love violence. Hi-fiven all players after hits. Perhaps the Commish should suggest anger-management classes as well. If this guy had any type of conscience as a decent human being, he’d resign from Rams. Save them the trouble.

  13. Because the Rams knew of Williams’ past, they are culpable as well.

    They will be docked this years first round draft pick, this is HUGE!! 😉

  14. Lifetime ban, reduced to two years if he comes clean with all the others involved and they have consequences. Otherwise, lifetime.

    C’mon Roger, get this league back to some semblance of sportsmanship.

  15. Any chance that Goodall runs an exhaustive investigation, destroys the evidence from said investigation, and then tells the public that nothing was there? Probably not- his master Kraft isn’t at danger here.

  16. So the message your sending is it’s ok to cheat as long as you get the Lombardi trophy,too bad it will have an * next to it now just like the Patriots. The big difference is you had to pay a bounty to hurt players and couldn’t win playing hard with legal hits. If the Viking get those picks you’ll be in the cellar this year and years to come,better break out those bags again.If you lose Nicks and if Bree’s doesn’t sign the Franchise tag you will go nowhere and now Williams is gone and your coach will be suspended.This years team will be lucky to win 8 games.znorseman hope you don’t have kids and teach what you preach here.

  17. Wow! Rams are going to get reamed again. First, loosing a Super bowl with Belicheat and spy gate and now with this turd, Williams. Between the two, shouldn’t they be up for at least a first overall sympathy pick.

  18. Williams wont get a lifetime ban, probably a year or 2, but he will never coach in the NFL again. He might show up at some Division 2 program, but his NFL days are over. No owner would bring him in as a ballboy.

  19. Why don’t they just fire him for cause now? They were dumb to hire him in the first place. They had to run a check on him and Fisher would have almost had to have known. To say they are waiting on a final ruling from the NFL is absurd. That has already happened and he was found guilty (and he admitted it as well). The only thing left is his “sentencing”. The Rams are just hoping he gets a fine but is still allowed to coach. Dumb strategy. This is not a guy I would want on my team in any capacity–personal friend or not.

  20. If you are the Rams you have to wait for Roger to suspend him. If you try to fire him you might be on the hook for a buyout of his contract. Don’t know for sure without seeing the contract but it is a possibility. Rams don’t want to pay a guy $5mil who never coached a minute for them.

  21. Lets this play out and see what is the next move for the Rams. If I was them personally, I’d be getting a second resort in line. Its looking liking he won’t be coaching this year. Knowing what he did in his previous jobs, he’d probably would’ve done the same here. Big loss for the Rams though.

  22. It’s sad that the players needed a bounty system in place to get motivated. In my opinion, they should be trying to hurt their opponent every play based on their normal salary.

  23. Banned for life, like Pete Rose. I called it last Saturday. This was essentially betting within the game as well. And the smug one, Sean Payton should get the hook in some fashion since he knew of it and (tacitly) approved of it. Away with these cads.

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