PFT Live: Peter King on Peyton Manning and the Saints

Wednesday’s edition of PFT Live will be on at the same time as the big press conference in Indianapolis, but there’s no reason to worry about missing anything.

We’ll have portions of the presser with Peyton Manning and Colts owner Jim Irsay during the show as well as Peter King of Football Night in America on to talk with Mike Florio about what will happen now that Manning is free to talk to other teams. They will also talk about the Saints’ bounty program, which was the subject of a story by King in this week’s edition of Sports Illustrated.

Florio will also break down Manning’s possible landing spots during an hour devoted to the two biggest stories in the NFL right now.

You can watch it all live at noon ET.

14 responses to “PFT Live: Peter King on Peyton Manning and the Saints

  1. I’ve read all kinds of punishments that fans and experts think the Aints should receive for their role in bountygate and I don’t think even the harshest is too harsh. If I or any poster were to pay someone to assault someone else, we would be sitting in jail, no if’s , and’s or but’s about it. Regardless of what punishment/sanctions Goodell passes down, they at least know they won’t be serving prison time. If there is concrete proof that “other teams did it” then they should be punished accordingly but absent the evidence then there is no room for arguement from Saints fans that “every team in the NFL does it”. Criminals committ crimes every day but only those who get caught are punished. Bountygate may well define Goodell’s legacy in the NFL and as such, I think (and hope) the hammer truely does come down.

  2. Adam Schefter says he has a FINAL FOUR (I guess that was his March Madness pun for the day) for P.M.’s landing spot:

    Do any of you guys think there will be a “Mystery Team”?
    I was thinking SF or Philly, P.M. don’t want to join a LOSER franchise like Wash/Mia/Ari

  3. I’ll sum up Peter Kings segment in advance:

    3 minutes of Peyton Manning speculation
    17 minutes of Red Sox talk
    10 minutes of Starbucks observations

  4. Thanks peyton for being such a great player in your career, also for shifting the focus away from my saints team, Always knew you were a saint at heart

  5. Jets would go from Greatness to Unbeatable with Peyton. If only we had a QB last 3 years, 3 championships for sure.

    You have a strange definition of Greatness.

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