Chiefs have contacted Peyton Manning, too


Add the Chiefs to the list of teams interested in Peyton Manning.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Chiefs have already contacted Manning’s representatives.

That’s no surprise, as Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel said last month that they’d be crazy not to consider Manning. Crennel’s comments came this close (if I weren’t typing right now I’d be holding my thumb and forefinger a millimeter apart) to tampering, although the Colts apparently aren’t inclined to make an issue of it.

Crennel has been either a head coach or a defensive assistant in the AFC for Manning’s entire career, so he well knows how difficult it is to game plan against Manning. The two have never worked together, but Crennel has a deep understanding of just how good a healthy Peyton Manning is.

Kansas City’s interest in Manning suggests that Crennel and the Chiefs’ front office want to win now, and they’re not convinced Matt Cassel is the quarterback to do that with. So we can now include the Chiefs when we discuss the many teams that have interest in the player who might be the most sought-after free agent ever — a list that includes at least 12 teams.

Pretty soon it might be easier to list the teams that aren’t interested in Manning.

20 responses to “Chiefs have contacted Peyton Manning, too

  1. Kansas City’s interest in Manning suggests that Crennel and the Chiefs’ front office want to win now, and they’re not convinced Matt Cassel is the quarterback to do that with.

    Very few people will be convinced of Cassel’s ability to lead the team into the playoffs and beyond.

  2. Kansas City is the best case scenario for Peyton. Top 5 RB when healthy, top 10 WR at least. Top 10 pass catching TE, a solid O-line and an above average defense. They also don’t necessarily have a franchise QB so moving on from Cassell won’t enrage their fanbase as much as some others should the “Peyton experiment” not go as well as hoped.

  3. Regardless if Manning comes to the Chiefs Cassel is not the QB to take the team to the SB. It would be a breath of fresh air if Orton is signed and let these guys fight it out.

  4. 3ocaveoldFart.

    What do you expect he is the biggest name to ever hit the open market and we are in the information age:) It’s the off season and 5 days from free agency.

    I love on how shocked some people could be that this is a huge story giving the times we live in:)

  5. So what if it’s Peyton Football Talk. It is the biggest story and better than reading about disgraceful head hunters. Peyton IS the biggest and best free agent on the list. Pretty obvious how many organizations respect him and would have a better team with him as their leader.

  6. @arbiterflick
    Emmitt Thomas would probably let him wear it. Len Dawson offered to let Montana wear 16, but Joe decided to wear 19 instead.

    It’s just the classy thing to do.

  7. Iam the only one in the world that is not excited about the Chiefs going after Peyton. And Iam a huge Chiefs fan. At age 36 and now possibly one good hit away from another season injury I just can’t see it. They would have to pay him a huge salary which would screw up them going after some free agents that they desperately need. They need a decent NT, another complimentary RB to help out Jammal Charles, atleast 2 Offensive Lineman. Possibly even another safety as well. I just can’t see “breaking the bank” for a guy this old and probably injury prone. NO THANK YOU.

  8. @chuckxx

    Yes, you are the only one. QB is a bigger need than any other position on the team for the Chiefs. Matt Cassel is pedestrian at best. Also, last I checked the Chiefs were in the top half of the league in available cap space. Signing Manning hardly prevents them from spending on other free agents/draft picks as well as long as Hunt isn’t afraid to open up his purse.

  9. Said it weeks ago, the Chiefs have ridiculous talent on offense and Manning would flourish with those weapons. He would have a stout running game which he hasn’t had since Edgerrin James and two young athletic big receivers on the outside.

    The defense will only get better, and if they aquire Manning, Romeo wouldn’t even have to focus his attention to the offensive side of the ball.

  10. Plus he would go to a division won by the Broncos last year with Tim Tebow at quarterback. Easy pickins.

  11. 3octaveFart says:
    This site has become Peyton Football Talk.
    This is worse than your earlier obsession with Favre…


    That’s just ridiculous. It’s HUGE news. Favvvrre wasn’t huge news. It was the same story year-in, year-out.

    They need to be reporting this stuff. It’s actually journalism for once!

  12. People will be surprised how many teams will NOT be interested when they find out more about Manning’s health and his demands……Paying a free agent a huge amount of money on the HOPES that he will be ready to play is a huge that not a lot of teams will ultimately decide to take!

  13. Chiefs would be interesting for the sole reason of them having to decide what to do with the #18 jersey they retired for Emmitt Thomas.

    Peyton’s college number is also retired by the Chiefs as #16 was HOF QB Lenny Dawson

  14. KC is were players go to ruin there carreer. They will try to get Manning to sell tickets, not put a team around him to win a Super Bowl!

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