Jets have tried to trade Wayne Hunter

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For the Jets, the kiss of death apparently comes in the form of a public statement of support.

That’s not an uncommon phenomenon in sports, but it’s becoming increasingly common in New York.

The latest example?  Right tackle Wayne Hunter.  Last week, G.M. Mike Tannenbaum said he “expects” Hunter to return to the team as the starter in 2012. Now, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets have tried to trade Hunter.

Mehta says the Jets have talked to an unnamed NFC team about making a deal, but the discussions stalled.  (Although trades can’t happen until March 13, teams can talk about possible transactions before the official opening of the new league year.)

Hunter may still be safe.  As Mehta points out, the team doesn’t have much depth along the line.  Also, there’s a chance Hunter’s play improves under new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano.

Even if Hunter stays, it’s further proof that the things said by NFL teams never can be taken at face value.  Indeed, the Jets wouldn’t be sniffing around Peyton Manning if coach Rex Ryan was telling the truth when he said Mark Sanchez will be the starting quarterback for as long as Ryan is the head coach.

Manish talked in more detail about the Manning/Sanchez situation on Thursday’s PFT Live.

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13 responses to “Jets have tried to trade Wayne Hunter

  1. “Also, there’s a chance Hunter’s play improves under new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano.”

    Hahaha I almost fell out of my chair.

    Sparano did such amazing things with Miami’s line, he had to rebuild it every year. Sparano also though that Columbo was doing a good job at right tackle.

  2. Manish Mehta is making a living on these “unnamed sources” and “unnamed teams”. The guy is a joke. Last I checked, reporters are supposed to use credible sources to report news.

  3. I’m so tired of hearing mehtas name everywhere. Just a jets beat writer trying to get his name out there by false rumors and over speculation. Fitting for New York Jets fans but sour to the rest of us.

  4. 1. There is a better chance you see Johnny Unitas suited up for the Jets next year than Peyton Manning.

    2. What NFL team in their right mind would trade for arguably the worst tackle in the NFL?

  5. The AFC’s Washington Redskins

    In fact the NFL should realign and create a division with the Jets, Skins, Raiders and the Vikings

  6. Normally Manish is pretty good, but like westchief said, he’s basically living off these unnamed sources now.

    And trade? Who the hell would want one of the worst RT’s in the league right now? Dude is AWFUL.

  7. I will never be able to hear the name Wayne Hunter without picturing Von Miller absolutely destroying him on national television. Poor guy’s reputation is ruined based on one play.

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