Report: Broncos prepared to do “whatever it takes” to get Peyton

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Well, so much for Tebow time.

Not only are the Broncos openly courting quarterback Peyton Manning, but they’re also going to try hard to get him.  The Denver Post reports that owner Pat Bowlen is “prepared to do whatever it takes” to make Manning the team’s next franchise quarterback.

Based on the money they were able to carry over from 2011 and the cap commitments for 2012, the Broncos have well over $40 million in cap space — more than enough to satisfy Peyton’s salary preferences, with plenty left to put other talented players on the payroll.

It’s not yet known whether the Broncos also would be willing to sign Manning without seeing him throw.  But if that’s what it takes, it would fall within the inherently limitless concept of “whatever it takes.”

Denver’s zeal to land Manning means that someone will be overpaying, whether his new team is the Broncos or the Dolphins or the Chiefs or someone else.  And Manning’s camp would be wise to leverage the Broncos against the Chiefs and vice-versa, since whichever team gets Manning would become the favorite to win the AFC West.

Of course, the mere pursuit of Manning will be regarded as blasphemy by the Tebowmaniacs, whose views on Peyton soon could match Bobby Boucher’s mother’s opinion of Ben Franklin.  And just about everyone else.

For more on the Chiefs-Broncos-Dolphins chase of Manning, here’s a little something from Friday’s PFT Live.

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86 responses to “Report: Broncos prepared to do “whatever it takes” to get Peyton

  1. Can’t imagine Manning would inject himself into this soap opera. It’s an image-buster, whether it should be or not.

  2. It will be interesting to see what Manning ends up charging for his services. Afterall we all have seen what his contract has done to the Colts ability to be competitive. Everyone keeps saying that right now he just want to win, well fleecing a team isn’t going to accomplish that.

    So, in the next week, we’ll see if it was all about the money, or about winning.

  3. If they sign Manning at $20 mil, they’ll probably be able to bring in 2-3 Indy FA’s. Based on need, I’d say Reggie Wayne, Jeff Saturday and Dallas Clark. Freeney might cost the team too much if they need to give up a 1st, plus the defense is looking pretty good. Signing those guys could also allow them to use more picks on the defensive side of the ball to make a dominant defense.

  4. What team wouldn’t try to get Peyton with Tebow as their starter. Maybe he can learn a thing or two from one of the greats on how to throw a spiral.

  5. I don’t think the Broncos care how peyton throws…they knew how poorly Tebow throws, and they drafted him, failed to get rid of him with the coaching/gm change, and chose to start him…

    A noodle armed manning would still be a drastic upgrade.

  6. Advice for Bowlen, Elway, Fox: If you can’t spot the sucker at the table in the first 10 minutes…You are the sucker.

  7. Petyon is a fool if he wants to step into what will become a CIRCUS with him being the Anti Tebow. Also any former COLT should have no involvement with a horse face GM who wouldn’t play for the COLTS!

    Zona is Peyton’s Place

  8. Eddie Royal, the y/slot receiver who has been doing special teams would probably take on the Austin Collie role too. Have Thomas, Royal and Wayne as the three WR’s.

  9. LOL! Poor Timmy gets kicked to the curb where he belongs. WAH! WAH! Definitely doesn’t belong in the pros.

  10. In more recent news the Denver Broncos have just signed Peyton Manning, Pierre Garcon, Reggie Wayne, and Dallas Clark.

  11. I am a Bronco fan and I like Tebow and am excited about what he can do. But any fan of this team who says we shouldnt take Peyton off the market best just give up being a fan and turn on some soccer. Tebowmaniacs, all you who believe he is Jesus’s little half brother, shut up, dont post, and sit back and enjoy a serious few years of deep playoff football cause thats what you will get.

  12. Funny that you choose that pick to depict that Manning might wrongfully steal the throne of Tebow

  13. How much do you offer a 36 year old quarterback coming off of two neck operations??? I’m assuming not too much.

  14. A reference to the great Mississippi Mudd Dogs’ program; I’m not the only one who had a wet Friday lunch. Perfect time to modify some Bobby Bocuher quotes.

    “Mama said ain’t no son of hers playing dat der foos-ball pretending he a quarterback. Mama said John Elway ornery because he got all dem weapons and no one dat can throw to dem. Peyton gonna make me an irrelevant fullback.”

    Last one…look at the picture, “look who’s on the computer, Mama… it’s the Devil!”

    Ok, actual last one, tebow’s first interaction with Peyton: “Powerbomb. Compliments of Ca-ca-ca-Captain Insano!”

    Peyton’s out for the season…again.

  15. John Elway: Hey, Tim…come over here by the ledge..I want to show you something really cool! Just lean right over the edge a little there..that’s right, just a little further..

  16. Not tryin’ to be a Debbie Downer but I have real reservations about Peyton setting up shop in a new stadium and performing like he did in Indy.

    Everyone forgets he had years to perfect his “offense” with Dungy and the players they developed around him. If anyone thinks he’s just gonna walk in there and duplicate it is smokin’ a big fat blunt………

  17. Wait a minute… John Elway wants a quarterback that can actually win him a championship instead of keeping Tebow back there just to cater to the Broncos’ dillusional fanbase? He must be nuts!!!

  18. I wonder if Peyton will be OK being the #2 QB in camp… since Elway already said Tebow earned the right to enter camp as the #1 QB.

  19. I thought all the so called experts said Manning wouldn’t play for a team with an outdoor stadium.

    No mention of that supposed negative when talking about Manning to Denver. How come? Maybe because the so called experts know very little about a lot.

  20. Tebow honest (see what it did there?) the Broncos getting Manning would probably be great for Tebow. He’d get to sit and learn how to play qb from the best qb of a generation. Whats the down side?

  21. Peyton might end up getting more than what the Colts would have had to pay him.

    This is better than the Brett Favre sweepstakes a few years ago.

    So when does the NFL schedule get released? I’m sure that war room is on hold. Because wherever he lands, we all want to see how he does with his next team.

    So how does a 6-10 team get seven nationally televised games? Add Peyton Manning.

  22. You got us “Tebowmaniacs” all wrong. We never said Tebow is better than Peyton Manning or should start over Peyton Manning. But, we definitely said Tebow should start over the likes of Orton and Quinn. And we were right (even though we had rocks thrown at us for merely suggesting it).

  23. As a Raiders fan, I like where this is headed. I love the idea that the Broncos would keep Tebow, a QB who only has one good game as a pro (vs Pitt in the playoffs). Even better, I like the idea of spending maybe $20mil to get a truly great QB who may never be able to play again. That’s the kind of risk that I want Denver to take!

  24. If Manning goes to Denver, can’t wait to see all the Tebow fans crying. It’s been a Soap Opera all season, so it could continue.
    I can’t believe he wants to get into “more nonsense’.
    Where’s Tebow going to end up then, as a “backup”?

  25. Prediction: if Manning signs with Denver, Tebow ends up getting traded to Jacksonville. They’ve got a new owner who would probably overpay to bring back the local guy, and Tebow would sell jerseys and put butts in the seats in Jax, which is one thing they’ve been missing for YEARS. It’s a natural fit.

  26. @ upperdecker19

    Thanks, I chuckled out loud at that one when I scrolled back up to see th ephoto…

  27. Be honest and realistic, if you compare Arizona, Denver, KC, and Miami, Denver is clearly 4th. This is a leverage play to get Denver and KC to have a bidding war against each other, while driving up the price for Arizona or Miami.

  28. Have the Broncos even worked him out? I would like to have Peyton Manning… but I just am not sure how healthy he is.
    I love Tim Tebow too… he is my favorite athlete. But I am a Bronco fan and want what is best for the team. I hope that Tim will view this as a chance to learn from the best. Elway and Manning in the same room…. GAH! Wow.
    Does Manning want to play under a HOFer and legend like Elway? Or does he want to go to KC and work under…. Crennel….
    No brainer. I think this will be done today.

  29. dabearstjm says:Mar 9, 2012 5:29 PM

    What team wouldn’t try to get Peyton with Tebow as their starter. Maybe he can learn a thing or two from one of the greats on how to throw a spiral.

    While demonstrating a better spiral for Tebow, Manning will also throw left handed…lol

  30. it should be”Elway prepared to do “whatever it takes” to get rid of Tebow”
    (Payton would be the only way to do it without Denver people threatening his life =)

  31. Do people remember Rich Gannon?, he had some problems with the neck, tried to come back and was never the same, ending up retiring.

    Of course Manning DR. will tell all that will listen he is just fine and as good as new. They want that last big payday. But Indy had their own Dr’s look at all the medical and decided to let him walk and for nothing at that.

    That old saying Buyer Beware has found a new home. Favre to the Jets was going to make them World Beaters. Montana to KC was going to put them over the top. On and on I could go, I hope a team in the AFC West does sign him since I am a Fan of a team in the West. It will be good to see a team destroy themselves for years to come.

  32. Believe me when I say Denver will have no problem unloading Tebow — there is one team in the NFL that should pursue him with as much energy as other teams are going after Manning — and that’s Jacksonville. If Tebow went to Jacksonville overnight more than 80% of all revenue generated by that Godforsaken place would be centered around the One. Denver should easily be able to extort at least a first round pick, maybe more.

  33. glac1 says:
    Mar 9, 2012 5:41 PM
    How much do you offer a 36 year old quarterback coming off of two neck operations??? I’m assuming not too much.

    Elway won his two Super Bowls at the ages of 36 and 37. If Peyton’s neck is stable and the nerves heal up to the level that he needs them to in order to be effective, don’t count out Manning getting to and winning at least one more Super Bowl, maybe even two. The Patsie crybaby fans would whine to the high heavens if that happened though.

  34. Yeah the Tebowmaniacs wouldn’t like this. Just heard the insufferable Dan Caplis talking about this on KHOW(this is a political talk show that mainly trashes Obama). Someone else on Denver sports radio says the Broncos brass is pretty much convinced that the loudest Tebowmaniacs are more Tebow fans than Bronco fans. Makes sense…..

  35. Denver might just have the upper hand of all the teams in contention for Peyton’s services.
    1. Denver has plenty of cap room, so they can upgrade where they need to.
    2. They have some young receivers that can catch: Decker & Thomas.
    3. Their defense and offense is solid.
    4. Denver made the playoffs with Tim Tebow at QB.

  36. Weak division. Thin air to help him throw. Take less money to bring Reggie and Dallas, and a better use for Tebow as a fullback…not a bad decision. Tim can Still learn from Peyton while being on the field in a non-QB position.

    Hopefully the Tebow-ites can rally behind him no matter what position he plays.

  37. Shows you how full of it Fox and Elway were with their “support” for Tebow last January.

    Tebow should mount his own tour of the NFL to go somewhere he’ll be appreciated.

  38. Manning is not signing with your pony’s! So enough with the long face you pony fans and go take some asprin to cure you hay fever!

  39. i just cant see Peyton Manning going to Denver, i think he will go to a place where the situation will be perfect. i dont think Denver is that, maybe they pull an Eagles and surprise me, but as of now i see him in either Miami or Arizona. both those teams have a go to WR in Marshall and Fitzgerald. i bet both teams also could afford to sign not just Reggie Wayne, but Dallas Clark as well now!

  40. mcjon22 says: Mar 9, 2012 6:05 PM

    Be honest and realistic, if you compare Arizona, Denver, KC, and Miami, Denver is clearly 4th. This is a leverage play to get Denver and KC to have a bidding war against each other, while driving up the price for Arizona or Miami.

    That’s exactly what I’m thinking.

  41. “Hey John, put on a feed bad and whinny for me. Cool, now put on this leather suit, put this tail in place and tow me around in this pony cart.”


    “Nah, just kidding, I’m signing with Miami. Got some awesome footage for youtube, though. Thanks.”

  42. As good as a defense, and running game as they had last year….and you now reportedly have $40 million in cap space?

    Don’t use that on one player – use it on several. You can get a few good to great running back and linemen and on the defensive side add even more depth to keep the Broncos in every game for the forseeable future

    But if you just get Manning – that’s all you get. For good or for bad

  43. The Prophet says:
    Mar 9, 2012 6:40 PM
    Shows you how full of it Fox and Elway were with their “support” for Tebow last January.

    Tebow should mount his own tour of the NFL to go somewhere he’ll be appreciated.

    Tebow is under contract. Manning is not.

  44. I would take Tebow in Cleveland. I thought coming out of college he would do well in a West Coast offense. I would give up a 2nd rounder for him if no Flynn or RG3 ends up in Cleveland.

  45. Well this seems like a no brainer.

    Obviously any team would MUCH rather have Peyton Manning over Tim Teblow. After all, despite the fact the Denver defese managed to win a few games for Teblow last year, hes not going to make it as an NFL quarterback if he can’t throw the ball better.

  46. as a chargers fan i welcome this

    not only will it drive tebow-ites crazy

    well let’s face it, the chargers love abusing peyton, and now he’s been off a year and tenderized….this should be fun

  47. First of all, the picture deserves some sort of Irony award. It’s actually an audible, but that’s a good eye. Congrats!

    As far as Tebow vs. Manning is concerned, they aren’t mutually exclusive. Tebow just becomes the backup and Manning takes the starting job. That would be perfect because if I were Tebow, I would like to be Manning’s backup for a year.

    And Manning only have about 2 or 3 years left, max. But you can get a ring with him. Hiring Manning for your team is buying a ring. That’s all you’re doing, especially if his neck’s right. If it’s not, you’re buying a coach. And not a good one, either.

  48. As far as Tebow vs. Manning is concerned, they aren’t mutually exclusive. Tebow just becomes the backup and Manning takes the starting job.
    i disagree, i think tebow gets cut if Manning is signed. Signing Manning would just show that Elway doesnt want Tebow, but i just dont see Manning going to Denver, plus, people have been saying that Manning could sign a 4 year deal and if he signs that in Denver, Tebow will walk away when he’s a free agent.

  49. I still believe that deep-down Elway would give a kidney to get rid of Tebow. A healthy Peyton Manning may be his only chance to exorcise Tebowmania. Peyton vs. Timmy is one exciting matchup. I can’t wait to see how this plays out 😀

  50. He went to Denver to pretend to show interest, thereby driving up his price for other suitors. He will play this charade with a few more breathless owners, until he feels he’s got maximum leverage.

    It’s all about the money with Manning, or haven’t you noticed how he played Irsay last year?

    And neither you, nor any coaches, will see him toss around a football until after the ink is good and dry.

  51. So can somebody tell me where’s the downside? If Manning is 100% (or even 50%, this IS, after all, Manning) Denver will have a proven QB for at least a few seasons, giving Tebow the opportunity to learn from him, or, if that doesn’t happen, giving the front office the opportunity to replace him. If Manning isn’t able to perform, he’ll make a fantastic mentor for any QB, including Tebow, who has talent, guts and determination, if not all the skills he’s going to need to stay competitive in the NFL. Skills can be learned. Guts and determination you have to bring to the table. The only downside is if everybody writes the whole thing off without giving the team the opportunity to grow together.

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