Three Broncos suspended, two will file suit

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If Peyton Manning joins the Broncos, he won’t get to play with three of his new teammates for a while.

Per multiple reports, three Broncos have been suspended by the league.  Linebacker D.J. Williams and defensive end Ryan McBean have been suspended six games, and tight end Virgil Green has been suspended four games.

Vic Lombardi of CBS4 reports that each of the suspensions arise under the league’s substance-abuse policy.

Lombardi also reports that Williams and McBean claim that someone tampered with their samples, and that they will file a federal lawsuit on Monday.

UPDATE 6:51 p.m. ET:  A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the suspensions of Williams and McBean were imposed under the steroids policy.

53 responses to “Three Broncos suspended, two will file suit

  1. If it were one player, okay, I’d believe he’s lying. But when THREE players all claim someone tampered with their ish, something is fishy. Hopefully wasnt handled by the same guy who handled Ryan Bruan’s sample.

  2. That’s ok. The Colts just released half their team. Will be plenty of replacement players to go around. Peyton may not have to sign with anyone. He can just start his own team. Lots of guys available for him to recruit. LOL

  3. I see the Ryan Braun defense caught on fast! Do their sample collectors keep in the fridge next to their wife’s nasty meatloaf leftovers? Were Williams and McBean are important pieces? Seems like they are at least DJ Williams, but I admit that I’m not overly familiar with Bronco football…

  4. Peyton is used to an orderly group in the lockerroom. One thing about Indy there wasn’t much nonsense or misconduct by players. Mr Irsay wouldn’t put up with it. Nor do I think Peyton would appreciate any kind of dysfuntion brought on by teammates. Colts ran a tight ship.

  5. I am filing suit that someone tampered with my SAT scores, which hindered my ability to go to a top school, & hindered my earning potential.

  6. Just find a friendly judge and appeal until the players are no longer effective (in the cases of Green and McBean, that would be now). See: Vikings, Minnesota.

  7. Sure, someone tampered with their samples. Like all the convicts in prison say they are all innocent too. Yet Saints players are labeled as low life, but I guess drug useage is OK out west.

  8. Has it really come to this in sports? Now the NFL has to hire a group of guys, give them all a briefcase with eye scanners, finger print recognition, voice recognition, etc. These people will have to carry it with them at all times, handcuffed to themselves, so that no one can tamper with it. On top of that, just so there is no chance of a mistake, these individuals will unzip the fly of the pleyer being tested, pull out his junk for him, collect the sample, give him 2 shakes, put it back in his pants, and seal up the sample… REALLY???

  9. God’s vengence is swift. Whoe unto thee o house of Denver. Forsaking he that was your saviour last year. Run to the the mountains now while you can!

  10. Whats up with my homeboy Brett Hartmann (punter, yes punter) for the Texans? He got suspended today for violating the NFL substance policy, too! Oh, I see…just because he is a punter?? He cant get no run on PFT????

  11. When stupid people see something that works they try to copy it and then proceed to mess it up. Nobody tampered with Braun’s sample. His lawyers never even brought it up because the seal was still intact. Braun’s defense was the chain of custody was broken when his sample went to some dude’s fridge and it was not in dispute. I doubt these clowns will be so lucky. When investigation shows the seal(s) were checked and still intact, these guys are done. Add on another game or two for wasting time and resources.

  12. There is nothing, nada, zero reason for an independent tester, usually someone working for himself and licensed, to alter the tests. There is nothing in it for them.
    No one screwed up Braun’s tests or these other jerks, they got caught and they are trying to blame it ala Ryan Bran excuse, on the tester.

    Not happening. The testers should be the ones doing the suing and get lawyers for defamition.

  13. The Patriots are the only team to ever videotape another team’s practice, the Saints are the only team to ever have bounties, and the Broncos are the only team to ever had PEDs.

  14. Alright, already! Enough of the lame Ryan Braun comments/jokes!!

    Oh, wait! Now I just thought of one… should we change their name to the Denver Braun-cos?

    OK. Now that’s enough.

  15. Someone tampered with their samples. Surely the NFL wants the pub. NOT. These guys are so well known too. NOT. More than likely your crew didn’t tell you what was actually in those blunts. Thats who was tampering.

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