AFL players go on strike, for 6.5 hours

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On March 11, 2011, an NFL work stoppage officially launched, with the union decertifying and the league locking the players out.  The situation was resolved more than four months later.

A full 52 weeks to the day later, the AFL experienced a much shorter labor dispute.

The league explains in a press release issued moments ago that, on Friday night, the AFL Players Union went on strike at 6:35 p.m. ET.

The strike ended at 1:03 a.m. ET Saturday.

Apparently, the league’s swift response to the strike ended it.  The AFL reportedly fired the players and hired replacements.

According to, the players were looking for an increase in their per-game pay from $400 to $1,000.  Faced with the prospect of having the number drop to zero, the players apparently have relented.

22 responses to “AFL players go on strike, for 6.5 hours

  1. The pro-owner shills on this site wanted the owners to do this last spring. Go follow the AFL stupid people those OWNERS ARE YOUR HERO’S.

  2. Perhaps demanding 250% of your salary was a bit of a reach.

    Bet the owners would have give in for say 25%.

    Maybe get a new union head.

  3. Colt Brennan washed out of the NFL…..flopped in the UFL….and is now in the CFL as a backup with some team called the “Riders”. Poor guy never had a shot to fail in the AFL!

  4. Why does the AFL remind me of a middle eastern dictatorship? And why am I laughing hysterically?

  5. Well, this is good, my unemployed tuckus can go see them play in Spokane now. Oh wait….

  6. Imagine that you worked for a company for one fiscal year. You are the average employee. For that fiscal year you make $7200 base pay. Then Uncle Sam wants his cut… but wait EIC they get all that tax money back plus some…. These guys aren’t living high off the hog. I delivered pizza all of 2011 and my net income was larger than the 400 per game these guys get paid.

  7. I remember the AFL….Boston Patriots, Oilers, Jets…it would be more entertaining to watch those games than this arena crap.

    Strange why the NFL is doing their best to make their league similar with the hands off QB approach and the arena like scoring….Roger Goodell is ruining the game.

  8. AFL Players: We are officially on strike until you raise our salary to $1000 a game.

    6.5 hours later…

    AFL OWNERS: You guys are all fired and we will hire replacements in a week and probably for less than we’re paying you now.

    AFL Players: Sike… We was just playin. We’ll be in tomorrow. Stop being so serious guys. Learn to take a joke!

  9. Really!!!!! A strike!!!!! c’mon everyone knows these guys bag groceries in the off season they cant afford to go on strike for any more than 8 hours or they would have to pick up a 3rd job.

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