Three days until free agency, still no cap number

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Teams have been wondering for more than a week when (and perhaps now the better word is “if”) the 2012 salary cap numbers will be revealed.  Free agency starts in three days, and the team-by-team spending limit still hasn’t been disclosed.

So what’s going on?

“We’re still working out cap details with the union,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said via email Saturday morning.  “The teams will receive the numbers as soon as everything is completed.”

Though no one is commenting on the details, multiple sources have informed PFT over the past week that an effort has been undertaken to increase the cap number.  Under the new CBA, total player salary and benefits come from a total pot.  Benefit costs came in higher than expected, which drove down the money available for the cap.

As of last Saturday, the parties were “scrambling” to work it out.  We’d hate to see how long this would take if they weren’t.

19 responses to “Three days until free agency, still no cap number

  1. Wow. A union is actually impacted by the cost of benefits. Too bad. Leave the number alone and let the teams plan accordingly. I’m sure the lawsuits by former players will impact the “pot” in the future as well.

  2. SMGDH!!!
    This is ridiculous!!! How can the league expect everyone to be under the cap by 3pm on Tuesday if they don’t even know what the cap is!?

  3. With all the loopholes, exceptions and different ways to categorize players, contracts and money, the cap is hardly a hard figure – more like a generality. Dozens of ways around it.

    Besides, under the new CBA, it’s not until 2013 that teams will have to spend UP to a certain percentage of revenue figure. Won’t keep teams from doing the same things from going over, but you won’t have clubs like Cinci lowballing players and staying 40 million under the cap anymore.

  4. Seems like a bunch of crap. You were locked out for months. Then you settled. CAP ceilings should have been established then. Perhaps not for the length of the CBA, but at least for the 1st 2 years!! Then maybe work with the owners after the total TV revenues are know with that new deal for the 2014 league year. Come on MAN!!

  5. Ram’s have a draft ransom …. bring on free agency !!!! browns pretty much…. well lets not go there.

  6. Stop trying to raise it more and just go with the freaking 120M number and move on. Sorry players you benefits you collectively bargained cost more. Means paycuts. Welcome to the real world. Stop trying to make them happy. Just go with the number that is available.

  7. This is disgraceful on the part of whoever is responsible for the holdup…really. I hope that teams at least get a short grace period in order to comply with the cap.

  8. Free agency needs to be pushed back. Or do like they did last year. Let the teams negotiate without any contracts being signed for a week. Teams are not going to be ready by the start of free agency.

  9. This seems like it should be a big deal but if it was I imagine the teams would be complaining about it…

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