St. Louis Rams think “very highly” of Trent Richardson

With the NFL draft’s No. 2 overall pick, St. Louis was expected to decide between USC tackle Matt Kalil and Oklahoma State receiver Justin Blackmon until Friday night’s trade with the Redskins. The Rams have now dropped down to No. 6, potentially costing them a shot at both players.

So who are they targeting now?

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, multiple sources inside and outside of Rams Park say the team thinks “very highly” of Alabama running back Trent Richardson. Many people around the league regard Richardson as a “special talent.”

The Rams, of course, need a roster overhaul. Spending the No. 6 pick on a running back, widely viewed as one of the least valued positions in football, might not be an ideal strategy for a rebuilding team. And the Rams most certainly view themselves as a rebuilding team. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have traded away a top-two pick for four lower ones.

But new coach Jeff Fisher has a long history of run-first offenses, and pairing Richardson with incumbent starter Steven Jackson would give St. Louis a potentially lethal one-two backfield punch. It’s something to think about.

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  1. Nothing really special about Richardson. Very well could average 1400 yards rushing with 30 receptions a year.
    But you could find a running back in the later rounds that can put up the same numbers.

    Sad though, that he will have to take a pay cut to join the NFL

  2. The Rams are not going to draft Trent Richardson. If he makes it past the Browns & Buccaneers at 4 & 5, he will probably slide along way….The next team that would probably pick him is the Jets, providing some team doesn’t trade up for him along the way. Damn, I love draft time. It’s interesting to see how these things unfold.

  3. Maybe they can trade the Redskins an apple pie for the rest of this years draft, plus a 2nd in next years draft. Or maybe they can trade Shanahan a banana for Trent Williams. I hope the Raiders can fleece a piece off the Redskins. Awsum deal for the Rams.

  4. The trade is looking good for the Redskins.. you got to look at it from both perspectives.. If the Rams draft goofy then it’s a waste… Trust me they have to hit a home run with that #6… We all know what RG3 can do.. worst case scenario… VY with out all the Drama and VY has a winning record…

  5. Sam Bradford just needs to stay healthy.

    Trent Richardson looks like he could haul in a pass or two and would be a rook to a one bad man that’s always been a dual threat. SJax is at that age, man. Hard to imagine him banging out 16 without sharing that load.

  6. Yeah cause Steven Jackson NEVER gets hurt. TRich is a VERY good back, it’s hysterical how fans insist you can just find a RB anywhere. If they are so unimportant why dont NFL teams go to 5 wr/te sets?????

  7. Take him Rams… then my Packers can trade you our 2nd and 4th round picks for SJax. He’s running low on tread, and you may as well get something for him. He’d get to enter a system that is playoff ready and tested. This will allow you to have a HB entering his prime while your team (if you hit on all the picks you stole from the deadskins) hits its stride. You’d get more valuable picks this year as well to help the building process

  8. either trade down again or trade Jackson for a 2nd rounder.The Rams are going to be very good in a hurry.The people of LA will be thrilled

  9. if i’m them, i stay right where i am and not make it known who i want and then get the best guy on the board, they are in good shape.

  10. @kmurph1226

    Yeah because doing that was such a stupid decision by the Vikings in 07….this team has needs but they’d be reaching for most of them presuming kalil blackmon and claibourne go 3 4 and 5. Richardson would be definitely the top prospect at 6 if it goes that way.

  11. IDK, SJax might be on his last legs. Plus, since they’re rebuilding, they can trade him for a pick and a WR.

  12. The Rams need an overhaul of the O line and some decent receivers. Their D is a sieve. Richardson should not even be on their radar at 6.

  13. thatobnoxiousguy says:
    Mar 11, 2012 3:13 PM
    Nothing really special about Richardson. Very well could average 1400 yards rushing with 30 receptions a year.
    But you could find a running back in the later rounds that can put up the same numbers.


    Hmm, really??
    Well the ONLY guy to do that in 2011 was MJD and he was a 2nd round pick, not exactly the LATER rounds

    in 2010, the only guys to put up those kinds of numbers were Arian Foster, an UDFA rookie and Jamaal Charles, 3rd round pick

    In 2009, 2 guys put up those kinds of numbers, both were 1st round picks

    2008, 3 guys did, 2 1st round picks and a 2nd rounder

    SO in the past 4 years, 8 guys have done it and only 1 was available after the 3rd round. If you want to take a chance on finding that 1 guy, feel free, but if i have a shot at a 1400 yard rusher, especially one that can catch, im not passing on that

    in 2009,

  14. duanethomas says:
    Mar 11, 2012 3:33 PM
    This is the same braintrust that thought highly of Jason Smith.


    Umm, no its not

  15. St. Louis Rams think “very highly” of Trent Richardson…meaning “We have no interest in Trent Richardson, but we want all of you other teams to think we do and fall for the oldest trick in the book and trade up to pick him in front of us because we are really interested in another player who we will say we have absolutely no interest in whatsoever.”

  16. Browns take Blackmon, Bucs take Claiborne, Rams get screwed!
    They went down too far.. Oh wait we are talking about the Browns they will take Tanneyhill…Rams = Winning….Browns screw up again
    Tanneyhill is McCoy with an arm.

  17. This reeks of them wanting to have someone trade ahead of them for Richardson. That happens and 1 of Blackmon or Claiborne are there at 6 if Vikings take Kalil.

  18. The last RB Fisher drafted in the 1st rd. ended up breaking the 2,000 yard mark.

    If he’s the best player left on the board, It doesn’t matter who they take because the whole team needs re-built.

    Keep in mind, for the next 2 years, the Rams will have two 1st rd. picks to build a line and a solid group of WR’s..

    Fisher has never been known to have a bad defense so that’ll change one way or another.

  19. Averaging 85 yards a game rushing and 2 catches a game is hardly top level production. Is that what you want to spend a #6 pick on?

    Hmm, really??????

    I am positive teams can find a RB in later rounds that can produce those numbers,,,,,Einstein.

  20. So some people believe the Rams saying they have an interest in TR is going to make a team jump ahead and trade?? Stupid, no way an NFL team manages itself like that, it’s not un-realistic for ANY team to be interested in him due to his talent, that’s why a team would move up

  21. Excuse me!?!! Arian Foster, Matt Forte, MJD, Frank Gore, Ray Rice, Chris Johnson, Jamaal Charles, Michael Turner, LeSean McCoy, Darren McFadden, Marshawn Lynch. Now tell me which one of these players is easily replaceable. How many players on those teams are more valuable?

    You experts crack me up with this RB is not an important position. Other than QB, what other INDIVIDUAL position is more important? Don’t say OL because that’s 5 players. Let’s look at the most important player on the OL. When was the last time a pro bowl LT was in the Super Bowl? I’ll wait for your answer. lol You see this is how you want to value a RB.

  22. This is just public payback against the Cleveland Browns because they did not give up their picks to trade with the Rams and give the Rams their desired position at #4.

    The Browns are probably talking to teams like Jacksonville and Carolina (among others) that might be interested in moving up for a chance at Blackmon or Claiborne ahead of the Buccaneers. It is not a great secret that the Browns are interested in Trent Richardson, but might figure #4 is too early to take a RB.

    Now, the Rams are putting out their interest in Richardson publicly to try to make the Browns hesitant about trading down below #6 thinking the Rams might take the player the Browns want if they trade down.

    If I were the Browns and didn’t think Richardson, Blackmon or Claiborne were worth the #4 pick, I would trade it to a team that thinks they are, get more picks, then sit back and watch while the Rams don’t get anyone at #6 that they were hoping to get. Kalil at #3, Blackmon/Claiborne at #4 and #5 in whatever order. Then the Rams are left scrambling to either trade down, take Richardson at a position of no real need, or reach at #6 and take a player they really have not ranked that highly.

  23. In the first round of the draft you take the best player availavble. Period. If Richardson is really the sixth best player, then you take him.

  24. Richardson is an every down guy. If they actually invested in him with a top 10 pick, you can expect Steven Jackson to be out the door in the near future. Maybe before this season, maybe next season when Fisher knows he can rely on Trent.

  25. Curtis Martin
    Jamaal Charles
    Ahmad Bradshaw
    Frank Gore

    All above NOT taken in 1st or 2nd round

    Lawrence Phillips
    Curtis Enis
    Reggie Bush
    Ki-Jana Carter
    Ricky Williams

    All taken in 1st round

    I will take the first group thank you.

    Burn, schooled, now go take your nap.

  26. A. RB’s aren’t worth Top 10 picks.
    B. Backup RB’s aren’t worth First Round picks.

    Beast39 has two GREAT seasons left, minimum. Rams can get the “next great RB” with one of their four first round picks the next two years.

  27. bigshirk says:
    Mar 11, 2012 3:14 PM
    They might think of getting Bradford some recieving threats, or maybe some guys who can block for him. Instead of a RB.


    Amen! Still need another RB – just not there!

  28. Do you really want to know who the Rams are targeting? Just look at who Gregg Williams has drafted whenever he has started in a new place. It has always been DB!
    In Buffalo, it was Nate Clements, in Washington it was Sean Tayor and Carlos Rogers, in NO it was Malcolm Jenkins and free agent signing of Jabari Greer. The Rams want Claiborne and are concerned that he will go at #5 to the Bucks. Time to get the BS mill churning.

  29. Steven Jackson has already played 8 seasons and had over 2100 carries for his career, he’ll be 29 this season. How much longer can he last as a starting RB?

    They should do what the Jags did with Fred Taylor and MJD. Richardson could be the backup the first few seasons(prolonging Jackson’s career and effectiveness), then take over as the top back whenever Jackson is over the hill.

    The Rams do need help at other positions, but what value is there at 6th overall for the 2nd best CB, LT, or WR?

  30. If Blackmon and Claiborne are gone, he will be the guy. Steven Jackson turn 29 before the season starts and he will be a FA after 2013. The Rams would be wrong to reach and should take Richardson if he is the last one standing at six.

  31. Rams say “Come on Miami. We know you really want Tannehill. Peyton isn’t coming. Flynn isn’t coming. Do you really want to wait for Barkley? Do you really think you can compete in the AFC East with ‘just another guy’ at QB? Seattle and Kansas City are on the phone. We’ll only take your first, second and third picks. Trust us. It’s a really good deal. ” Rams take Reiff, Cox, Floyd or Martin with Miami’s pick.

  32. * Trent Dilfer will be your retort about not needing a QB to win a SB – 1/2 the guys in the league were in grade school when he won the SB.

  33. Lawrence Phillips
    Curtis Enis
    Reggie Bush
    Ki-Jana Carter
    Ricky Williams

    All taken in 1st round

    And four of five taken in the last millenium.

    I happen to think six is too high for Richardson as well, but if you have to go back to the Clinton administration for four out of five of your examples, you might wanna rethink your point.

    Besides, of the four, one (Carter) shredded his knee on his first professional carry, one (Phillips) was a criminal that conned Dick Vermeil and made him cry, and the other two were just flat out loopy head-cases. Richardson isn’t a criminal or a head case.

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