Longtime center Faine likely out in Tampa


Jeff Faine has been the Buccaneers’ starting center since the club signed him to a six-year, $37.5 million contract in February of 2008. Faine won’t be holding that job any longer.

According to Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times, the Bucs plan to use newly re-signed Jeremy Zuttah at center. Zuttah can play both guard and tackle, as well, but he will be snapping to quarterback Josh Freeman per the plans of the Bucs’ new coaching staff.

This all begs the question of whether Faine will return to the Buccaneers at all. As Holder notes, Faine has a 2012 cap number approaching $8 million. Faine’s base salary is $5.925 million.

Look for Faine to be released ahead of or just after the start of free agency on Tuesday.

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  1. Bucs are losing a team leader and solid vet here. However, Zuttah is a better run blocker and this is a good move. Faine was a great Buccaneer at times and leaves in good standing. Good luck to Jeff in the future.

  2. He’s injury Prone and production fell way off. This also allows the Buc’s to make two aggressive mega-offers in Free Agency by going after divisional rival star LG Nicks with a huge offer & hopefully bringing in VJax or Courtland or Carr with the other.

  3. Best news of the off season so far. Faine was mediocre when healthy(rare), awful when playing injured(common), and half the time his injuries were bad enough that he couldn’t be out there at all.

    I wish the guy no ill will, but this move absolutely had to be made. Zuttah isn’t great, but he’s decent enough to be an improvement. Let’s hope that this move also spurs us towards bringing in a LG as well, because I highly doubt that Larsen is ready to take over that role.

  4. This guy was not a leader. He didnt help organize team practices during the lockout and was not in favor of them. Faine is a cancer in the loker room and ill bet he’ll retire to do what really loves run his personal business into the ground.

  5. Sign Finnegan and V-Jax, move down in the draft with someone desperate to get Tannyhill or Blackmon (Before the Rams do), get some extra picks and draft DeCastro as your new guard.

  6. @~Hate~


    A team leader would’ve been there to support his team and young QB even during the ‘so-called’ pointless organized gatherings.

    Will definitely hate to see him go, cause he was very solid when healthy, but him being able to stay healthy was always a big issue. At least this (potentially) frees up some more room for Nicks or Grubbs to help give Freeman enough time to throw the Vincent Jackson or open up even bigger holes for Blount.

  7. Gotta believe this means they’re going to make a serious run at Nicks. Faine was a solid player but Zuttah is younger and quite frankly better, and since its the Bucs he’s cheaper, making him to obvious choice

  8. The Bucs need to trade their 5th pick back to the 11th or 12th spot for some extra picks and then go after Mike Wallace and not V-Jax, Wallace is better than anyone we could get in the draft.

  9. @Kathleen correction
    “Saint” as in Nicks only not plural players. We don’t want any of your other cast offs (Meachem, Colston, ect). Nicks is only no longer a Saint because your team screwed up the Brees signing & couldn’t resign him. Don’t act like New Orleans didn’t want Nicks back. The guy is a stud LG & if the Bucs can improve their O-line while at the same time hurting the Saints, even better!

  10. This COULD turn out ugly…

    To just lose the little things Josh and him have worked out over the years.

    4-5 years of someone’s hands constantly on your junk, you build a bond that’s not easily replaced.

  11. Look at the Saints losing their best players and pissing of their franchise qb. Enjoy your punishment cheaters 🙂

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