Top restricted free agents Webb, Wallace get first-round tenders

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Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb and Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace are the top remaining unsigned players left on the restricted free agent market. Baltimore and Pittsburgh did their best to secure the rights to each player on Monday by extending Webb and Wallace first-round tenders.

The value of the first-round tender is $2.742 million.

“Predator” teams may still have interest in Wallace and Webb, assuming they are willing to fork over a first-round pick as compensation, in addition to a hefty contract Baltimore or Pittsburgh is unwilling to match.

Webb, 26, finished last season with five interceptions, a pick six, and one forced fumble in 15 starts.

Wallace, 25, racked up a career-best 72 receptions for 1,193 yards, and eight touchdowns.

62 responses to “Top restricted free agents Webb, Wallace get first-round tenders

  1. Tick, tick, tick, tick………

    Mike Wallace will not be a Steeler and will go to a contender next season. He’s too good to pass up as a burner hitting his prime, especially for a pick past 24-25.

  2. Given the steelers now with under $10 million in cap space and a pretty decent wr FA class this offseason, steelers should be able to match what teams offer to wallace

  3. Wallace will be a ram by tomorrow night now that they have all these extra picks… Then they draft Blackmon.

  4. Webb played much better then his regular season numbers show and he was soooo clutch in the playoffs. Would really hurt to see him go regardless of the compensation. In oz we trust!!

  5. The Steelers have $11.6 million in cap space, and a couple high priced vets they could still release. It will take a monster contract offer to pry him away.

  6. starfan79 says:
    Mar 12, 2012 8:38 PM
    Wallace will be a ram by tomorrow night now that they have all these extra picks… Then they draft Blackmon.

    blackmon will be gone by the time the lambs pick & if the rams give pitt the 6th pick & have to pay wallace they are IDIOTS
    but go on a ahead we wont mind

  7. @starfan. Wallace will not be a ram. They are not going to sign him and give up the sixth pick in the draft. First round tender=this years first round pick, not any year they choose….

  8. the steelers cant afford him…period. i just hope there’s more than one offer for wallace so the they can pick which 1st round pick they get and hopefully keep him out of the AFC

  9. Hoping the Pats give up both first rounders for these guys and then sign lloyd. Would love to see them sign mario williams too, but they were burned by adalius thomas a few years ago when they tried the huge signing thing, so I don’t see it happening.

  10. how would the Pats have gone after Wallace yesterday ? Id rather see the Pats take Webb, sign Lloyd and draft 5 guys on D.

  11. @starfan79 …

    Unless they’ve created magic money today through restructuring, the Rams are only $1.2 mil under the cap. They don’t just have to give up a #1 pick–they also have to come up with a salary the Steelers can’t or won’t match. Last I heard, your owner is focused on trying to buy the Dodgers … and someone needs to focus on hiring you a new defensive coordinator. You’re going to need one.

  12. With the 27th pick in the 2012 NFL draft, the Patriots select CB Ladarius Webb from Baltimore


    With the 31st pick in the 2012 NFL draft, the Patriots select WR Mike Wallace from Pittsburgh


    If only…. BB with probably pick some running back from a division 3 school and trade off the 2nd 1st round pick.

  13. Suggs Won DPOY but Webb had just as good of a case. The man had 8 interceptions including playoffs and didn’t give up a Touchdown all year. Hoping Ravens give him an extension before anyone can tender him.

  14. For you guys who are so sure Wallace is gone, I wish there were a way for you to put your money where your mouth is.

    The Steelers know what they are doing. They didn’t franchise Wallace, because he is not realy worth over $9 million a year. They offered the first year tender and if someone offers him a deal, they will match it because nobody will offer him $9 mil a year.

    The most anybody will go is maybe $5 mil, $6 at most and the Steelers will match that. Some might do a big signing bonus, but who wants to tie up that much money for a receiver, unless his last name is Fitzgerald. They ain’t crazy. They’ve been at this game for years.

    And, if somebody is looney enough to offer Wallace $9 mil a year, well, good luck. But it won’t happen.

  15. Starfan79.. Mike Wallace will NOT be a ram … How do you figure ? The Steelers placed a first round tender . Mike Wallace is a Stud, but the rams won’t give away the 6th overall pick for him.. how can they get blackmon and Wallace ? If anything Mike Wallace would be a great fit for a playoff team that picks in the 20s… Bengals, Texans,Pats, Ravens, Niners etc. But he’s not worth a top 10 pick.

  16. starfan…. your not paying attention. if the rams sign wallace they would have to give up their 1st round pick. since their pick is #6 im quite sure the steelers wouldnt be too upset, and without a first round pick it would be very difficult for the rams to select blackmon. i doht see him falling to #34 overall which is whete the rams would select if they signed wallace. was that a bit easier for you to understand?

  17. @star fan………um the rams can’t get both. To get mike Wallace they would have to give up this year first round pick. Leaving them out of 1st rd picks to grab blackmon. They only got an extra 2nd rd pick from the redskins that can be used this year… You frigg’n dolt.. Some of the people who post on here need to do some research before they spout out idiotic comments.

  18. Even though each of these guys would be great bargains for simply a late first rounder, you can expect both of them to stay with their teams.

    As you can see from the RGIII deal, draft picks are considered gold even more than they used to be, and being able to get a cheap young player on your team to mold into your own liking will outweigh the value of getting an established guy who has to learn a new system and get paid a huge contract, even though rookies have a good chance to bust, or not make an impact.

    I would make that deal in an instant if I were New England, SF, or maybe even Pittsburgh in signing Webb but front offices will continue to overvalue picks.

  19. jpelle82 says:
    the steelers cant afford him…period. i just hope there’s more than one offer for wallace so the they can pick which 1st round pick they get and hopefully keep him out of the AFC


    Do you have any understanding how restricted free agency works?

    If multiple teams make offers, Wallace chooses which one (if any) he wants to sign. At that point the Steelers choose to match the signed offer amount or take the first round pick. The Steelers have no say in where he goes, it’s not a trade situation.

  20. Pitt fans, I doubt Kolbert (sp?) would do it, but would you be happy if the Steelers signed Webb and gave the Raisins their 1st rounder? He’s instantly better than any CB on Pitt’s roster since the great Rod Woodson.

    I think Webb will be signed before Wallace simply due to the limited supply of established CB’s vs the supply of established WR’s, but If someone signed Wallace to an offer before Webb, I could see the Steelers targeting Webb since they’d still have a 1st round pick, and they’d take the best CB off a division foe’s roster.

  21. PLEASE STEELERS: go after webb. make the ravens a worse team and our secondary goes from very good to elite. i still believe in ike even though he was awful against the tebows. he had a great year otherwise. make it happen colbert!

  22. Silly pats, you’re not getting Webb. Try drafting a decent defensive player. It works wonders…

  23. I can see the Patriots going after Webb given it would only cost them pick number 31. The reason I don’t expect it is that Belichick won’t want to play games with Ozzie Newsome. There are certain unwritten rules Belichick goes by and one of those rules is that you don’t poach players. The Tuna did (e.g., Curtis Martin) but Belichick makes a trade (e.g., Welker, where he paid an extra late round pick) to maintian relationships. If they go after Webb it would be a negotiation with Newsome.

  24. The Bucs should trade their #5 pick with someones late 1st round pick for a 2nd round pick and next years 1st round pick (or 2nd round) and then sign Mike Wallace.

  25. @turillos, are you kidding? The Ravens have more cap room than we do and our first-round pick is only a couple of spots ahead of theirs. They can–and would–match any offer we’d make for Webb. Nothing’s in it for him to switch teams since we’re not going to offer him a boatload of money or get him any closer to a championship than he’ll get with the Ravens. And we have more pressing needs for what money we have. The goal of free agency isn’t to stick it to other teams; it’s to do what’s best for yours. Better for ours to keep Wallace if we can. That’s why we extended the first-round tender.

  26. @ Deb

    “Unless they’ve created magic money today through restructuring, the Rams are only $1.2 mil under the cap. They don’t just have to give up a #1 pick–they also have to come up with a salary the Steelers can’t or won’t match. Last I heard, your owner is focused on trying to buy the Dodgers … and someone needs to focus on hiring you a new defensive coordinator. You’re going to need one.”

    If Bernanke and that twit Geithner can create money then so can Stan Kroenke!

  27. For restricted free agency, I believe the signing or poaching team is required to give their initial 1st round pick. Meaning the Rams simply couldn’t sign a restricted free agent to an offer sheet since they already traded their 1st round pick this year. Same for the Falcons and the Saints.

    Otherwise teams would simply trade their 1st rounder to the team that won the Super Bowl for that teams 1st and 2nd picks. This would allow the Super Bowl winning team to blow the “trade chart” out of the water and allow the team that poached the restricted free agent to recoup some of the value from losing the 1st they would be giving up for him.

    Example…. team with 21st overall pick trades 18th overall to Giants (32) for the Giants 1st and 2nd round picks. This would be a steal for the Giants according to the trade chart, but the team signing x restricted free agent would also be getting a 2nd round pick throw in instead of just handing 18th overall pick to x restricted free agent’s original team. Think Wallace to the Ravens for example. Ravens would pick up another 2nd while only giving Pitt #32 overall.

  28. Dear Mike Brown,
    Though many have put you down for many, many years, you have put your team in the right position to strike at your opponents while the iron is hot. For years the city of Cincinnati has been burned by false hopes and lousy results out of your team. The time is now, you have the cap room (the most room of any NFL team actually), and finally the chance to hurt either the ratbirds or the stillers, do it. Pull the trigger. Wallace would be great oppposite of AJ Green, as would Webb, opposite Leon Hall. All it will cost you, is one first round pick, for a proven first rounder. The extra pick you got for Carson Palmer, would be a great trade.

    From an eternally loyal fan

  29. Deb,
    I agree that the steelers have more pressing needs than cornerback and I realize it’s not going to happen, but it would be nice to weaken the ravens d and make ours stronger at the same time. gay is a ufa and keenan lewis is still unproven. who is the last corner the steelers had that actually caused turnovers? essentially, i would be more than willing to trade wallace right now for a really good corner. just me though.

  30. @turillos …

    No, it’s not just you. I’m still mourning the loss of Rod Woodson and won’t be happy with the secondary until we get another corner of that caliber. Of course, that means I’ll probably die miserable 😉

  31. Check it out…
    Here’s how good teams operate…1) they find gems in the draft, i.e. Lardarius Webb = 3rd Round from small D3 school. 2) They develop them into pretty good players – but here is the key…at a bargain price. 3) They let others (Redskins, etc…) overpay…4) take their picks 5) find more gems…here is another key…at bargain prices 6) develop them…7) repeat cycle. 8)The money they save they fill gaps, etc…
    Webb has blossomed, but…5-9 and 190 soaking wet (see Ravens/Titans and Ravens/Chargers film @ big recievers)…torn acl his rookie year. You want him Pats and Steelers, take him…we’d love your first rounder…especially the steelers who are in dire need of youth on their o-line…FYI…name the last Raven defender to have a big year after leaving??? Pats-how’d AD work out? Can you say…”product of the system.”

  32. To everyone saying that these teams can afford to match an offer because a player isn’t worth X number of dollars a year, you need to remember a few things. Mike Wallace doesn’t have to be worth 9 Million dollars a year he needs to be worth a 9 million dollar cap hit THIS year. Also, probably closer to 5 million when you factor in draft picks, and other minor free agent pickups.

  33. He will be a Steeler at the end of the whole thing. I dont think any team is going to give up first round pick and pay out the kind of money its going to take to sign him. But then again some team might go for it.

  34. @Jesse is correct. The Rams already traded their original 1st round pick so they’re out. Nice try though.

  35. DON’T see patriots putting offer sheet out there…they have 2 STUD tight ends unrestricted after next season and Chung. Can’t pay huge money to Welker, Wallace, Hernandez and Gronk. if they do, so be it. We can throw offer sheet at gronk next offseason. Love that kid…

    Ravens-no, Bengals-no. maybe a surprise team out there.

  36. ampatsisahypocrite says:
    Mar 12, 2012 11:36 PM
    In a brilliant surprise move, the Pittsburgh Steelers sign both Wallace AND Webb!
    And there’s that particular brand of jackassery that I’ve been missing all offseason.

  37. uh sorry to burst your bubble guys but the rams have 2 picks in the second round and another potential 2nd rounder if they trade their RFA WR Amendola to the cheatiots or the Vikings…(sources…you guys can figure it out for yourself) that both teams are interested in his services. those picks can be used to trade up into the first possibly throw in future picks to get another first round pick in this years draft. thus using that on to get wallace. 3 step process…

  38. The Bengals are not going to give up a first round pick for Wallace. That is like giving ammo to your enemy.

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