Chiefs to meet with free agent Mike Tolbert


Peyton Hillis isn’t the only “big back” visiting the Kansas City Chiefs.

Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star reports that the Chiefs will be hosting free agent Mike Tolbert on Wednesday. Tolbert, a 5-foot-9, 243-pound bowling ball with surprising versatility, might be a slightly cheaper power back option to complement starter Jamaal Charles.

MDS posted earlier that Hillis will visit Kansas City, though the date of the meeting is unclear. Hillis is 6-foot-2, 250, so it’s pretty clear the Chiefs are targeting a powerful change-of-page runner to for their backfield.

10 responses to “Chiefs to meet with free agent Mike Tolbert

  1. ill take tolbert of hillis in KC

    ive been hearing him a lot on nfl sat radio and he seems like a stand up guy… doesn’t seem to attract drama the way hillis does.


  2. Players usually sign with KC to end their careers. No clue why players like Hillis or Tolbert would subject themselves to a place like that, who cant win and I confidently say that this is one team that I will never see reach the Super Bowl in my lifetime.

  3. Get them both. They need a power back and real solid #2 in case JC doesn’t recover well from the ACL and they need a fullback in the event that they can’t resign McClain.

    Chiefs are obviously thinking the best way to beat Peyton Manning if he ends up in Denver is to pound the ball on the ground…and keep him off the field.

  4. As a Chargers fan I have to say Tolbert is a good guy and tough player. I am hoping the Chargers try to bring him back, but seems doubtful

  5. I’d love for the 9ers to make a run at Tolbert, love that guy. The 9ers need a short yardage back that runs forward (AD, watch Tolbert film and take note!).

  6. Peyton Hillis is the new Mike Alstott. I’d take Tolbert though because he’s more versatile. Chiefs have some serious speed on offense though

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