Finnegan will visit the Rams


One of the least surprising developments of the first hour of free agency is that former Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan will visit the Rams, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Finnegan, after all, was drafted by Rams coach Jeff Fisher when Fisher was the head coach in Tennessee.

Meanwhile, Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports that the Buccaneers no longer are viewed as a landing place for the guy who once landed a punch or two on Andre Johnson.

16 responses to “Finnegan will visit the Rams

  1. Thats fine. Not all that surprised actually. Would really rather have Brandon Carr over Finnegan anyway.

    GO BUCS!!!

  2. Fisher creating the dirtiest team in the NFL. Finn should fit in with Williams’ bounty method. Look out for your knees, Fitz!

  3. How is it that a few days ago the Bucs were the front runner, and now they aren’t even interested in him less than an hour after FA opens up???

  4. Titan fan here – absolutely hate to see Finnegan go. If he lands on your team, be ready to see him in on 90% of the tackles. His motor never stops. The dirty player stuff is way overblown….just runs his mouth constantly to get under the receiver’s skin. On the fight with Andre, if the refs would have called it right, only Andre would have been kicked out of the game & Cortland would have achieved his objective. Trust me, Cortland was not hurt by the punches.

  5. Titan fan here that apparently has been watching a different player than everyone else. Finnegan is awful, he gets burnt nearly 100% of the time and his maturity level is seriously lacking. Any of those teams considering signing him, ask yourselves this – Why didn’t the Titans approach Finnegan regarding a new contract at all? Here was a guy who by all estimates wanted to stay in Nashville so badly he was likely to give the Titans a hometown discount, yet they didn’t approach him once…not even to see where they stood. Overrated player who benefited from a strong defense a few years back, hasn’t done a damn thing since.

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