McNair says Texans aren’t in the Peyton chase

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After conflicting reports regarding whether the Texans will or won’t pursue quarterback Peyton Manning, the boss has spoken.

Owner Bob McNair said Tuesday on SportsRadio 610 in Houston that the Texans have no interest in Peyton Manning.

“Well, that’s not surprising,” McNair said regarding the notion that Manning would want to play for the Texans.  “After all, he played in our division.  He knows our club.  And if there were an ideal club for him to be with, if it was just his decision alone, it would be the Texans.  Because they’d give him the best chance to win, and that’s really what he’s looking for.  But we have a quarterback that we’re happy with.  The teams that he’s talking to are the teams that don’t have a quarterback, and they’re taking the risk of bringing a player in perhaps that haven’t even worked out.”

It’s fine if the Texans don’t want Manning, but McNair went a little too far and came off as more than a little strident.

Why not simply say we’re not interested?  Instead, McNair essentially proclaimed that Manning should be interested in the Texans if Peyton wants to win but that they’ll take Matt Schaub over Peyton Manning.

McNair’s words also could be dusted off if/when the Texans play the Cardinals and Kevin Kolb, the Broncos and Tim Tebow, or (twice per year) the Titans and Matt Hasselbeck/Jake Locker.

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  1. Eh, I think you are finding issues when there isn’t one. He’s simply saying that Schaub is a good QB and they aren’t looking. Almost everyone acknowledges that. Schaub has had a stellar run in Houston, and is a top 10 QB. Had he been healthy, the Texans probably would’ve been favorites to get to the Super Bowl.

    It’s never made a ton of sense to me why PFT keeps on arguing that Peyton for Schaub takes the Texans over the top. First, Kubiak is a stickler for his system 2nd, Peyton is going to want his offense. 3rd, Schaub has been a highly productive QB who was on pace for his third straight 4000+ yard season before getting hurt. 4th, what Peyton are you getting (something McNair points out and is a legitimate question). Is the Peyton you are going to get necessarily going to outperform a healthy Schaub?

  2. I think he told it just like it is, and he is prob tired of hearing all the BS about the Texans being interested when they never where.

  3. I think this is a false report of his comments based on John McClain’s (Houston Chronicle) characterization of what McNair said. I don’t believe McNair ever said “we are not interested.” Rather he said “we are happy with Schaub.” Sure. He’s a good QB, albeit one coming off his own injury. But if you listen carefully, McNair never said the Texans won’t try to sign Manning. As the Arian Foster deal showed, they have a tight-lipped front office. Stay tuned. (Though that Miami trade smells to me like a PM, RW package deal on its way.)

  4. It’s OK , Mike… We understand you’re a tad embarrassed by looking the fool after you and all your ‘sources’ falsely predicated/reported how the Texans were secretly pursuing Manning. And oh yeah, the owner sure seems to be running scared (as you suggested) of Bud Adams and/or Manning judging by his comments. LOL!!

  5. Dude talks a lot of $hit after his one playoff appearance in team history!! Your team has been Mannings be-atch for how long now?? Isn’t it a little more than ironic that the only time you made the playoffs was the year Manning was out?

    You can have your gimpy Schaub and the your top WR that seems to get hurt every year and slide back to your non-closing ways you moron!!!

  6. Why should he give some timid “i’m not interested”, HE isn’t the one who started the rumor, and he is making it 100% clear that he believes in Matt Schaub and their team is on the way, and he still considers them the favorites if the Jags or Titans sign Peyton.

    I see nothing wrong with an owner showing confidence in his team. Why the heck should he have to bow to Peyton like the scrubby teams of the NFL?

  7. Bud Adams speaks the truth. Peyton needs the Texans a helluva lot more than the Texans need Peyton.

  8. So let me get this straight … BUD ADAMS is the Houston-based owner that locals find annoying?

  9. I am not a Houston fan at all. But I have been wondering why the Texans would let Shaub go. Sure Manning is better, but for how long? And if you are truly content with the qb you have, as the Texans appear to be…then by all means state it firmly, as that boosts Shaub’s ego and his confidence. Absolutely the right move from McNair. Shaub has a bright future ahead of him…

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