Phil Dawson signs franchise tender

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Last year, Browns kicker Phil Dawson signed the franchise tender without any holdout.  This year, a 20 percent raise has convinced him to sign it again.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Dawson has accepted the one-year, $3.81 million offer, putting him under contract for the 2012 season.

Until they are signed, franchise tenders can be rescinded.  Once signed, the player’s contract becomes fully guaranteed.

Five kickers received the franchise tag this year, which pays a base amount of $2.6 million.  Last year, two kickers (Olindo Mare and Ryan Longwell) signed three-year, $12 million deals.  The top of the market remains $4 million per year, courtesy of Sebastian Janikowski.

Dawson, a 13-year veteran, has spent his entire career with the Browns, joining the team in the season the Browns re-joined the NFL.

15 responses to “Phil Dawson signs franchise tender

  1. Glad my team has a kicker. I will forever remember the Ravens game a few years ago where the ball bounced off of the back of the crossbar and out. No Good! The Ravens (Ray Lewis included) all ran to the locker room rejoicing and celebrating their apparent victory…only to be called back out because the refs reversed the call sending the game into overtime in which the Browns won.

    One of my favorite moments as a Browns fan. This one, like the one where I was selling hotdogs at Cleveland Stadium when Metcalf returned those two punts for TDs against the Steelers will live with me for a long time.

    Here we go, Brownies, he we go! Roo Roo!

  2. I wouldn’t give up Janikowski for any kicker….but it wouldn’t have been a bad move to hang on to Phil in ’98 and skip the whole Greg Davis/Joe Nedney thing.

  3. Ha I loved that game. Stover is in midfeild doing a post game interview and DA comes running in “were going to overtime fellas, were going to over time!” Stover was instantly pissed 🙂

  4. Wow the highlight for the last 10years a field goal hitting the crossbar….sucks to be a Browns fan…H and H the clock is ticking on you …better figure this out soon the natives are restless

  5. Good move by the Browns. As bad as they have sucked, Dawson is nails. His misses last year were, except one, the result of Pontbriand losing his fastball. Dawson is one of the best, especially in bad weather.

  6. Dawson scored the 1st TD in the expansion era and he’s still the only Brown that puts points on the board.

  7. Heckert and Holmgren better not sit on their hands and watch all these free agents go elsewhere. We need to atleast upgrade a few positions (OL, WR, DB, LB)!

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