Patriots re-sign offensive lineman Dan Connolly


Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe reports that the Patriots have reached an agreement to keep guard/center Dan Connolly.

Bedard suspects Connolly’s re-signing spells the end of free agent center Dan Koppen’s tenure in Foxboro.

Connolly can play both guard and center. He was New England’s starting center in 14 games last season, including the playoffs. The 29-year-old is a former undrafted free agent out of Southeast Missouri State.

Connolly is perhaps best known to casual NFL observers for his 71-yard kickoff return in December of 2010. The return earned Connolly AFC special teams player of the week honors.

14 responses to “Patriots re-sign offensive lineman Dan Connolly

  1. I love the announcing during that play. And also the fact that it reaffirmed my faith in humanity and in football itself as an arbiter of truth. But mostly the announcing.

  2. billsfan27 says:

    Thank you for the kind words about Connolly’s return.

    You have to love Bills’ fans. If your team could have just won a couple of those Super Bowls you guys would be getting the same adulation the Packers’ fans get. I don’t care what anyone says, Andre Reed should be in the Hall of Fame; what a great player.

  3. “The 29-year-old is a former undrafted free agent out of Southeast Missouri State.”

    People harping on BB’s lousy drafts need to take this into account. How many of these unheralded guys have come to the Pats and done well? Seems like a lot to me.

    Also, how many guys have left or been cut by the Pats, and done well elsewhere. Not many.

    Trust in Bill.

  4. Patsiend: Your insight makes me believe you are a true fan of the sport. You “get it”. I’ve been a Pats fan for 3/4 of my life (half century mark coming up) and hands down, no questions asked, BB is the best coach this team has ever had, hell maybe the league has ever had. Taking castaways, throwaways and what others consider to be middle of the road and turning them into very productive and useful pieces to a winning puzzle. GO PATS!

  5. A 71-yard return, longest ever by a lineman. Pulled down at the 4 yard line.
    So close.
    Couldn’t believe it was happening while I was watching.

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