Hopes rise in Denver that Peyton Manning is heading to the Broncos


Although the Titans appeared on Thursday to be building momentum in the Peyton Manning sweepstakes, there’s optimism coming out of Denver on Friday morning that Manning is heading to the Broncos.

Mike Klis writes in today’s Denver Post that all signs point to the Broncos and Titans as the final two, with the Cardinals likely resigning themselves to keeping Kevin Kolb and paying his bonus, and the Dolphins starting to turn their attention toward Matt Flynn.

And MileHighReport.com points out that Broncos owner Pat Bowlen’s plane is scheduled to fly to Raleigh, North Carolina, where Manning has been working out, this morning. That’s the same plane that Broncos front office boss John Elway and head coach John Fox have been flying around in to conduct their offseason business, and the same plane that picked up Manning for his visit to the Broncos’ facilities. Presumably, if Manning were about to join the Broncos, that’s the plane the team would provide Manning to bring him to Denver.

Albert Breer of NFL Network points out that Titans owner Bud Adams’ plane is still in Houston.

So to the extent that we can tell anything by tracking owners’ planes, we can say that Broncos fans have more reason for optimism right now than Titans fans do. And when the best updates we’re getting come from tracking owners’ planes, we can say that we hope Manning is ready to make his mind up already.

30 responses to “Hopes rise in Denver that Peyton Manning is heading to the Broncos

  1. If Manning does end up in Denver, hopefully Tebow ends up somewhere else where he can see the field. Whether you like Tebow or not (Elway clearly doesn’t), you have to admit that he was arguably the most entertaining football player of 2011. Ratings show that folks would rather watch him and his team play than many other teams, good or not.

  2. I still dont see the reasoning behind going to Denver. It makes more sense to go to TEN. A division rival where he can stick it to his old team.

  3. If Tebow was smart, he would welcome this move and learn how to throw like a NFL QB from one of the greatest. It’s not like he will have to wait forever to regain that starting spot, and by that time he should be ready. Manning will only be around for another 2-3 yrs.

  4. i wish, as the biggest Bronco fan alive, that i could say i am happy about Manning coming to the Broncos. Better yet, i wish i could say i didnt want him.. the fact is, i am a Tebow supporter, but i aint stupid. If Manning is 85 to 90% back to his form, he is still better than Tebow. But I never liked Tebow for his skills, he just knows how to win. And that cant be taught. But i remember on that losing stretch at the end of last season, Tebow’s lack of passing skills hurt us bad, but i remain hopeful that he will improve. If Manning comes, we will never know. I just dont want to be sitting around in 2-3 yrs, regretting Tebow’s absence, while he is somewhere else entering his prime…

  5. #15’s now 1/2 price…..Jon Elway was sighted at the bronco’s stable getting his knees treated for rug burn…….Thats News

  6. What happened when Super Mario made a return to the Bills this week? I think the Peyton tour is about to make its stop. Just sayin…

  7. Peyton is flirting wth teams, just pick a team, get that big money and alienate the current starting qb there and play a few games, get hurt n retire, greedy swamp boy

  8. The real loser in the Peyton Manning Sweepstakes will be the team who’s stupid enough to take him. Get real Peyton is a washed-up over-the-hill old geezer who should do the NFL a favor by retiring. Denver might get something from him if he can teach that deadbeat Teblow how to throw properly and play a real NFL offense instead of that wimpy option garbage run in college.

  9. I cannot for the life of me understand why so many people are bugged by the fact that PM has not made up his mind. This is a huge decision on his part and the media is ridiculous in its pursuit of this story. Do they need material for God’s sake let it play out and for those who don’t want to read it then don’t.

  10. Why go to Denver? After four neck surgeries, it just doesn’t make sense to play in a cold weather environment during late Nov, Dec, and Jan. And I don’t want to hear that Denver has a great Defense with a great running game either. Last year Denver’s defense was ranked 20th in the league, giving up 126.3 ypg on the ground, and giving up almost 25 points a game. That’s not even an average defense in the NFL.. And as far as their running game goes, those numbers were inflated because running was all they could do last year. I’m not a Denver hater by any means. I just think Peyton will have a difficult time winning another ring there is all.

  11. If Peyton were going to choose the Titans, then there would be no need for Elway and Co to watch him workout… looks like Denver may just have this one in the bag.

    I have always said there will be no way Manning goes to a divisional rival of the Colts. He has way too much respect and gratitude for the Indy fans to go in there and beat them twice a year.

  12. peytonsneck18 says:
    Mar 16, 2012 10:38 AM
    Peyton is flirting wth teams, just pick a team, get that big money and alienate the current starting qb there and play a few games, get hurt n retire, greedy swamp boy
    Peyton has earned the right to be a free agent and shop around. Stop your ignorant, repetitive rants. It’s obvious Peyton has slapped your team around for over ten years, and you don’t have to capacity to handle it….

  13. Peyton is not about sticking it to his old team, he wants to go to a team that gives him the best chance at another superbowl ri4 ng weather its the titans or broncos. Yes tebow was fun to watch but remember, if you watched the games you had to endure 55 mins, 2 and a half hours of tv of unproductive football with the last 5 minutes of tebow time. As a broncos fan that was brutal, im a tebow fan as a player but in reality, a QB has to be consistent the whole 60 mins if you want to make it in this league.

  14. This site can be very frustrating. I put what I considered to be a well thought out, thoroughly inoffensive post on why I believed Manning would wind up in Denver. There was absolutely no justification for censoring it, but you did.

    I’ll try again. I have believed all along that Manning would wind up in Denver for the following reasons:

    1) Doesn’t want to face the Colts twice a year

    2) Has a great relationship with Fox and Elway

    3) Broncos are as close or closer to being a contender as the Titans are

    4) The weather factor is overblown- the average temp from November though January is 49 degrees.

  15. I guess the Lord has decided TT is done in Denver. How’s that gonna work out for ya’ there Timmy?

  16. mullman7675 – Manning has done nothing to earn anything…fleeces the Colts out of millions and is trying to do the same with another team. Hopefully Denver will wake up before signing him.All these nit wits who think he is going to take them to the promised land are imbeciles. He couldn’t do that very effectively when he was in his prime with a familiar team.Do you REALLY think a banged-up Manning on an unfamilar team is going to get BETTER results? Please! I think it would be funny if the Broncos release a statement that after seeing him throw,they are no longer interested.

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