Winston cancels visit to Rams

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On Thursday, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that free-agent tackle Eric Winston would visit the Rams on Friday.

On Friday, Winston didn’t visit the Rams.

Alex Marvez of reports that Winston scrapped his visit to St. Louis after spending Thursday and Friday with the Chiefs.  There trip has not been rescheduled.

Marvez reports that a signing with the Chiefs isn’t imminent, and that the Dolphins and Ravens remain in contention for his services.

Winston was cut by the Texans earlier this week, in an unexpected move.

Winston is No. 13 on the PFT Hot 100.  Since we haven’t mentioned the list very much this week.

6 responses to “Winston cancels visit to Rams

  1. Something smells here…The Texans had plenty of room for, and didn’t keep him. Now KC doesn’t take him, I wonder if there is a issue we haven’t heard about?

  2. Cancelling an appointment with the next team on the schedule, certainly looks like a good sign for the Chiefs. He’s also been in KC for a couple of days, so I would think they are trying to get a contract done. If the Chiefs can get a solid RT, they can focus on an NT, another ILB and possibly DE, and then mainly just solid depth. This is a team with alot of young talent, and really not many real gaping holes left to fill. The Hillis and Boss signings were both very good, and didn’t break the bank. I think the Chiefs will be one of the most underrated teams in 2012.

  3. Pretty sure from that the deal is almost done, but a little apart on money. Dammit, Chiefs, get this done. Then we can concentrate on a couple other FAs.

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