Newman thinks there’s plenty of blame for 2011 Cowboys

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The Cowboys dumped cornerback Terence Newman this week.  Newman, whom many thought would be cut before the 2011 season, has received plenty of blame for the team’s struggles last season.

He thinks the blame should go more broadly than that.

“I didn’t play well down the stretch but I think we also didn’t play well down the stretch.  Great teams know the blame is on everyone and accept that,” Newman told WFAA, via the Dallas Morning News.  “In spite of the criticism I endured, we endured, we still could have put a lot of things together.”

Newman specifically pointed to the Patriots as a team that thrived despite having a bad secondary.

So, basically, Newman thinks that if the rest of the team were a lot better, it would make up for the fact that he wasn’t good enough.

That’s not exactly the best way for Newman to say hello to the free-agent market.

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  1. Yeah….last time I checked Newman, Tom Brady isn’t the QB for the Cowboys and Bill Belicheck wasn’t the HC of the Cowboys.

  2. Cowboys should have cut this bum two years ago, he should be thanking JJ for the extra paychecks instead of whining. Good riddance.

  3. an athlete admits he didnt have a good season and didnt play well… in the process he refuses to single out any of his teammates and states the whole team was to blame for a subpar season.

    in response, you decide to throw jabs at the end of the article, inferring that he threw the rest of the team under the bus.

    todays pro athlete cannot win with you vultures.

  4. The secondary was the Cowboys most discouraging unit last season. Terrance Newman played like hot garbage, I don’t see him ever playing meaningful football.

  5. Difference was The Patriots coaches were smart enough to play a defense that didn’t leave bums like Newman on an island 85% of the time. He has been horrible for four years and should thank Jerry for keeping him around. Slow and Old. He will sign a one year deal, probably with the Bengals. Then he is done…….

  6. I agree it seems a little to come off like he is blaming others for his lacking. I also think he makes a strong point. The cowboys didnt lose just because of him. Both sides of the ball were middle-grounding it for the most part. Nobody really stood out all year and neither side of the ball ever really stepped up.

  7. He sure uses “we” alot after being the go to guy for an easy touchdown against teams for last year,welcome to the unemployment line you washed up corner.

  8. As a Redskins fan this really stinks because everyone knows how horrible that Newman is and I loved watching him get burnt over and over again! I hope the cowgirls are not getting smart now! next thing you know they will cut Romo. Please do not let that happen! He is the NFC East’s favorite player…..

  9. It’s a shame Cowboy fans used this guy as a scapegoat. He was doing well in the beginning, but ultimately his injury hurt him down the stretch.

    Hopefully the ignorant comments I hear from fans are just the fans that no nothing about football, because to put the blame on Terence is just foolish.

    Something has to be said about the lack of pressure coming up the middle. I hope the Cowboys address this need in the draft.

    Thank you for all your years, Terence. I wish you all the best.

  10. Wow… unbelievable!!!!! Newman is completely delusional.. we was always 7+ yards behind a play.. when he was close to a reciever he was posterized. As a boys fan i have a whole new exitement reborn due to him being ousted.. i cant wait to see the sack totals when the rushers have more than 2 seconds to get to the qb…

  11. Frist to say
    Get a QB the team would improve.
    They can give Soulman45 a call he will get them to the playoff.
    His his rocket arm would be the best in TX.

  12. Newman is a joke…..#10 and #18 have burned him repeatedly over the past seasons. It’s a shame Dallas got rid of him, I was getting used to watching our WR make toast on his a$$.

  13. I hate the cowboys. That being said, he isn’t really bitching. Just saying you win/lose as a team.

  14. zinnsskins8 says: Mar 18, 2012 3:48 PM

    As a Redskins fan this really stinks because everyone knows how horrible that Newman is and I loved watching him get burnt over and over again! I hope the cowgirls are not getting smart now! next thing you know they will cut Romo. Please do not let that happen! He is the NFC East’s favorite player…..

    You’re team hasn’t been relevant in over 20 years and you talk smack?

  15. T-New,

    You haven’t played well for far too long. Thanks for your time in Dallas, but you and I know it was time to move on. Regarding your remarks, the Patriots had a very potent offense, with a very good O-line, Excellent TE’s and arguably the best QB in the business. The Cowboys had a crappy line, lost their rookie RB in Murray in week 14, and couldn’t compete and win games because their D (secondary mostly) couldn’t hold opponents from scoring, and o-line was sub-par in many categories. Romo and the offense were good, but not good enough to keep pace and score enough on offense to win games like the Pats, despite their weak D.

    New England could score enough to beat any team, and when you have that, even with a poor D, you can still win games. This wasn’t the case with the Cowboys. I agree you win and lose as a team, but you could have performed a HELL of a lot better, Newman. But we all know you didn’t, and you were cut. You were a weak link (among many) on the D, and as a result, you are gone.

    Newman, you will see how much better the Cowboys secondary will be this year, and a big part of it will be the new (and effective) personnel on the team. Redskin, Giants, and Eagle fans, you have been put on notice. The Cowboy secondary has been sub-par for too long, and a much more effective ( and younger) secondary will be on the field for the first time in quite a while. In addition, the pass rush will be more effective, and the MLB’s will be very solid as well (Connor, Lee, and Carter). The D will be collectively a lot better, and with a full off-season under Ryan, this D will be top 10 this coming season.

    The Cowboys will be a much improved team this year both on offense and defense. The Cowboys are going to make a serious run this year, and will at least be in the mix for the NFC East title.

  16. I’m not as hateful as some people here. I appreciate the good years he gave us (in his prime he was in the upper echelon of DBs). He played too long but who’s going to quit when someone is giving you 9 mil? Yes, he was dreadful these past 2 years but if Ware is the only person that can get to the QB, you’re going to have problems. Once teams started double/triple teaming him, they found no one could win a 1 on 1. No pass rush = bad secondary.

  17. …..Newman stinks. I think he had pics of jerry in uncompromising positions… Cause I don’t know why he was even on the team the last few years. Thank goodness he’s history. I hope he goes to a team that we play so Romo can torch him.

  18. Newman handled his departure with class. He took his share of the blame, and pointed out (correctly) that it’s a team sport and that a team doesn’t fail because of one player. (Unless that player’s name is Tavaris Jackson or Jamarcus Russel.)

  19. zinnsskins and all you foreskins fans, are you retarded? The foreskins were the only team Newman ever showed up to play against. You guys should be happy he’s gone.

  20. Newman….you are right. Someone should have been put their stuff together and been back there to tackle the guys after you got hurdled twice in one game.

  21. As a Cowboys fan, you’ll never hear me say overwhelmingly positive things about Newman.

    When he was drafted, he was supposed to be a shutdown corner, who was also an amazing punt returner.

    Within a couple of years he really never rose above “decent”, always called “Fair Catch” and couldn’t get off IR…….and lived off a more than inflated reputation.

    My memories of T-New will always be of disappointment more than anything.

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