Alex Smith weighs his options

Mike Florio talks with 49ers insider Matt Maiocco about NFL free agency, Alex Smith finding the perfect fit, and who will top the list if San Francisco’s QB leaves town.

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4 responses to “Alex Smith weighs his options

  1. why would he leave SF, because he got his feelings hurt? The dude has made millions doing next to nothing for the Niners. If I were him, I’d be calling Baalke to get a deal done.

  2. Puh-lease…Alice will sign with the Niners. He’s only posturing post-Niner/Manning flirtation so he doesn’t look like the runner-up that he is. He knows no other team offers him a sniff of a chance at success like the Niners. Sadly, he doesn’t offer the same in return…

  3. Please let’s just move on from Smith. He is like a bad nightmare that just keeps coming back again and again. Let Smith move on and become a journeyman backup in a couple years. In the meantime, the Niner’s can let CK take the lead and sign Josh Johnson as the backup. We still have Tolzien being groomed and can still draft a QB. I believe any of these three could beat Smith in completions but will increase in interceptions. Smith is just a bridge to one of our other QBs. Blow it up and let’s see if CK or Tolzien can do.

    Get another RB because we did pretty well as a running team last year until Gore ran out of gas and was too injured the 2nd half of the season.

  4. Niner fans are to swollen up with themself. Smith is going to tell you where to go and play somewhere that will pay him. Harbaugh is a magget and can’t be trusted any more that the niners! This year they will be LUCKY to make the playoffs in the weekest divison of the NFL!

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