Raiders bring back Cooper Carlisle

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Last week, the Raiders cut guard Cooper Carlisle, clearing $3 million in base salary off the books for 2012.  The Raiders have now brought him back.

The team has announced the return of Carlisle, along with the arrival of cornerback Shawntae Spencer.

“We are pleased to welcome Shawntae Spencer to the Raiders,” G.M. Reggie McKenzie said in a team-issued release.  “In addition, we’re pleased to have Cooper, who has been a valued member of the offensive line, back with us.”

Carlisle started 79 of 80 games in five years with the team.

We’re told that Carlisle signed a one-year deal, likely for the one-year 10-season-plus veteran minimum of $925,000, with a cap number of $540,000.

18 responses to “Raiders bring back Cooper Carlisle

  1. Ahhh….Cooper got punked. lol Smart move though on the Raiders part….with Cap issues you gots to do what you gots to do….every dollar counts. Bottomline, a mil a year isn’t anything to complain about.

  2. Reggie working wonders with the terrible financial handlings Al and Hue left him.

    To get Tracy Porter would be surprising, the Titans got $ and if they want him, they will out-bid anyone.

    Hopefully Allen can lure Porter somehow.

    At this point OLB is a bigger need tho …. Manny Lawson?

  3. Ya know that shows Reggie has heart too. He being a player for the raiders himself can really see where it counts in players. This guy is the real deal as GM’s go and then some. Carlisle has been a rock for us and only missed 1 game out of 80? That’s a Raider that should be on the roster. But I’m willing to bet he came into the front office with a smaller contract to be reinstated. Raiders have to do what they have to do with our cap problems and its good to see players willing to do what it takes to make it work for the fans included. This is Fricken awesome to see the changes going down….Welcome home Reggie!!!!

  4. Wiz looked good at guard, so hopefully he keeps progressing at center, his natural positsoion. Still need to find a solid RT. Hopefully Barksdale can find his way into the lineup. The Raiders have a young and underrated offensive line

  5. Cooper was a very dependable G for us. Not spectacular but he did play better, when Cable had the zone scheme going. Hue used a mix of power and zone so its not like we totally abandoned the zone. Cooper really must like it in Oakland, too bad Wimbley didnt feel the same.

  6. Solid move AGAIN by Reggie at a low price!! Cooper might not be a HOF guard, but he does his job well and doesnt get penalized glad he’s back…

    Guess Satele is in more trouble than we thought…


    Dang Chefs (yeah, that isnt a typo) for taking Winston!!!

    Next Raiders headline hopefully has the name ‘Porter’ and the word ‘signing’ in it….

  7. There is no doubt there going into this season with Barksdale as the starting RT….Wiz will start at Center and Coop will backup Brisiel or maybe Bri will go to LG…Look for Reg to find a backup Center in case Wiz struggles and bounces him back to LG then Briziel goes back to RG…Just wonder if Cambell will compete for a Start at either guard or he gets cut..

  8. Satele? I heard he was Mannings back up? but he did sign with colts and Bush in Chicago for those that have been asking. Wimbley wanted money and not honor so peace out !!!!!Otherwise I really hope that the Bark can get the nod over Barnes…. That guy killed us in penalties last year. I bet he got his ultimatum for Big Ol RM…..went a lil like this…1 yr contract + 1 yellow flag = Your Fired!!!!! I sure would like to see some LB FA acquisitions asked for a visit….Just win BABY!!!!

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