Seahawks flew to Denver in failed attempt to get Manning meeting

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After Peyton Manning became available, four teams met with him:  the Broncos, Cardinals, Dolphins, and Titans.

Two others got stiff-armed:  the Seahawks and Chiefs.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that the Seahawks actually loaded up a plane and flew to Denver while Peyton was meeting with the Broncos earlier this month.  But Peyton wouldn’t alter his schedule to meet with the Seahawks.

The end result is the same — no Manning in Seattle.  But it wasn’t because the Seahawks didn’t try.

52 responses to “Seahawks flew to Denver in failed attempt to get Manning meeting

  1. I respect Manning for what he is and what he’s done, but signing him would go against the philosophy of the team. After 4 neck surgeries I highly doubt he’ll be the same player.

  2. Seattle didn’t even make Manning’s selection process as seen in this video:


  3. It would have been cool and all to have a HOF qb in Seattle. However, I’m much more comfortable with the potential 10-12 yrs of Flynn upside than 3-4 years at best of Manning and questionable health. Alot of question marks of course but excited for once that Hawks may finally have a long-term solution at QB.

  4. I am glad we got Flynn instead. Manning is great, but he is one hit away from never walking again. He also at the end of his career. I hope he gets Denver a Super Bowl, but, most teams that are expected to win it all don’t. Two recent examples. The Eagles and the Miami Heat.

  5. Nah, nah!! Lets blast the Seattle Seahawks as well. It is only fair to the Dolphins. At least the Fins were able to get a meeting. For the life of me I do not understand why team feeling begging would help attract Manning.

  6. Maybe the Hawks haven’t won a Super Bowl, but I still find it funny remembering an interview a saw of John Elway. He said “I won’t sign an autograph for free”. I hope he really isnt that selfish.

  7. They don’t want to play for whining peewee carol. He was a showboat fancy boy at sc where he never won a legitimate championship and then ran out before the judgement came down.

  8. rodell77 says:
    Mar 19, 2012 11:06 PM
    I wouldn’t talk to this crappy franchise either.
    Ok then genius, please inform everyone with your vast knowledge of all things Seahawks why it is such a “crappy” franchise. Who’s your team? How many playoff wins do they have the past decade or do you just pick a bandwagon around week 4 to jump aboard?

    Im all for throwing jabs but statements like yours are just childish.

  9. @Rodell77 Whats your basis on Seattle being a crappy franchise? They will be a contender for years to come, with the team they are fielding. Do your homework.

  10. The picture was a nice touch. Haha. But really Our team is so young that taking a risk on potential rather than health is a much better fit. Good luck to manning, even though he was kind of a jerk about it, but I’m very happy with Flynn.

  11. And you hear no big deal of this…but the dolphins don’t get him ( at least we graced his presence) and we get drugged through the mud everytime a reporter( or this site) gets a chance..I don’t get it :-/

  12. big deal. I’d rather see my team win a SB with a qb who we can witness became a leader for the next decade with seattle as opposed to a band aid/roll the dice/all chips in/”SB OR BUST” /insert cliche/ for the next few seasons approach. Yeah the upside is rewarding, but Seattle is in the later stages of rebuliding mode, and even if some how he chose seattle, the risk is too damning. a miss-all-season, or even possibly a permanent injury would set the team back for many years. Plus its not like getting Peyton would have made it a lock for a championship, as Seattle still has many holes and is not “Just a qb away from super bowl” yet. plus Peyton is a different player in the playoffs, we don’t know what will happen. thats why the game is played. Denver still has holes, and theres a possibility that they can struggle even with PM.

    Im not ecstatic about the Flynn signing, but seeing the situation that some other teams are going through (including seattle) at the qb position, im not bummed about it either. Its a low risk (inexpensive) high reward situation. Id rather have gone that route than the 95 million dollar Manning route, anyhow.

  13. …and as much as I don’t like it, I’ve gotta admit that attaching the pic of PM flashing the Loser sign to this story is pretty funny.

  14. I have been to both cities on numerous occasions and I can say unequivocally that Denver is one of the crappiest places north of the mason dixon line. While Seattle, even with a little rain, is pretty nice.

  15. I’m not sure why it took Manning 2 weeks to pick the team that offered him the most money. It sounds like the Broncos were willing to offer him $95 mill from the start. I guess he had to keep up appearances.

  16. Yeah boyeeeeee!!! We got Whitehurst, I mean T-Jack, errr, I mean, Matt “Had a good game” Flynn!

  17. He couldn’t even give the Seahawks a 15 minute meeting? Wow, Manning has certainly changed my opinion about him. I used to think he was a standout type of guy, willing to lend a hand, to give, and someone who was not selfish at all. Wrong, wrong, wrong. He is nothing but a self centered, spoiled daddy’s boy who thinks the world is just his back yard.

    What a JERK.

  18. This story has been reported with a major piece missing. this flight to denver was used as a negotiating tool for two reasons. 1-it helped drive the price on manning which in the end helped the hawks because it was just more team in the bidding war. manning is signing a 95million 5 year deal. he is 36 and you all know the rest. 2-it helped the hawks negotiate fair market value for flynn 3 years 13 mill gaurantee. Sure they would have seriously looked at peyton but just because they git rejected for a visit doesnt mean i was a bad move to fly to denver.IT WAS A SMART SMART MOVE.

  19. What a joke. Seattle flies out to Denver and get flat out rejected and you say “at least they tried” but Miami gets a meeting and does not land him and you say how horrible we are and nobody wants to play with us? I would love to have seen what you wrote had Miami done what seattle did! So obvious you have your own agenda in bashing the Dolphins constantly. Pathetic.

  20. The Hawks are better off in the end. If Flynn lives up to the expectations, they’ll have a decent QB for years to come, instead of a QB who won’t even make it through the entire up and coming season.

  21. This is a sad and pathetic story. Second only to the owner for the Chiefs coming on ESPN and begging Manning to talk with them.

    Pathetic Seahawks.

  22. I hope Manning chokes on his celebratory steak and dies – rot in hell.

    (ok, maybe that is a bit much)

    I hope Manning sucks this year.


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