Tannenbaum expects Landry to be healthy for 2012 season

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LaRon Landry was a premier name on the 2012 free agent market, but was forced to accept a one-year, “prove it” deal to play for the New York Jets. The plan is to have a big season and reenter 2013 free agency with improved stock.

A large reason for Landry’s diminished market appeal was his refusal to undergo offseason Achilles’ surgery, which was recommended by multiple doctors. Landry was a huge medical risk, but G.M. Mike Tannenbaum expects Landry will be ready for Week One.

We feel really good about LaRon,” Tannenbaum said Tuesday, according to the Newark Star-Ledger. “We feel really good about our medical department. And we’re going to work as a partnership to get him ready for opening day.

“Barring something unforeseen, we think he’ll be ready to go.”

24 responses to “Tannenbaum expects Landry to be healthy for 2012 season

  1. Landry couldn’t pass a physical in Washington and flunked his physical during his visit in New England but the Jets medical department feels good about him,

    Go Figure, its the Jets !

  2. I can see it now…..opening game, muscles rippling, it’s third and seven for the Jets’ opponent. Tight end picks up 11 and is “leveled” by the “Dirty Thirty”. Whereupon, “Thirty” jumps up and celebrates his awesome hit.

    Then the ref sets the ball and motions to move the chains. Guy is not a good profesional football player.

  3. Ampats, have you ever thought about a hobby. I mean, besides trolling and commenting on Jets posts everyday??
    Honestly, you’re creepy, dude.

  4. aaroncurryisbust says:
    Mar 20, 2012 3:44 PM
    Only the LOLSKINS would waste two top-10 draft picks on safeties.

    You clearly don’t watch football. Sean Taylor was one of the best safeties to come along in the last 10-15 years (not only that but Portis told Cerrato to draft him). Had he not been cut down in his prime he would probably have become the BEST safety in the last 10-15 years. Personally I believe he would have been the greatest safety ever, however none of us will ever know. I know Ed Reed is probably the best free safety in the last decade, but Sean Taylor had intangibles that Ed simply doesn’t have. He was 6’2″ ran the 40 in 4.4, and could jump out of the stadium. He didn’t over pursue, and he was one of the best hitters across the middle the NFL has ever seen (ask TO he was scared to death to run across the middle.). Landry on the other hand is a complete bust, but he was drafted with the idea that he and Sean Taylor would own the middle of the field for a decade or more. Its a shame I have to explain this to you but I have no problem educating poor, under privileged souls like yourself.

  5. “lamepats” making things up again, what else is new. If the Pats* signed Landry it would’ve been genious…

  6. “Barring something unforeseen, we think he’ll be ready to go.”

    You mean like, past history, recent history and the likelihood he’ll trip in the tunnel on day 1?

    Reminds me of David Boston on the other side of the line.

  7. I just remember Brandon Jacobs totally killing this guy on a run up the middle a couple of years ago. He’s a cry baby.

  8. aaroncurryisbust says: Mar 20, 2012 3:44 PM

    Only the LOLSKINS would waste two top-10 draft picks on safeties.

    There are no words. Honestly there isn’t anything anybody could say to explain to you how simultaneously idiotic and despicable that comment is. Are you really labeling a player who was murdered at age 24 a bust? I could cite all kinds of stats, like how he continued to lead the league in interceptions for six weeks after his death, but I’m not even going to bother, you’re probably too busy making fun of John F. Kennedy’s failed presidency.

  9. “G.M. Mike Tannenbaum expects Landry will be ready for Week One.”

    I have no doubt that LL30 will be ready for week one. It’s all of the other weeks that I’m uncertain (and the Jets should be worried) about.

  10. What do the Jets doctors know that they other teams don’t know. He failed a few physicals and didn’t have surgery, so how long until he rips hamstring and is done for year.
    Could be good signing but risks out weigh reward.

  11. His Achilles tendon is not the primary concern. That will get better and has in the past. He has ankle spurs, which cause the tendon problems, and its the bone spur surgerys that he doesn’t want. He is not “prone to injury” … he is “injured” … and does not want to do what doctors advice in order to heal … to be “not” injured.

  12. riggz91 says: Mar 20, 2012 4:16 PM
    I just remember Brandon Jacobs totally killing this guy on a run up the middle a couple of years ago. He’s a cry baby.

    I don’t think anybody, anywhere, who knows anything about football has ever labeled Landry a cry baby. If there’s any major complaint to make against him, it’s that he did have an annoying habit of getting posterized by opposing players. In this aspect he epitomized the Redskins as a whole over the last five years or so. While the Redskins have never been truly atrocious over the last half decade, they have had a really annoying habit of playing really well when no one is paying attention and looking like a high school JV team on national TV. Landry is the same way. When he was buried in a slew of 1:30 Sunday games, he would go nuts, making game-changing plays all over the field; yet the plays he will always be remembered for are being run over by Brandon Jacobs, torched by DeSean Jackson, and viciously stiff-armed by Ahmad Bradshaw. In reality though, when healthy, Landry is an instant fan favorite, hard worker, and serious playmaker. Best of luck to him and the Jets moving forward.

  13. I can’t stand all the Landry haters on this website. LaRon Landry is as serious about training and nutrition as any player I have ever seen, I guarantee that no one is working harder in the gym to rehabilitate and improve than LaRon is. I work out at the same gym as he does in Slidell, LA and get all my supplements from the same vitamin store he does, Trainer’s Choice Vitamins, Supplements, and Nutritional Products. The people that work there are all Certified Personal Trainers and have degrees in Exercise Science and other health related fields. If you guys saw the way this guy trains and the natural supplement regimen that he is taking you would think twice about calling him a juiced up freak, he’s a freak all right but a NATURAL FREAK!!! Hard work, proper nutrition, and God given genetics has gotten him where he is, not drugs. I expect him to be the defensive comeback player of the year in 2012 and set the market for safety’s in free agency next year #Laroning

  14. He already has one good thing going for him….he is no longer a Redskin. Yes, I am a Redskin fan and I will even admit that players always get better when they leave us. For Landry it may be a blessing in disguise. For us Redskins fans it just may be hard for us to watch. Then again…..maybe not.

  15. tonyromoisterrible ,

    Taylor’s height, 40 time and vertical jump are “measurables,” not, “Immeasurables.”

    RIP Sean Taylor-he “played a kid’s game for a king’s ransom.”

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