Ted Ginn is visiting the Vikings

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The NFC North continues to show interest in Ted Ginn.

The free agent wide receiver and kick returner visited with the Lions earlier in free agency and is spending Tuesday with the Vikings. Jeremy Fowler of the Pioneer Press passes along word about the visit from the man whose absence helped contribute to the 49ers’ loss to the Giants in the NFC Championship Game.

Ginn, who has also visited with the Ravens, hasn’t made much of an impact as a receiver in his NFL career. He’s one of the best return men in the game, however, and adding him would allow the Vikings to use Percy Harvin on offense exclusively in hopes of keeping him healthy for an entire season. Joining the Vikings, who are awfully thin at wideout, would also give Ginn a better chance of participating on offense than he’d get with those other two teams.

That’s not likely to be the place where he makes the biggest impact, but his desire to play that role could wind up pushing him in Minnesota’s direction if all else is equal.

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  1. Please don’t go and leave the 49ers as you are the best punt returner ever.

    Signed Kyle “2fumbles” Williams.

  2. The combined speed between Ginn, Joe Webb, and Harvin would be enough to make Al Davis roll over in his grave

  3. I hope he ends up finding his way back to SF. The 9ers return game was never better in the 20+ years I’ve been following the team.

    If you couldn’t get more WR time on the 2011 9ers, no one will give it to you; you simply aren’t a WR because if you were you would have earned the #2 spot when Morgan went down.

  4. I think this is a good fit is the money and contract are right. If he is visiting so many teams he might be out of the Vikings price range … unless they choose to overpay mediocre talent / often injured talent which seems to be their mantra this off season.

    The Vikings are in no position to spend for a top tier WR and yet they need to add a name. Harvin was only returning kick offs. I’ve been frustrated with the punt return man for the Vikings for several years now – Camarilo and then Marcus Sherels did nothing for me.

    But again if we sat out on Nicks and Carr I would be disappointed to see them give Ginn a big pay day.

    His last contract was 19.6 million / 5 years with 14 million guaranteed. I’d be OK with a 3 year deal at something close to or less than a 2 million a year cap hit.

  5. Depending on the price, Dallas would be a good fit for him. They need a #3 WR, a punt and kick returner, and he is better than Olgetree, who isn’t very good and doesn’t return kicks/punts.

  6. jhmack16 says:
    Mar 20, 2012 1:29 PM
    The combined speed between Ginn, Joe Webb, and Harvin would be enough to make Al Davis roll over in his grave


    Actually … Denarius Moore, Jacoby Ford and Darius Heyward-Bey …. are all faster, more talented and younger. When they are all healthy and Palmer has a full camp and if run DMC is healthy ….. with Reece at playmaking FB too …. Goodluck anybody stopping that.

  7. I have been very disappointed with the Vikings lack of moves this off-season (particularly not even trying to get Nicks) as Peterson deserves to run behind a decent line for at least a portion of his career.

    However, that being said, not every move needs to be huge. I have agreed with every move they have made so far (although again I wish there had been more).

    Ginn would be great for the Vikings. He would be great for almost any team. Pretty sure the 49ers would have been in the Super Bowl if Ginn had been healthy versus the Giants.

    He might not pay off big dividends but having Ginn on the team is certainly better than not having him on the team. That goes the same for the (very few) other moves the Vikings have made so far.

    Very Disappointed in the Vikings off-season BUT would still be happy to have Ginn.

  8. One of my favorite moments when the dolphins drafted this clown, The owner kept saying the phrase “we have drafted the ted ginn family.” One of most common comments on youtube was asking if his aunt can play right guard, etc


  9. Not a bad signing if you ask me. He’s going to have tons of opportunities to return kicks playing for the vikes…

  10. Ginn would be a good addition to this team, but I don’t think his addition would address the problem at WR.

    This team still needs a large target, a Sidney Rice type of receiver, only someone who can stay healthy.

    Nice to see the Vikings actually looking at players. Now if they can just make some additions to the OL and the secondary.

  11. I think this could work good for both parties and PFT is right about why. Having a Vikings “yin” to Devin Hester’s “yang” in the conference could be pretty fun. You could put in packages where you’re almost forced to kick to either Harvin or Ginn – both of whom can be very explosive on the return.

    Do it Vikes. Just don’t break the bank.

  12. Let’s see: Talks a ton. Shy’s away from any physical contact. Disappoints. Never accomplished a damn thing at the pro level.

    Yep, he’s a Viking.

  13. With the way the panthers have been upgrading their special teams, I dont see why ginn hasn’t made a visit to charlotte yet. Plus he would most likely get playing time on offense. He is an upgrade over edwards and lafell.

  14. 808 raider,

    That is some of the most wishful thinking I’ve heard in quite some time. Are you trying to tell me the raiders are collectively good at anything? It’s obvious that they are pretty miserable. I know it’s difficult to make the playoffs when you play in the powerhouse formerly known as the AFC WEST. But PLEASE let’s not put all our eggs in the Raiders basket!


    The holes in Heyward-Beys hands

  15. Special teams is very important. Be glad to have him,give Percy a break and start with some good field position!

  16. Jes come back to SF. What’s going to matter more in 30 yrs, a Super Bowl ring or a few more more Benjamin’s that you were paid 30 yrs ago?

    Ok haters do your thing.

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