Rich McKay breaks down the proposed rule changes

On Wednesday, which turned out to be perhaps the craziest offseason day in NFL history, the league conducted its annual Competition Committee media conference call regarding the proposed rules changes for 2012.

The series of potential revisions hardly was noticed, given that the call occurred in the wake of the bounty punishments and the (first) trade of Tim Tebow.

If you missed it, MDS summarized the proposed changes.  (We also had separate items on possible replay revisions and the protection of quarterbacks.)

Competition Committee chairman (and Falcons president/CEO) Rich McKay joined PFT Live on Thursday to talk about some of the more significant proposals, and a couple of things that weren’t proposed.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

1 responses to “Rich McKay breaks down the proposed rule changes

  1. I still want to know why it is okay for an offensive player to lead with their head but a defensive player can not.
    I also want to know why it’s okay for an offensive player to be able to grab a guy by the facemask and push him away or hit a defensive guy in the helmet but a defensive guy can’t.
    If it is wrong on one side of the ball, it has to be wrong on the other as well.
    Otherwise all this talk of “player safety” is a bunch of BS.

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