PFT Live: Tebow press conference and Greg Cosell

Monday’s edition of PFT Live will be going on at the same time as the introduction of a backup quarterback.

Normally, that wouldn’t create much of a problem for anybody, but Tim Tebow isn’t your average backup quarterback and the Jets aren’t handling it like a simple introduction. There’s a full-fledged press conference at team headquarters in Florham Park, New Jersey and we’ll bring you coverage of the presser on PFT Live.

That won’t be the whole show, though. Mike Florio will also talk to NFL Films senior producer Greg Cosell. Cosell made some headlines last week when he said that Baylor’s Robert Griffin III is a superior arm talent and natural passer when compared to expected first overall pick Andrew Luck of Stanford. We’ll hear why he feels that way and get his thoughts on plenty of other subjects as well.

You can watch it all live at noon ET.

11 responses to “PFT Live: Tebow press conference and Greg Cosell

  1. Dan Marino was a better passer than Joe Montana but look who has all the rings! And this is from a Dolphins fan. RG3 may look better but the consensus seems to be that Luck is the better QB.

    Either way, two teams are going to get themselves some serious talent. Wish we’d pulled the trigger on that trade- I’d give up 3 1st rounders for a bona fide QB.

  2. Backup QBs shouldn’t be having press conferences. So much for being a “humble team-first” guy.

  3. Press Conference for a back up qb? I’m going to get roasted for this but this is very similar to the decision. I don’t Tim is any thing like Lebron but this conference is similar to the decision in my eyes.

  4. hey guys cmon timmy even said the presser wasnt his idea…i mean i think we all know by know that tim isnt the kind of guy who likes to make grand displays infront of the camera….haha ask brady quinn if tebow is a team first guy….oh wait that wasnt his fault either tebows fans took the job away from quinn

  5. I don’t understand why this guy is having a press conference, never heard of a back up qb having a press conference, and I certainly don’t see anything special about him at all……..Ridiculous.

  6. Mark Sanchez is not a bit bothered by the arrival of Tebow. Just wait he will say that. But really he did more than just wet himself.

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