New Seahawks logo leaked?

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Less than a week from the unveiling of the new Nike NFL apparel, one of the only teams expected to undergo a potentially significant change may have had its new logo leaked, via the league-owned network.

The folks at have compiled the evidence, which suggests a return of silver to the team’s color scheme.

Of course, there’s also a chance that the hideous phosphorescent green will also be more prevalent in the new uniforms, which will burns retinas to the point where no other colors can be detected.

Either way, have a giant pair of nuclear-test sunglasses ready next week, just in case.

42 responses to “New Seahawks logo leaked?

  1. Dang – changing one small component of a logo to a slightly different hue really is a super-drastic change. Totally newsworthy.

  2. Dig the shade of green in the above photo. Many of the polo shirts in the closet are that color, the kind you find on the clearance rack for less than 10 bucks.

  3. The current Seahawks uniforms are much better looking than the Largent days. Granted, that freaky green needs to be kept to a minimum but the helmets and home uni’s are dope. They shouldn’t drop the current dark blue. For Seattle’s sake, I hope Nike takes it easy on them. Look at what they did to O!

  4. The logo looks good but the gloves also pictured are atrocious. And please don’t let their, or any teams uniforms use florescent colors.

    1985 was pretty good to me but I feel no need to go back.

  5. They wore the green once 3 seasons ago and Pete said they won’t be back. Yes, 70% hated them, me included, but the ladies love em Get over it already.

  6. Not a Seahawks fan but I give them credit for livening up the dull rain-colored jerseys with something eye-catching and different. Now, granted, a little phosphorescent green goes a long way … not sure I’d want to see football players in that color head to toe. But as an accent color, it works.

  7. I still think Seattle should use the ugly neon-green uniforms when they are on the road and the home team (like the Cowboys) wears white, so long as they never ever wear them at home.

  8. I say leave the new logo alone. Love the dark blue, if I’d change anything, maybe the white, changed to silver, with a more lime green eye. Be that’s enough.

  9. Its only one color changed in one small part of the logo. Literally, that’s it.

    Anyone else think the whole “put your hands together and the gloves form a picture” thing is incredibly lame?

  10. Dear Seattle Seahawks,

    What the heck were you possibly thinking?

    Cincinnati Bengals Uniforms
    1975 Houston Astros Uni
    2012 Miami Marlins Gay Rights Parade Uni

  11. Yup Seahawks have the same logo this year just modified colors more of a navy and Seattle grey aka Sliver and of course the neon green. With a Navy, White and Sliver ? Jerseys but we will see.

    Actually, Jim Mora Jr(The last Seahawks coach before Carroll), declared the Seahawks Sounder Green alternates as “cursed”

  13. I hope Phil Knight keeps his neon trash down in Eugene with his Ducks.
    Some more silver would be a great tribute to the old days…but let’s stick close to what we have now. The old days remind us of Ken Berring, Dennis Erickson, and don’t forget The Boz!

  14. I gotta say though… One of the funniest things I’ve seen on here is a Redskins fan attempting to say the Seahawks, Panthers, and Texans have the worst uni’s in the league, LMFAO. Have you seen the skins uniform, and logo bro??? It’s horrendous! You wanna talk about ugly, blah uniforms, and logos why don’t you take a look at the Jets, Colts, and Steelers. Their uni’s look like they belong in the 1980’s, LOL. You wanna talk about nasy color combos, take a look the Skins, 49ers, and the all purple Vikes. I dunno what you blind people have been looking at but everytime I see the Hawks home blue it looks pretty sharp to me. Especially on a prime time game, LOL. About the green jerseys… They were used “1” time, 3 years ago. They were a conjunction uniform between the Hawks, and Seattle Sounder soccer team. If you knew anything about the Seahawks you would have known that, but like I said, it seems 90% of you are just haterz with too much free time, and no life on your hands, HAHA. Losing organization, LMFAO… Yeah, thats why we are consistently in the playoffs right kid????? HAHAHAHAHA

  15. I actually like the Hawks’ uni’s like the are. I like the lime green thrown in to the scheme, just not so much as to make the WHOLE jersey that color. I’m all for change in some of the uni’s but don’t get TOOOOO crazy with it PLEASE!

  16. I actually like the green. A lot of the NFL uni’s are plain looking. I like a team that isn’t afraid to do something different. I wish my Skins would jazz theirs up a little.

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