PFT Live: Can Lions afford to keep their stars?

Detroit Free Press reporter Dave Birkett joins Mike Florio to talk about the Detroit Lions. The Lions have grown from perennial losers to playoff contenders, and Birkett discusses how the franchise now faces a new problem: how do they pay all of their new-found stars?

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2 responses to “PFT Live: Can Lions afford to keep their stars?

  1. So Stafford’s going to get paid again…and again, all based on his initial skewed figure from the previous rookie wage scale. Even though it might be much more than a comparable player. The Lions will be paying for Millen for a long…long time. At least you can make the argument that he is worth the money. Matthew Stafford might end up being the richest football player ever…

  2. The front office has to work with a cap, so why isn’t there a cap on a position’s worth. Player’s have it too good.

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