Friday morning one-liners

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Will this Bills season be a replay of the 1995 campaign?

Here’s a full transcript of Dolphins owner Steven Ross’ comments from the NFL owners meetings.

Patriots DL Kyle Love was honored with a day in his honor in Clayton County, Georgia.

Some support for what T D’Brickashaw Ferguson and CB Darrelle Revis have said about the state of the Jets.

Ravens S Ed Reed and T Bryant McKinnie were both inducted into the University of Miami Hall of Fame.

Red Sox 3B Kevin Youkilis hits up PFT in his quest for as much Bengals knowledge as he can find.

Coach Pat Shurmur represented the Browns at Alabama’s Pro Day workouts on Thursday.

Said Steelers coach Mike Tomlin of WR Mike Wallace’s second half, “In many instances, teams took him out of the game. When you reel off the kind of seven- to eight-game run that he had there to start the season, that’s some scary video for defensive coaches in preparations for games. They responded accordingly. But if you have a good football team, it’s going to potentially create opportunities for other ready young men.”

The Texans promoted Bobby King to assistant linebackers coach.

Pat Angerer and Kavell Conner both produced well after being forced into the Colts lineup at linebacker.

Defensive end is on the list of positions the Jaguars are looking at in the draft.

Do the Titans need to add a wide receiver this offseason?

Broncos TE Julius Thomas will try to make up for a lost rookie year this season.

Looking at the fit between the Chiefs and Boston College LB Luke Kuechly.

Terrell Owens worked out with some members of the Raiders recently.

The Chargers have been a model of quarterback stability in the AFC West.

WR Jesse Holley might need another reality show to get him back to the Cowboys for another season.

Giants WR Victor Cruz’s bid for the cover of Madden is still alive.

Eagles C Jason Kelce spent some time picking Jeff Saturday’s brain earlier this offseason.

Redskins T Jamaal Brown is taking yoga to help his injured hip.

General Manager Phil Emery has already found ways to put his stamp on the Bears.

Adding a developmental quarterback is something the Lions would like to do in the draft.

There will be more afternoon practices at Packers training camp this year.

The Vikings have started lining up visits with top draft prospects.

The Falcons will be looking to LB Sean Weatherspoon as a defensive leader this season.

Tom Sorensen of the Charlotte Observer wants the Panthers to do what it takes to get Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon in the draft.

Said Saints RB Pierre Thomas of the injury he suffered in the playoffs, “Ending the season like that hurt me. I remembered every thing as soon as I got back in the locker room, but they told me I couldn’t go back out, so I was a little upset, so I said ‘I’m going to bite my tongue, bite my lip and hopefully, we win that game.’ We didn’t. Big ups to San Francisco, but next year we’ll be ready to play.”

Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano is already well respected by his colleagues.

A look inside the numbers of Cardinals T Levi Brown’s contract.

There’s not much downtime for Rams G.M. Les Snead.

49ers CB Carlos Rogers say the name and history of Randy Moss make him a threat to defenses.

Clark Judge of writes that the Seahawks are counting on QB Matt Flynn not being another Charlie Whitehurst.

9 responses to “Friday morning one-liners

  1. His name and history is the only reason people still talk about Randy Moss cause it certainly isn’t bc of what he does on the field lately.

  2. Youkilis might get his wish and get dealt to the Reds if he has another year in 2012 like he did in 2011. Shouldn’t be too tough to get tickets there either. He won’t have to depend on Tom Brady’s sister as a ticket source, that’s for sure.

  3. I’m already nauseated by the arrogance of San Francisco’s players and fan base. As long as Alex smith is under center, you can keep dreaming.

  4. When I saw the one-liner, I had to go back to re-read Sorenson’s editorial. He only says that Blackmon would be a good fit for the Panthers and wouldn’t it be nice if he slipped to the 9th pick.

    Astute reporting on both his part and that of Mr. Alper to mis-state his position.

  5. T.O. to Oakland? I thought he and Carson didn’t play nice? Guess that could have been hype. Seems like the perfect landing spot for T.O. to end his career.

  6. Jamaal Brown is wise to do some yoga for his hip. I had a car accident and ended up with an injured hip and back. The physical therapist recommended yoga, and after a year, my hip and back are like new. Plus yoga chicks are insanely hot and really cool.

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