Jets want to limit Tebow’s outside endeavors


When the Jets traded for Tim Tebow, they added a backup quarterback who can make plays in the Wildcat formation. But they also added the NFL player who inspires passion from those who love him and those who hate him, and who generates more media publicity than any other. And the Jets want to prevent all that publicity from spinning out of their control.

Good luck with that.

Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets are at work attempting to keep Tebowmania under control.

“NFL sources said the Jets have already decided to limit some of Tebow’s ‘outside’ endeavors, which would include doing a weekly radio spot,” Raissman writes.

But the reality is that a team can’t actually stop a player from doing whatever media appearances he wants to do in his free time. The Jets can urge Tebow not to have his own weekly radio spot, but they don’t get to decide to limit Tebow’s outside endeavors. He’s free to do a weekly radio spot if he wants to do a radio spot.

Tebow, however, is treading carefully, trying to be a team player and trying not to overshadow Mark Sanchez. He said he’s not sure if he’ll ever be a starting quarterback because he knows that publicly, the Jets want to continue to promote Sanchez as their starter — and not to have Sanchez overshadowed by his backup.

At least, until Tebow is no longer Sanchez’s backup.

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  1. What’s being forgotten here is that Tebow is NOT an NFL caliber quarterback. He’s not even a good backup. If he ever does get to start after two games of 3 and outs they’ll be looking to get him out of there. Wildcat/special teams/fullback “yes” Quarterback “no”. This ain’t no wishbone.

  2. Tebow and Sanchez will both play like junk unless the Jets get them a decent right tackle, a receiver and a running back that anyone fears. Without upgrades, all either would have to say on radio is “at least the turf tastes good”.

  3. they wont control their dope of a coach, but they want to put the clamps on a guy like tebow…..yeah, that sounds like the jets.

  4. April fools? Cmon the Jets thrive on mania. Now matter what it is. Superbowlguarantee-mania, foot-mania, Hardknocks-mania, the least of their problems should be Jesus-mania.

  5. That is what the idiot gets for choosing the Jets where he will end up being a mockery instead of Jacksonville where he would have been worshiped. One of the worst mistakes he ever made (which can actually be said for most free agents who chose the Jets).

  6. Good luck with that .. I may not be a fan of Tebow.. but your not going to limit this kids media exposure.. In NY CITY!!! Haha this just gets better and better.. He’ll either be starting or the Circus will have grown to epic proportions by week 6… This is nothing but Good News for the AFC east and especially my Buffalo Bills

  7. This suggestion is ridiculous. Tebow doesn’t need controlled. When he was in Denver he turned down all sorts of endorsements ,including some for seven-figures because he wanted to remain focused on football. It amazes me how many people still don’t get the kid. HE IS NOT LIKE MOST OF THE REST OF US!

  8. Limiting his exposure outside the lines is not a solution because it doesn’t address the true cause. Tebowmania is perpetual because his faith generates a war between the good people and the godless. He could live in a closet until 1pm or 430pm on Sundays and still create a stir.

    It isn’t his fault. All Tim is doing is living what he believes. But the haters can’t let that go. There guilt drives them to ridicule him, which in turn makes the good people rush to support him.

    It is an endless cycle.

  9. Are the Jets run by a bunch of women? They marry you knowing full well who you are and then try to change you into someone totally different, too.
    What a fiasco this is going to be…

  10. Giant realist: The good and the godless? Shouldn’t you be at bible camp learning how to be more judgmental?

  11. That is why I felt he was un-tradable. I figured GM’s clearly understood the circus that is Tebow. I mean fans get it, how’s come those making bank don’t?

    Tebow unless you were trading to start, is a major MAJOR distraction.

    Even limiting him won’t do, you can’t limit fan hype.

  12. people don’t understand that the broncos would not have made it that far without Tebow the ball in his hands. I’m as annoyed as everybody else with the publicity but he is a good football player, hes not a traditional quarterback but he will continue to improve and win games

  13. These guys are nuts. Why did they trade for him? It’s OK that every other player opens their mouths in negative manner. It’s OK that their idiot coach does the same thing but lets try and limit Tim Tebow who represents himself, his team and the league in a good light.

  14. @giantrealist, I agree that a lot of it isn’t TT’s doing. That said, why not have a simple “suggestion”? Players who aren’t playing in the game have no Jets team media availability and only the starting QB has to go to the podium after a game. Players duck out of the LR all the time to avoid media. I know they have certain mandates but there has to be some way the NYJ can control their share of it to a degree. It won’t stop the outside stuff but it will limit the gameday stuff. And TT would also be wise to do that on his own.

  15. Tebow is clearly driven by his ego. Even his supporters have to see that. He craves publicity, and the spotlight. That’s why he chose New York, over Jacksonville. I love how he denied it was his decision to go to New York. When absolutely every other person involved in the deal said it was his decision. Kind of un-christian to lie, don’t you think?

  16. The Jests are right- the only endeavor Tebow should be focused on is learning how to throw a football.

  17. Tebow has the balls to go into the lions den. 95% of you cowards have never been out of your state.

  18. It is an unmitigated disaster for any team that has Tebow. Not a good QB. Round the clock distraction.

    Don’t feel sorry for ’em one bit. They’re the morons that traded for him.

  19. @thedetroitsportsfan
    Yes.. Tebow got them there.. The D playing at an amazing level didn’t help .. Playing in the AFC West that didn’t help good running back play from Wilis McGahee..that also didn’t help.. It was all Tebow all on his own!! And yes he did win a playoff game…but these people saying he did it on his own are bonkers..

  20. I never thought I would ever say this but for the first time in my life I really hope the Jets succeed. If they could only include Rex Ryan in the project…..

  21. chandler1: I have lived in FIVE different states, and visited at least 40. Plus Canada. You?

  22. How many interviews does Tim Tebow really need to do? He feels blessed, humbled, and excited. What more does anyone need to know?

  23. Are you kidding me? The jests are ALWAYS crazing attention and screaming “look at me… look at me too.”

    I guess that’s what happens when your one and only trip to the Super Bowl was before recorded time 😉

  24. Where does this “team-player” stuff come from? Tebow broke a bunch of rules in HS to avoid playing at the school in his district because they wouldn’t cater to his needs. At UF he undermined Chris Leak as the Gators were winning a national championship. In Denver he undermined Kyle Orton and expected the organization to change everything they do to accommodate him. He has always been like this and will stab Sanchez in the back the way he has every other qb who dared get in his way. There’s a reason he’s the most divisive player in the league.

  25. racksie – I’ve lived in MN, NY, CA, AZ, TX, AL, FL, WA, Korea, Germany, Iraq, Italy and Columbia. Next question…

  26. spencer says—How many interviews does Tim Tebow really need to do? He feels blessed, humbled, and excited. What more does anyone need to know?

    Oh, and it’s gonna be a lot of fun….

  27. The old we intend to limit our press stunt from seeking more press so the public doesn’t conclude that Woody-boy’s football enterprise isn’t a complete yap-a-thon joke. Nicely done.

  28. @whodeydaytonchapter The funny thing is that the Jets have no clue what they did, who they traded for or what to do with him. They’re clueless.

  29. so they want to limit what tebow does outside of the nfl but dont say anything about sanchez?? If sanchez wasnt modeling for GQ he might be able to throw the ball more than 10 yards

  30. The Jets asked for Tebow mania when they traded for him. Now, they’re trying to calm Tebowmania? You can’t have it both ways. The Jets asked for this. Deal with it. You made your bed.

  31. Elway and Co knew what they had: a player with immense popularity and a minimal NFL skill-set. He was wise to rid the team of the problem of Tebow, since benching him for his terrible play would have sent Tebow’s followers into crusade-mode.

  32. Y’all actually think he WANTED to go to NY? No, he didn’t. The broncos made that decision, and Tebow kindly and stupidly played into their hands saying that he wanted to go there.

    If he went where he wanted to go, he would be starting in J’ville.

  33. chandler: I’m calling B.S. But your sense of superiority is, well, admirable. And I’ll wait for your claims of service, and all the stuff that goes with it. That people who have served, never do.

  34. Having Tebow on your team is like having a high-maintenance girlfriend who also happens to be unattractive. If she was really hot you kind of expect it, not hot at all you don’t put up with it. Now add in that she says all the right things to your mom but doesn’t put out for you and I got to ask WTF?
    What’s my point?
    Tebow is an ugly girl who is high-maintenance that doesn’t put-out but my mom likes. Yeah, I said it!
    That theory makes as much sense as any other put forth as to why the lowest rated QB in the league gets this much attention.
    Chris Weinke

  35. What I want to know is who the hell cares where anyone on here has lived or what states and countries they have visited?

    Does it make you superior if you’ve been to Kentucky ?

  36. just going to sit back and wait for Sanchez’s first 3 pick game then all hell will break loose………….

  37. I wish the Jets would limit Sanchez doing photo shoots with his tight white pants and black tank tops.

  38. Chandler stop.. Clearly you werent infantry. Real soldiers don’t boast about the “travel benefit” of the military, let alone on PFT.. But I’m sure you think you deserve a round of applause for mentioning it here and for being probably a 92 whiskey….

    Thanks for keeping our water clean while we do the real fighting. Shouldn’t even mention Iraq– Iraq on a FOB is not Iraq.. Heard Italy was nice though.

  39. Tebow, however, is treading carefully, trying to be a team player and trying not to overshadow Mark Sanchez.

    All Sanchez has to do is go out with more high school girls. He’ll get all the additional publicity he could ask for.

  40. Does Tebow still go with that beautiful woman with the big rack? If so, he’d better keep her under wraps or the NY media will be all over that.

  41. Oh please…

    The ONLY reason the Jests picked him up was to generate more hype and keep their pathetic franchise in the headlines. The fact that they’re claiming that they want to keep his exposure limited is nothing but bull$@%&.

    Guess what, Jests? The real Kings of NY will unveil their rings this month. Keep dreaming that it may be you one of these decades, as that hype machine keeps churning…

  42. deanvernonwormer;

    Could not have said it better. Been watching football for 30 years I have seen so many ” one hit” wonders (true none as polarizing as Teblow). In two years this guy will be all but forgotten. Those $99 jerseys will be going go $9.99.

  43. Cuda1234. According to you tebow undermines everyone. Keep in mind he was recruited to uf because he was the number one qb recruit and urb wanted him to run the spread which he did very well. Kyle Orton couldn’t lead any team to anything but tebow is undermining all these guys. Get it together man. remember all those records he broke in college. Remember last year him taking a 1-4 team to the playoffs. Some of you that give tebow zero credit are as dumb as people that give him all the credit.

  44. renowned will be the jets starting QB by week 4 . Sanchez will crumble. by week 3. tebow will lead the jets to theAFC championship game against. peyton Manning’s. Denver broncos. jets. will win 34 to 10.!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Rex “Meg” Ryan: “We will in no way support Tim’s decision to star in the remake of Tootsie.”

  46. All Tim does is tell he is back up, he will play whatever role his coach want him to play and live his own life. All the rest are junkie haters who are redirecting their life misery on him.

  47. Not gonna be hard for Tebow to crush the spirit of Sanchez. After all, mark is the only NFL player with a v@gina.

  48. Forget global warming, the only thing I want is a world where Tim Tebow doesn’t have a microphone in his face. If he was just seen and not heard, it wouldn’t be a problem.

  49. Jaypace –

    Tebow has undermined the players around him everywhere he’s been – I didn’t realize there were still people disputing that. He will only go to Neace HS IF they change the offense and make him the starter. He will only go to UF IF Urb changes the offense and makes him the starter. He will participate in Denver IF they change the offense and make him the starter. The record is pretty clear and I think we all know what will happen with the Jets.

    And if you want to talk about winning, his ONE championship as a starter at UF is nothing special and his record in the NFL is worse than Sanchez (and most everyone else in the league over the last two years).

    So what is your point, other than blind love?

  50. Yeah, I agree with the Jets. Tim Tebow’s philanthropy and community service has spiraled out of control. If he helps too many veterans and children out then he’ll make Mark Sanchez look bad. Tim Tebow is a locker room cancer and a menace to society and needs to cut this out right now.

  51. racksie says – I never said anything about being in the service, just where I lived and worked. Obviously, you’re one of those posters from your mom’s basement that never served and is feeling less than a man for not doing so.

    rangersleadtheway – I never boasted about travelling as a military benefit, clueless. Stop reading into my posts. You’re right, I wasn’t infantry. Only rejects and morons with low scores became grunts when I was in. And look who is boasting with a military title. Now, we know you never served, ya leg.

  52. chandler: Ahh, but you did just claim service.

    “You’re right, I wasn’t infantry. Only rejects and morons with low scores became grunts when I was in.”

    So we were right.

    So you conveniently worked in war zones, or places with military bases? Hmmm. You know this is illegal, right?

  53. Enough .. Raiders.. Chargers..Chiefs!! He won a division at 8-8.. He beat a hobbled Steelers team..hes in a real division now. He beat nobody!!! He is not an NFL caliber starter he may be someday but not any time soon. Till then he is a gimmick!! I can’t wait till the Jets realize Sanchez sucks and they put Tebow in and all the Tebowites have to make excuses for him sucking too. You have till at the earliest October…here I’ll give you a head start
    1. The line sucks
    2. No receivers
    3. The Defense played badly
    … Blah blah blah ..
    Bottom line hit me up in November with his below 50% accuracy and why he could have succeeded !! This is the NFL NOT THE SEC .., this is a PASSING LEAGUE !

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