League, union launch late-afternoon bounty meeting

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Last year at this time, the NFL and NFLPA were on a bankers-hours schedule, meeting (when they actually were meeting) from the middle of the morning until the middle of the afternoon to try to hammer out a new labor deal.  Now, the league and the union are getting back together to discuss a far more narrow question regarding the involvement of Saints players in the team’s three-year bounty system.  And the meeting started when the CBA meetings would typically be convening.

That’s precisely what happened today, as chronicled by the Twitter account of the guy who was perpetually stationed outside last year’s meeting places:  Albert Breer of NFL Network.

Per Breer, the parties arrived at the league’s Park Avenue offices on Monday afternoon for a 4:30 p.m. ET meeting.  Said NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith of the process, “Our team will meet with the NFL today, ask hard questions and will expect to see all documents and direct evidence of a pay-to-injure scheme. That is what a fair process dictates. I will get a full briefing by our team and after that, the next step will be to consult with players about what was learned.  Only then will we confer with the NFL.”

Even then, the NFLPA should resist making any recommendations regarding player discipline.

The meeting itself consisted of a fairly small group, with the league represented by V.P. of law and labor policy Adolpho Birch, director of security Jeff Miller, and director of investigations Joe Hummel.  The NFLPA contingency consists of a legal team led by general counsel Richard Berthelsen.

UPDATE 7:52 p.m. ET:  Breer reports that the meeting ended at 6:45 p.m. ET.

12 responses to “League, union launch late-afternoon bounty meeting

  1. Roger Cossac “its a real stretch that the players will face criminal charges”. No wonder you are no longer a lawyer

  2. What side are you gonna defend DeMaurice? The targeted pliers for safety or the hit men? Either way you lose dude! You’re walking right into a set up clown just like you did in the salary cap CBA agreements. Haha. Can’t appeal a penalty the players reps put on. Can’t stick up for targeted players cuz then you gotta say your guys are hit men. Hahaha. Real Smart big boy

  3. “And the meeting started when the CBA meetings would typically be convening.”

    Convening?? I think you meant adjourning.

  4. The fact is, the Saints are not the dirtiest team in the NFL.

    If they want punish a team for dirty players, look no further than the Steelers.

    Favre came back and played. Kurt came back and played, Cam came back in the game and played…

    But James Harrison hit on Colt McCoy knocked the young qb out of the game.

    So, NFL, if you are really serious about player safety, go after the Steelers.

  5. S- A- I- N- T- S
    T- $- G- O-A- U
    U- # N- N-I- P
    P- E- O- W-N-E
    I- S- R- O-T- R
    D- – A- R- E-B
    N- T- D-O
    T- H- -W
    Y- -L

    Who dat nation!! Cheating,lying and self deserving nation you scum!

  6. @RavenzGunnerz …

    Um … if I’m not mistaken Colt McCoy came back and played, too. Ravens fan, right? Gee, biased much? Let’s try and stay on point here. We all know the Ravens have had bounty programs. I expect every team in the league is guilty of that on some level. The real issue with the Saints is the complexity of the organization, the introduction of outside money that bypassed the salary cap, lying to the NFL, and the apparent emphasis on seriously injuring players. And for me, a big issue over the last week has been Payton’s complete lack of remorse. He was a coach I’d admired, and his recent behavior has been appalling.

    So there are bigger issues at play here. Try and save your Steeler hate for the season 🙄

  7. An earlier poster mentioned the hit on Colt McCoy, it certainly was vicious and I agree that hit should be thoroughly investigated and the Browns FINED BIG TIME for putting that kid back on the field Some of this stuff goes deeper than the NFL’ Mr Goodell wants to dig

  8. these are some ignorant comments, but roger goodell is an idiot for making this bountygate crap of saints exposed in the media and harshly judging them and embarassing them in public without them being able to defend themselves is very unprofessional…this is a cold hard fact, we all know injuries are apart of football…there can’t be legal liability anytime there is an injury and definately can’t prove the intent to injure in any court, otherwise..you can’t have football…Roger Goodell has 50,000 pages of evidence and says there’s 22-27 players involved in this bounty scheme, but 1 player is mentioned and he’s jonathan vilma…who are the other 22-26 saints players named? Roger Goodell is a clueless commissioner who has never played the game and just comes across as a jerk who feels like a
    god with his power to crucify anyone who doesn’t agree with his views….More lawsuits are gonna continue to happen under his leadership and someone is gonna sue him and it’s heading into that direction.

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