Tim Tebow may have a role on Jets’ special teams

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Jets coach Rex Ryan said last week that a major challenge for the coaching staff will be finding creative ways to use new backup quarterback Tim Tebow while keeping Mark Sanchez in the role of starting quarterback. One of those ways of using Tebow may be on special teams.

Ryan wants to have Tebow on the field for 20 snaps a game, and as Peter King writes in today’s Monday Morning Quarterback, those snaps could include in a spread offense anywhere on the field, in goal-line situations, on two-point conversions, and maybe even using Tebow as the personal protector on the punt team.

Using a quarterback on special teams may sound strange, but it could make sense: Tebow is a big, strong, physical player who can block for the punter and then run downfield and make a tackle if he needs to. And a direct snap to Tebow would be a natural way to pick up a first down on a fake punt. Even if the Jets don’t run a fake punt with Tebow, the mere presence of Tebow on the punt team would give opposing teams one more thing to think about. It wouldn’t be unprecedented to use a backup quarterback as the protector on the punt team — the Vikings did it in 2009 with Tarvaris Jackson. Even without snapping to Jackson, the Vikings used his presence to sell the fake and keep the opposing punt block team honest.

Ryan said last week that his view of his top two quarterbacks is, “Tim Tebow is a good football player. Mark Sanchez is a good quarterback.” Tebow may get a chance to prove he’s a good football player at more than one position.

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  1. If you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all…..in this case swap noteworthy for nice.

  2. Rex is half wrong. Sanchez is not a good quarterback.

    Average at best until he proves otherwise.

    Still better than Tebow at throwing the ball, though.

  3. Ok, this is getting ridiculous. Tebow might Te-Blow his nose, and you can be sure if he does thatpft.com will cover the event.

  4. well when the story came out that the jets might go for 2 with tebow all the time…

    make him the pat/fg holder. always the threat to run. or make a quick pass. or turn a busted play into something

    and keep end rushers on kicks at home.

  5. Why would they risk a injury on a play he’s never done? Peter King is reaching for a story. Just because he’s fit and strong doesn’t mean you put him on a punt protection. Might as well add him being a TE & FB too Peter.

  6. Great, now you have to go all the way back to 2009 to find a play suitable for Tebow. Wake up and smell the overrated coffee. Tebow stinks!

  7. Interesting. All the Tebow haters forget that the guy is actually a terrific football player no matter what his qb skills may be.

    Tebow on special teams in some packages could be fun to watch.

  8. If Tebow is playing special teams it will only endear him to fans even more. Just when you thought his popularity and folk hero status couldn’t grow any larger.

  9. I mean that sounds logical that it would be beneficial to the punt team if Tebow were to be on the field; however, is that actually worth the media circus that entails having Tim Tebow on your team? After every 3 and out Sanchez is going to hear Tebow chants, and I am sure that’s gonna mess with him. To pick up a guy to run an wildcat offense that is way past its’ prime and for a dynamic personal protector on the punt team sounds kind of dumb you consider the amount of publicity that comes with this guy.

  10. Leave it to the Jets to have the world’s most famous backup QB playing special teams to support their decision to sign him.

  11. Tebow is sooo good you don’t even need any other players on your team. He can do everything including walk on water and part the red sea

  12. I don’t understand it. The Jets have to much distractions as it is, and they go out and get the Number 1 distraction in the league. Does Ryan realize what getting Tebow is going to do his locker room?

  13. I seem to remember a rule we had as kids playing two-hand touch football for the receiving team that on a punt or kick off if you caught the ball and did not move at all you could pass it down the field to anybody you wanted.

    Does anybody else remember that rule?

    Anyway, maybe the NFL could adopt that rule as a way to get Tebow on the field more.

  14. This is it! This is the move that will put the Jets in the super bowl! I guarantee it! How did Rex get so smart?

  15. This might be some kind of record year for the jets. Most mentioned in one year on pft.com
    they should just change the name of the site to tebow and the jets

  16. mybrunoblog says:
    Apr 2, 2012 12:20 PM
    Interesting. All the Tebow haters forget that the guy is actually a terrific football player no matter what his qb skills may be.

    Tebow on special teams in some packages could be fun to watch.


    Fair points but I suspect that if he played TE, FB or H-Back, he would take a lot less crap and I think he could have a very good career.

    As a QB, he is just a joke…

  17. It’s to bad the Jets can’t act like a pro football team. I guess there’s always one troubled child in every group and they demand all the attention.

  18. That’s good, let Sanchez move down the field and put Tebow in the red zone and make him get all the cheers. That’s the way to build Sanchez’s confidence.

  19. I think putting Tebow out in any special teams situation would be disastrous. As a (highly thought of) backup QB, he’d essentially have a giant bulls eye painted on him and every member of the opposing team will be looking to get a shot in on him. He’d be out with a season-ending injury within the first four games.

  20. Fake punts work because they have the element of surprise. Leaving a QB out there each time during formation takes that away.

    Anyone who believes Rex Ryan saying he wants Tebow out there for 20 snaps a game is an idiot, no offense.

    The Jets are ALL TALK.

  21. Ryan went on to say, “We will even try Tebow at center. He’s the prefect player for the Anexation of Puerto Rico. Nobody will see it coming.”… All joking aside, I thought they were just going to let Tebow throw it on 4th down. I mean, Punts aren’t that much more accurate…

  22. LOL Rex Ryan has to go this turning this team into a bunch of Clowns and all these side shows is nothing but a distraction and divides the locker room even further.

  23. That’s just stupid. Hey. I am all on board with “Tebow is NOT a QB”, but what a STUPID idea. He IS a great athlete. Use him as such. Put him at FB, WR, TE … something. But special teams? What an idiot idea.

  24. Special Teams? Really? Why even speculate with an article like this? Everyone knows that as soon as Sanchez has a bad game (week one) Tebow mania will be running wild in NY and Tebow will take the starting job.

  25. Joe Theismann pre-LT toothpick days…after the CFL, when he first joined the Redskins while backing up Bill Kilmer he played special teams…he was a returner, holder and even a gunner a few times even though it’s not on his wikipedia…

  26. Defense……Offense……Special Teams…….why not? All three of them need a water boy.

  27. The Jets used Brad Smith as the personal protector a few years. I know they faked at least one punt where he threw it for a wide open first down. Smith was a QB at Mizzou so no surprise they would consider Tebow for the same situation.

  28. @dpndots

    Tebows’ forward passes are so poor that I’d hate to see what his lateral looks like.

    Not Top 10 lowlight for the year is my guess.

  29. I guess they can set him up on onside kicks and ask him to try and throw the ball to the other teams closest guy …. that’ll be a nice dribble-dribble bounce every time.

    Also naturally as a holder, it is afterall with his tweak to it, a natural “tebowing” position, then after the ball is struck he can pray it thru the uprights everytime.

  30. way to go Peter you rehashed a story ESPN broke out within a day of the trade and the Jets used Brad Smith as the personal protector as a way to make the other team think it was a fake. Bad enough you use another Tebow story now this one has been stolen.

  31. With a hot air balloon and the wizard, oh I’m sorry Rex you already have that covered, we’d have the first scene of Wizard of Oz II.

  32. I’m no Jets fan, but management is laughing all the way to the bank! Never underestimate the power of religion, even upon football fans.

  33. “I’ve never seen so much time and effort put into a mediocre QB.” Ever heard of Trent Dilfer?

  34. Broncos should have kept Tebow to use in the same way the Jets plan – special teams, fullback, tight end, etc. Even if he never gets a chance to develop into an NFL QB, he is a talented football player. And he had everything else going for him here in Denver.

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