Wednesday morning one-liners

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Tennessee-Chattanooga QB B.J. Coleman could be a late-round sleeper for the Bills in the NFL draft.

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin is asking the fans to have faith in the team’s decision-making.

Patriots WR Wes Welker says he has a better range of motion in his arms in the new Nike jersey.

One of Tim Tebow’s former teammates thinks Jets QB Mark Sanchez had better be ready for a challenge.

Ravens running back Ray Rice doesn’t sound happy about the franchise tag.

Bengals equipment manager Jeff Brickner said the new Nike jerseys got a thumbs-up from the players.

Baylor WR Kendall Wright could be the Browns’ choice with their second first-round pick.

University of Cincinnati RB Isaiah Pead, the MVP of the Senior Bowl, is visiting the Steelers.

Texans equipment manager Jay Brunetti describes the new Nike uniforms as being “anatomically correct.”

The Colts announced the signings of long snapper Matt Overton and TE Kyle Miller.

Said Jaguars DT Tyson Alualu of his offseason surgery, “I’m just excited and looking forward to a great season with two healthy knees.”

Said Titans WR Nate Washington of the team’s pursuit of Peyton Manning, “I didn’t understand it, honestly.”‘

The Broncos plan to draft at least one defensive tackle, and maybe two.

The Chiefs’ new jerseys have some minor changes: Numbers have been moved from the sleeve to the shoulder, and the gold stripe now goes only halfway around the sleeve.

Said free agent defensive lineman Dave Tollefson of choosing between the Raiders and Titans, “I’m sure the Raiders don’t want me going to Tennessee. So, I hope something gets worked out beforehand.”

The Chargers’ new jerseys have some subtle changes on the neckline.

If last year’s second-round LB Bruce Carter isn’t a starter for the Cowboys this season, they’ll consider it a huge disappointment.

Giants TE Martellus Bennett is ready for a big year, according to his old teammate Cowboys TE Jason Witten.

The Eagles are kicking the tires on some local draft prospects from Temple.

Said Redskins WR Pierre Garçon about considering signing with the same team that signed Peyton Manning, “You always want to play with Peyton, but you don’t want to have your future decided by somebody else.”

Said LB Brian Urlacher, “There’s no doubt in my mind I’ll finish my career with the Bears. However that works out, it works out. I can’t imagine playing anywhere else.”

One Detroit columnist is calling on the Lions to cut DT Nick Fairley and RB Mikel Leshoure for their marijuana arrests.

The Packers are one of five teams that made no changes at all to their uniforms.

The Vikings expect Percy Harvin to be fine after shoulder surgery.

Falcons LB Sean Wetherspoon endorses the material on the new Nike jerseys, saying he sweated too much with the Reebok jerseys.

Panthers backup QB Jimmy Clausen paid a visit to Notre Dame’s Pro Day.

David Hawthorne said he signed with the Saints because, “From management, to coaching on down, it seems like a great group of people.”

Said Bucs QB Josh Freeman of new coach Greg Schiano, “Coach Schiano has a really strong personality. He’s kind of old-school.”

Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald was the model for the Cardinals’ new uniforms.

In addition to WR Jerome Simpson, the Rams will also take a look at WR Jerricho Cotchery.

Former 49ers WR Dontavia Bogan was arrested for allegedly punching a security guard at a bar.

Said Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin of the team’s new uniforms, “Whether you like the new uniforms or not, the game doesn’t change. I’d rather have a winning record in sweatpants than a losing one in silk.”

6 responses to “Wednesday morning one-liners

  1. Clausen said. “If he (Gunner Kiel) needs anything just give me a call, we’ll talk.”

    Talk about what? “No, Gunner, you have to hold the clipboard up here, covering your face, so the other team can’t read your lips.” Or, “I’ll be back at Notre Dame next week. I’ll show you where to buy the best clothing for hanging out on the sideline. I know PLENTY of places.”

    Best joke I’ve read all week.

  2. As a Rams fan, it’s hard not to like Doug Baldwin. He had a solid rookie season and for an undrafted rookie last season, look’s like a real deal #2 receiver in this league.

  3. “One Detroit columnist is calling on the Lions to cut DT Nick Fairley and RB Mikel Leshoure for their marijuana arrests.”

    I don’t agree with these players actions and sure they need some discipline.

    However, just FYI to members of the sports media who aren’t aware of it yet:
    Nobody in Detroit respects anything from Drew Sharp. He hates on all the local teams & criticizes people so much, I honestly don’t know why he doesn’t just go find work in another city.

  4. this is directed to the detroit columnist. why would you cut Fairley and Leshoure over a stupid weed charge? if your trying to prove a point its a dumb one because all you are going to do is hurt the franchise. incase everyone is unaware, Marijuana is all but legal there are several states that have already legalized it. and in my state that is “round on both sides and hi in the middle” its decriminalized. now if you want to punish them for acting a fool and acting like a child then i defently see your point because thats what they did. however on Leshoure case why the hell would you not show up to court? you havent even had the chance to prove you can play in the nfl due to your unfortunate injury befor your rookie season started. i have/had high hopes for Leshoure and it looks like everyone will have to continue to wait to see what he can do so Leshoure GO TO COURT!

  5. Now that the uniforms are “anatomically correct,” should we expect the see the Seattle Seahawks sporting fluorescent green codpieces?

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