NFL Magazine is no more

Last year, NFL Magazine arrived with a bang.  It has exited with a whimper.

Yes, the league’s foray into a dying industry already has died, with only four issues produced.

“We are ending our partnership [with] Dauphin Media Group, publisher of NFL Magazine,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT via email.  “The Draft/April issue will be final issue.”

McCarthy sent an image of the cover of the final issue from his desk at league headquarters (with PFT on the monitor in the background, a nice touch).

“The magazine was well received by fans, but this was a business decision to end the partnership with the publisher,” McCarthy said.  “We’ve been contacted by publishing companies and are evaluating our print strategy.  We have no immediate plans to pursue a traditional magazine.

“Subscribers will be refunded for any future issues they won’t receive.  Editorial contributors will be paid for their work.”

It’s very rare failure for a league that is used to having everything it touches turn to gold.  (And cash.)  But it’s not a surprise.  The choice of Dauphin, a small Canadian publisher, was described as “odd” by and having a “shaky track record” last November, when the NFL announced the forthcoming venture.  The only other magazine produced by the company, Holmes Magazine, went belly up last year.  The aftermath of the shuttering of Holmes Magazine should make subscribers to NFL Magazine nervous about their refunds; a March 26, 2012 item from the Toronto Star describes difficulties that subscribers to the previously failed venture are encountering in securing their money.

We’ll keep track of that issue to help ensure that everyone who subscribed to NFL Magazine receives a refund.  If Dauphin Media Group ends up disappearing, the NFL needs to make this right with the subscribers.

And the NFL also may want to consider in the future the wisdom of using its supreme bargaining power to strike a sweet deal.  Sometimes, the deal can be so sweet that the party with whom it is struck simply can’t make enough money to deliver the product.  While this one can be painted by the league as a failure of Dauphin Media Group, it carried the NFL shield — and its failure after only four issues impacts the NFL shield.

32 responses to “NFL Magazine is no more

  1. Never saw the thing on sale at the local Target, closest purveyor of bathroom literature in the local area.

  2. Quick: someone send Goodell the memo of how there’s an Apple device in over 50% of homes! …PRINT??? Are they flippin’ kidding me??? Is this somehow pandering to the retired NFLPA community or something???

  3. So in other words, it lasted 3 issues longer than the “annual” PFT Season Preview magazine.

  4. I would have loved to subscribe to a magazine dedicated to only pro football. I had no clue that their was one that had existed.

    This site alone should let you know that there is an insatiable appetite for NFL football.

    NBCSports, get it going!!!

    I refuse to take the laptop, iphone, or anything other than a beer into the bathroom besides my magazines.

  5. A Canadian company? Thanks for another slap in the face NFL as you plan your non-U.S. SuperBowl.

  6. Only in the Goodell run NFL could something with the shield slapped on it, fail.

    Hell, the NFL Superpro comic lasted an entire calender year.

  7. I love magazines, but their first issue had Tim Tebow on the cover and picked Peyton Manning as their 2012 MVP. How do I take them seriously after that?

  8. “Are you kidding me, this magazine is gold. It has all the up to date information required to report.” Tony Kornheiser

    “If you’re out on your bike tonight, do wear white?”

  9. Too bad, I enjoyed the magazine. As for the digital vs print issue, I have a digital subscription through Zinio, so it was an option. However, when I search for it at Zinio now, it doesn’t even look like it exists. I guess they work fast. I hope that I get my refund…

  10. I never understood the idea of launching a new print magazine in 2011.

    Just look at all the big magazine’s available for tablets (ESPN, SI etc.), and all the newcomers (f.e. I recently bumped into Zone Blitz Magazine, it’s really neat).

    The whole business concept of offering a print magazine whose digital version is basically a scanned pdf of the print seems obsolete.

  11. Print media is pretty much dead and a relic of the past, anyway. There was never a need for this magazine to start with.

  12. Well, this explains a lot. I worked in print publishing for a dozen years, and I was appalled by how juvenile and out-of-date that magazine looked. Its design was reminiscent of cheap children’s books, the content was facile and bland. It was not a major league publication, and I couldn’t understand what the league’s thinking was in producing such a piece of tripe. Kind of a shame, really, because I personally think an NFL print/e-magazine could work, but it would need to take better advantage of the things print can offer that Internet news sites usually don’t–large hi-res photography, more in-depth features, and such. Maybe they’ll try again at some point…

  13. Dauphin does not seem to have the same ethical and professional standards as does the NFL…check their financial and publiushing record. A good idea, just the wrong partner?

  14. I gotta be honest, I pay attention a lot of attention (probably too much), and I wasn’t even aware of this magazine.

    I agree with jziii that an NFL magazine could work. I subscribe to ESPN the Magazine at a discounted rate because I like having something come in my mailbox, and they can do some things better than the internet (especially features), but some of that may be hard to do being run by the NFL, which wants it to look and feel like an advertisement.

  15. I have not received my refund yet. Has anyone else? I have sent several emails and they always say i will be “refunded shortly”. UGH! I want my money back! I tried the BBB site but you need an address and phone no. And i cant find that.

  16. I just received notification that the April issue of NFL would be the last, along with a full refund. I am very disappointed since I gave the subscription as a gift. Both the recipient and myself loved the magazine and are surprised that it was so short-lived. Guess I’ll try another and hope the check doesn’t bounce.

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