Weeden chooses not to attend the draft

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With the draft three weeks away, one of the story lines that inevitably will emerge are the players who have been invited to, and who will attend, the festivities at Radio City Music Hall.

One of the invited players has declined.  Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden tells NFL.com that he won’t be there.

I really contemplated going,” Weeden said. “I hope to go in the first round, but there are a lot of unknowns.”

The 28-year-old incoming rookie hopes to be taken in the first round, which could explain his reluctance to attend.  Though he potentially could sneak into the final selections of the opening night, it’s not likely.

It’s also not likely that the Browns will use the fourth overall pick on Weeden, who is three years older than the team’s current starter.  But the Browns could be thinking about taking Weeden with the 22nd selection obtained from the Falcons last year or, more likely, with the 36th overall pick in round two.  Weeden spent Sunday and Monday in Cleveland visiting the team.

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  1. Good move by him, would be awkward as hell if he was still there when the round ended. Would be a smart idea to come in for the second round though. Guaranteeing to get picked then, and the coolness of being the oldest player ever drafted (well, tied for the record) would be fun to have on tape.

  2. Why attend just so they can show endless shots of him not being picked?
    It would be kind of humiliating…

  3. Weeden is a great guy and a great ambassador for OSU. I can’t wait to see him have an impact in the NFL and hush all doubters.

    I know he would love to go in the first round, but it would be amazing if Blackmon and Weeden went to the same team. The only way that happens is if he goes second round. I even asked him to reconsider going to NY just to be there with Blackmon in case they do go to the same team. Obviously though it is more important for him to be home with his family during this major life event.

  4. Amazing, Weeden almost won the Heisman and suddenly he’s no good because of his age ?? Last I checked he’s a great “Athlete” who was playing professional baseball prior to starting for the Cowboys. The Browns should draft him with the 22nd pick and let him compete for the starting job !

  5. He became comfortable with the fact that he is going to be rich for standing on the sideline.

  6. Was gonna make sum wise crack about how he doesn’t want to be the next Brady Quinn, sitting at the draft watching himself free-fall.

    But then I realized Brady Quinn might actually still be younger then Weeden!

  7. craigmaitland
    Apr 5, 2012, 11:41 PM EDT
    Barf at the thought of anyone using a top 2 or 3 round pick on a 28 yr old.

    Eagles used #1 pick(I believe 23rd selection) on OL Danny Watkins last year,and I felt the same way.However he seems to be becoming a decent player .Now QB is another thing.Remember Chris Weinke. He was drafted at 28 or something I think and never worked out.I think a later round pick would be worth the gamble.So buyer beware

  8. Love to see the Browns pick him up with the 37th pick.

    Richardson at 4.
    Floyd/Wright/Jefferey at 22.
    Weeden at 37.

    In the 3rd and 4th get best RT and LB.

    Instant upgrade 5 picks and 5 starters!

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!

  9. “who wants a 30 year old rookie backup qb who was only good cause of bryant and blackmon.”

    The team who drafts Blackmon at 4 and has a chance to get him in the third round.

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