Eagles say they wanted Bell even before Peters’ injury


The Eagles moved quickly to sign left tackle Demetress Bell after left tackle Jason Peters suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon, but they say Peters’ injury isn’t the only reason they wanted Bell.

In fact, Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman told the Philadelphia Daily News that Bell was the free agent they most coveted even before they found out they had likely lost Peters for the entire 2012 season.

“[E]very day, I go over our draft board and our free-agent board. For us, at the top of our free-agent board, is Bell,” Roseman said. “This is before we know anything about the injury.”

Roseman said the Eagles tried to sign Bell early in free agency, but that Bell’s agent told Roseman the Eagles were a bad fit because Bell wanted to be a starter and the Eagles didn’t have a place for him in the starting lineup.

Then Peters got hurt, the place for Bell in the starting lineup appeared, and soon after Bell was in Philadelphia.

23 responses to “Eagles say they wanted Bell even before Peters’ injury

  1. Yes, but did they want him more than they wanted every other free agent? Probably … since Bell is now the best OT in the NFL … playing on the best OL and for the best ‘Dream Team’ ever.

  2. Of course he was and you just couldn’t believe your 3rd round pick was there when you drafted him, you had him rated as a late 1st rounder.

  3. I think Bell will not only be healthy but will thrive in Mudd’s system. Mudd made a sought after player of journeyman Evan Mathis, and turned two rookies at C and RG into respectable linemen. Same system that protected Manning during his time in Indy.

  4. So the guy you wanted as a backup is now your starting tackle. That is not the same as a guy you wanted for a starter is now your starter. That being said, the Eagles have done a great job year in and year out of loading up on lineman and providing them a great opportunity to excel.

  5. left tackle is meaningless for them anyway, Vick is a lefty so his blind side is the right

  6. vahawker, name a player of Peters’ size who came back after an achilles tear and played at a high level.
    …it’s called due diligence. It’s not an impossibility, but the odds are stacked against Peters pretty significantly.

    Now, I have NO clue what Bell’s health will be like, but I agree with tombrookshire… Mudd made men out of boys this past season, although the right side struggled on pass defense pretty consistently. I was happy to acquire Mudd and am very optimistic about our OLine, when I was ready to short-sell 3/5 of them at the beginning of last year.

  7. As a Bills fan, I can say that Bell is always injured, and before last year he was a horrific tackle. The bills ran Gailey’s “three step drop and fire the ball off” game, which made Bell look like the second coming of Orlando Pace. When you only have to block for 2 secs per pass, anyone could do that, as proven by the guys who replaced Bell when he was injured last year, Chris Hairston was being praised for his great play in Bells absence. Now he goes to Philly to play with a qb who holds the ball and runs all over the field. Iggles fan, if you thought Vick got hit a lot last year, just wait.

  8. Wow, we were able to sign the guy the front office is telling us they rated #1 in the whole free agent class!! I hope come draft day, we pick the exact guy they were targeting all along. That would be double-lucky…

  9. I believe they did want him before Peters went down. I’d be willing to bet they wanted to bring Bell in to play Right Tackle, move Herremans back to guard, and let Mathis walk. When the price for Bell was too high, they decided to pay Herremans right tackle money instead, and take Mathis back off the market. Just my opinion.

  10. I hear the Eagles are gonna sign jenniferxxx next, beings shes the most knowledgable person out there! Always an idiotic remark, never has anything logical to say! The dumb*ss one liners are old now.

  11. jeniferxxx is a troll like many other trolls that post here. They come to say negative remarks yet obviously care somewhat about the team because they are reading the article. they are tools and she/he/it leads the pack.

  12. man they r full of it. this guy would have still been looking for a team had it not been for that injury. they should have said he was the best of the crappy injured tackles that we were targetting. they spin it the eagles always get their man. stop

  13. I can see what Bills fans did not like about Bell. He is poor at anchoring and plays at too high of a pad level when he does so.

    Fortunately the Eagles’ system will not require him to do that very often.

  14. yes vick is a lefty so his blind side is still pretty good prtected… butthe loss of peters really hurts the eagles because he is the lead blocker on most of mccoys draws

  15. Jennifer- for the love of…everything, stop posting on these Eagles’ articles. Your shtick is old and no longer funny. We get what you’re trying to do here, but it’s never been even remotely interesting or entertaining.

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