Irsay claims evaluation process is “open minded”

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It has been believed for months that the Colts will take quarterback Andrew Luck with the first overall pick in the 2012 draft.  And while Irsay now concedes via Twitter that “[t]hings have always pointed toward #12,” Irsay claims that the “eval process is OpenMinded.”

But while the process my be open minded, it will be hard for the Colts to make the best possible decision with the primary alternative to Luck, Robert Griffin III, refusing to work out for the team privately.

Though Griffin isn’t working out privately for anyone, we firmly believe he wants to go to the Redskins, but that he also doesn’t want to create the impression he’s spurning the Colts.

So why wouldn’t Griffin want to be the first overall pick?  As previously explained (since it’s a slow day, I’ll explain it again), the new rookie wage scale dramatically reduces the financial benefit of being the first overall pick.  Moreover, the greatly reduced value of a top-five rookie deal makes the second contract a much bigger factor.

The Colts have shown a willingness to ride out every last game of a franchise quarterback’s deal, forcing Peyton Manning to complete a six-year rookie contract before getting a second deal, and a seven-year contract before getting a third one.  Thus, it’s safe to assume that the first overall pick will have to finish five years before getting a new contract.

In contrast, Redskins owner Daniel Snyder may be more willing to rip up his first-ever franchise quarterback’s contract after three years, the new minimum for renegotiations of rookie contracts.  Moreover, a larger market and a lower bar means that it will be easier for Griffin to succeed on and off the field in D.C.

Given those factors, maybe Luck would prefer to go to Washington, too.

60 responses to “Irsay claims evaluation process is “open minded”

  1. If Irsay drafts anyone BUT Luck at this point, it would be anything but open minded because he has spent almost a year talking about how Luck was his guy.

  2. But Irsay, Griffin want nothing to do with Indianapolis.

    If you can betray Manning, you can betray anybody.

    Griffin wants to go to enjoy the out of control spending in Washington.

  3. Irsay made Manning the highest paid player over the last 2 contract negotiations. I highly doubt Griffin thinks that Irsay wont pay him on his 2nd or 3rd contracts.

  4. Safe to say that Indy is not an ideal place to play right now.

    Take the fact that they are strict with contracts out of it and just look at the talent on the team.

    Cupboard is bare in Indy

  5. If St. Louis can get what will be 3 high first round picks, and I think a 2nd. What can Indy get for the top pick?

    I would call Cleveland and take their 1.4, 1.22, 2.4, and 2 future 1sts and 2nds and call it a day. A trade like this could do for Indy what Hershel Walker did for the Cowboys.

    Luck may be a sure thing, but there’s better than an 90 percent chance he doesn’t become as good as Tom Brady and Drew Brees.

    Indy should make the trade. They are in a rebuilding phase and they certainly don’t have to have a franchise QB this season.

  6. eastsideballa…Peyton had an average arm and moved as well as a statue…turned out ok

  7. Yeah, but Luck’s name is Luck and the Colts’ helmet has a horse shoe on it, so the Marketing Dept will love it.

  8. Called it. I knew as soon as the story broke that Shanahan was in Waco with RG3, Irsay would have to take to Twitter. It’s weird, how he craves the attention. Colts are taking Luck. They tanked a season to guarantee it.

  9. Maybe Irs trying to squeeze out another of those first round picks that Old Leatherface Mike is tossing around. On behalf of the “Tanning Booth Red” Skins.

  10. Irsay is toying with the media, it will be Luck, and @ eastsideballa, u don’t know what yr talkn bout, Lucks and a Tebow release are nothing alike n he has a pretty strong arm too

  11. Something tells me that irsay is having doubts about luck. Hell as much they’ve talked about luck to colts and RG3 to redskins, I already got the image of them being on those teams in my head. It would be weird to see it go the other way around, can’t picture RG3 in blue nor could I picture luck in maroon.

  12. Dolphins fans want to smack Irsay in the face. We’re dating freaking Rue McClanahan, and he’s over here publicly going back and forth between Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman. And tbis is after getting the prime years out of Jennifer Connelly.

    You know what Irsay? Eff you. Eff your freaking father. The Colts are Baltimore’s team, not yours. Go take you pain killers and vodka, and keep the Eff quiet. Nobody wants to hear about your woes.

  13. wow, that’s a reach and pure speculation.

    peyton manning has been one of the most highly paid athletes of the last decade. manning has consistently been top 3 on’s highest earning athletes.

    Irsay paid manning 23 MILLION last year and manning didn’t take a single regular season snap.
    in the summer of 2011, Irsay signed manning, 35, to the highest salary in the NFL.

    you shouldn’t insinuate that the skins will pay a QB while the colts are cheap. colts have proven they’ll pay their QB and not shy from making someone the highest paid player. what have the skins proven?

  14. Redskins fans are toking whatever Marion Barry was in that hotel room, greatest Qb? Com on, SON!!!!!

  15. Luck or RG3 wanting to intentionally go to #2 / Skins? I don’t buy that one…

    If Irsay is considering RG3, he better catch himself because that will be the draft mistake of the decade….

    Luck has the athletics PLUS the work ethic dedication professionalism thing going.

    RG3, since he started getting involved in pre draft activity, is sounding more and more Prima Donna ish… wont work out for the Colts, over talking himself to the point of seeming kinda irrational about himself without ever having taken a snap… theres a long list of hints that when added up start to make him seem prone to a potential ego driven work ethic or other type problem..

    its certainly nowhere near a Jamarcus or Leaf or Vince or Vick or Leinart thing…. but it makes you think…. and when you betting your teams top spot on it?

    you take Luck hands down…. Colts fans should burn the place down if they go RG3

  16. Both of those QBs and their agents should be hopin wishin and praying that their QBs end up in the hands of Shanahan rather than that cat Pagano. Pagano overseeing the development of a QB is scary, to say the least.

  17. Maybe Griffin will turn out to be a better NFL QB than Luck, but all the measurables point to Luck having the better chance. Indy would be foolish to let the Griffin hype sway their decision. Griffin is definitely the more extroverted QB, but so was Sanchez and look how that ended up.

  18. All this hype about RGIII, he didn’t even get drafted yet, never played in one NFL game. He’s busy signing autographs, tweeting on twitter, while Luck is busy working out! Washington needs more than a quarterback to get them going to the Super Bowl. RGIII won’t be able to do it all, obviously.

  19. Given the new rookie salary structure any #1 pick worth being the #1 pick would want a chance to earn a new contract by Year 3.

    … and a team should be happy to let them try to earn it.

    Any signal from Irsay that he’d not waver from an under-paid 5 year rookie contract is going to potentially result in Griffin OR Luck reluctant to sign and considering pulling another “John Elway”

  20. cush2push says:
    Apr 7, 2012 1:38 PM
    i have been calling this for months the colts will take griffen irsay doesnt want another manning

    Yeah, who would want another Manning? I’m sure Irsay hates all the wins, money, etc. Manning brought to the Colts.

  21. Mike, you really should stop working the Manning being forced to “ride out a full deal” line of logic.

    Manning, as a #1 draft pick, had the largest rookie deal in history (overtaken every year following). At the end of that deal (and his second deal) the Colts approached him during the year before hand. The last contract, Manning was the one who broke off negotiations publicly stating he would worry about it after the year. The outcome was Manning was the highest paid player after each deal.

    In Indianapolis, he had a horrible rookie season and was shown patience while he grew. Colts invested draft picks in the offense. Colts selected a solid staff for developing him. Arians doesn’t have a bad track record in this department. Colts don’t change staff often at all (obviously outside of this year where they whacked everyone at once.

  22. The other night on the NBC sports network i was watching an interview show hosted by Ahmad Rashad (yes, I AM a glutton for punishment, why do you ask?).

    Anyhoo, he had two guests, Tiger Woods, and Griffin. Skins fan better hope Griffin’s NFL career turns out better than Tiger’s second round at the Masters.

  23. People are bashing Irsay for past problems, and addictions. These things are tough for people to overcome, Irsay has openly admitted his problems to pain killers, and alcohol. It is pretty cold blooded to make fun of someones past demons, and to make fun of it just proves what kind of person you are….. People that say pagano won’t be a good coach to develop luck, are you retarded? There is an entire offensive staff that gets paid to do those thins… Just funny, I think more people are just pissed and jealous that Indy goes from one hall of famer to the next….. Like previously stated before…. Manning will be commentating Luck’s first superbowl in 3 years on NBC… Keep drinking the haterade, Indy will be back to a decade of another dominance sooner than any one of your teams will… Who is the winningest owner right now?? Can anyone tell me? Since 1997?

  24. yea it really must have been tough for poor Pay-A-Ton to be forced to fullfill contracts that paid him 150 miilion dollars. hope he can survive on what the broncos are paying him since it is not about the money for him.

  25. Who would want to play in dc??? When is the last time they have won their division??? Let alone make it to the super bowl?? Of course he want to go to Indy.., they win!!

  26. PFT wont let this go huh. The value of this site is information, not speculation.

    If you are claiming that the Redskins offer a better route despite years of underacheivement and mismanagement compared to the Colts which have proven they can build a successful team the. You just simply are not paying attention or are trying to drive a story that isnt there.

    Less speculation, more reporting.

    Irsay is right, the process is an open minded evaluation of talent. The goal is look at and compare prospects NOT to appease overzealous bloggers who arent patient enought to let the process play out on its own.

  27. Its so funny NOBODY knows for sure what either of these guys are REALLY gonna do in the NFL…..They could both be Hall of Famers, both get hurt (knock on wood), both be busts (we all doubt it). We are all spectulating and thats fun to do in the offseason and keeps us tuned in, but the truth is we all just need to see them play ball. Luck to Indy RGIII to D.C. they fit the systems now lets just SEE THEM PLAY.

  28. If I were RG3, I’d want to go to the team that has the first round picks to surround me with talent the next couple years.

  29. I find it amusing that mike is using the fact that the colts made manning play out his contracts. when at the time he signed his second one mike was all like the colts will never win a super bowl paying 1 player all that money and calling manning greedy for getting all he could. now the colts were bad to make him play out one of the richest contracts given a player?

  30. “I would call Cleveland and take their 1.4, 1.22, 2.4, and 2 future 1sts and 2nds and call it a day. A trade like this could do for Indy what Hershel Walker did for the Cowboys.”

    You don’t make that trade when a) you have the #1 pick, b) there is a consensus “sure thing”, c) it’s a position of need, d) it’s a QB, and e) the face of the franchise for more than a decade. Ever.

    Of course, it really doesn’t matter because Irsay will never surround Luck with the talent to win. He didn’t do it with Manning so there’s no reason to think he will now.

  31. This whole article is ridiculous. Can you imagine taking someone besides luck and then have him turn out to be awesome. Good luck on that one. It would make him the laughing stock for years.

  32. Raiderlyfe510, chuck pagano is not going to mentor Andrew Luck. Bruce Arians is, you moron. Raiders fans should be banned from all message boards because they are all morons.

  33. I’ll never understand the get the QB first thinking that most teams have.Get as many picks as you can
    build a good team then get your above average QB.

    That way you don’t kill or mentally scar your #1 Pick
    Mr Luck.

  34. Db3300 Is the biggest dumbass in the history of posting…. Irsay never put talent around manning?? That my friends, is pure stupidity, and no clue of football… Why do you think Indy has never had a defense? Stupidity at it’s finest… All Irsay did was spend money year in and year out on offensive weapons…. Then has the audacity to say trade the number 1 pick…. Where do these people come from?? go back to pretending to know

  35. What nonsense is this? RG-III prefers the Redskins because they have a top-ten defense, have added offensive weapons, have a premier coach, and with a great QB can be an immediate solid playoff contender, whereas the Colts are such a gutted team that Peyton Manning would almost surely have a losing record with them this year, and they are years away from contending! So why all this prattle about Griffin preferring the Redskins because they might re-negotiate his contract sooner?

  36. This is why it’s great to be at the two spot. No worries, no stress..the Skins will take either, won’t have the pressure of did we make the right pick. That’s all on Irsay..that’s why he sounds wish washy, he doesn’t want to make a mistake. He’s already hearing it from his fan base.

  37. I think that Irsay may be having second thoughts about Luck. But mostly Irsay thinks about Irsay.

    Like his dad who didn’t think to leave the Colts name in Baltimore, he didn’t think to respect one of the greatest QBs ever in Manning…instead he thinks about his name in the headlines or how many people are on his twitter account.

    Why should RG3 want to deal with that family?

  38. I really hope Irsay doesn’t screw this up. Luck is the choice, RGLeaf will fit better with Skins.

  39. No one is buying this ‘continued evaluation’ garbage. Because no owner in their right mind would cut Peyton Manning without knowing which direction they were heading in at the quarterback position.

  40. So why wouldn’t Griffin want to be the first overall pick?

    Because he’s a coward. He’d have to work out for the Colts and he doesn’t want to work out for anyone. If he does, it will become evident that he’s not as good as the media is touting him to be.

  41. damaddhatter29 says:Apr 7, 2012 1:37 PM

    Will lightning strike twice for the Colts? Intuition tells me that they may pick a flop this year.

    Only if they fall for the media hype and pick Griffin.

  42. If Griffin is so “athletic,” why was he sacked 25+ times every year, with first round talent on the O-line? Slow decision-making, poor reads. He is in big trouble. Colts better take Luck.

  43. That’s exactly what I am saying. Defensive minded head coaches don’t mentor franchise qb’s. That’s what offensive coordinators and qb coaches do. Although I would bet that Al Davis mentored Jamarcus Russell. You’re organization is totally clueless.

  44. I still don’t understand how Luck is a sure thing. There is no such thing as a sure thing coming out of college. The consensus was that David Carr was a sure thing. Nobody, I mean nobody, disagreed with that. Carr made all the throws and was accurate with everything and his arm was even much stronger than Luck’s.

    The fact that everyone assumes that both Luck and RG3 are franchise QB’s baffles me. They may become that, but there’s a risk with both, and the risk is bigger than what people think.

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