Chavous talks round one of the 2012 draft

Earlier today, we posted a brief portion of the latest visit from Corey Chavous to PFT Live, regarding the bounty phenomenon.

But we booked Chavous for his draft expertise.  And he has plenty of it.

If you haven’t seen the entire segment, here it is.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

8 responses to “Chavous talks round one of the 2012 draft

  1. Chavous may never make in broadcasting, but the man knows his stuff. He has always had a high football IQ. I am excited to see how he does over the years as a so called draft expert. Always look forward to his take on everything. Hope you get him on more often!

  2. I hear him on Kfan 1130 in mpls from time to time. A mediocre defensive player, but a great football mind. Man knows his football, and collegebb. Always enjoy his segments with paul allen (voice of the vikes) on the Fan.

  3. PA and Corey Chavous are great to listen to on KFAN! I enjoy Corey’s segment more than Florio’s!

  4. mediocore defensive player? Dude made the pro bowl with 9 INTs. He was awesome when he played for the vikes.

  5. One good season doesn’t dictate a title like amazing. Sorry. Rex grossman took a team to the super bowl. He wasn’t amazing. I bleed purple, love the vikes. He wasn’t a bad player, but amazing his entire tenure as a vike? Stretching it a touch there .. (maybe I jumped the gun on the adjective of ‘mediocre’).. Just meant he is smarter than his career numbers show…

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