Another former Peyton target is available

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If Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning craves familiarity, another guy who used to catch his passes in Indy is available.

The Colts have announced that received Blair White has been waived.

White, an undrafted free agent who signed with the team in 2010, appeared in 13 games with four starts that year, catching 36 passes for 355 yards and five touchdowns.

Last year, White appeared in only seven games, with zero receptions.

Since he has fewer that four accrued seasons, White must pass through waivers.  If he clears waivers, he becomes a free agent.

14 responses to “Another former Peyton target is available

  1. Manning is an amazing QB. You could line up Wee Man at the slot and Manning would make him a Pro Bowler. I’m sure all teams in the AFC West will be losing sleep the week they play the Broncos or any team that plays the Broncos for that matter. Not a Broncos fan at all but you just have to give credit and respect where it’s due.

  2. pay-me-tons whaaaaanning isnt the same player as in 2004, so u jock sniffers that think he will raise the broncos from mediocre will get a rude awakening, wait til the cold mile high air hit that neck, he will be choking once again, another 5 int game

  3. Eh, the “Blair White” project had run its course after Manning got hurt. He’s got some potential though and would be a low risk pick-up for some WR needy team.

  4. Go ahead and make fun of him. He caught everything thrown his way unlike Garcon…..he was a solid receiver when healthy. I liked him.

  5. Watched a lot of Colts games during the last number of years (they’re on Sunday or Monday nights every-other week). But I’ve honestly never heard of this guy

  6. I wonder what the fortune tellers like peytonsneck18 will change their screen name to when PM just happens to have another MVP year?

  7. Peytonsneck18- you are an idiot. You don’t even believe the crap you write. They should censor your every post. You’re so dumb you give me the creeps

  8. Does anyone read the stories before they post them ? It says”The Colts have announced that received Blair White has been waived.” I thought they were receivers .

  9. For all the ignorant commenters out there, Blair is a guy you cant help but root for: walk – on in college to starter to team captain to all- Big 10. NFL free agent to unlikely starter & solid, reliable receiver.

    This is a high – character, rock – solid football player. He will be more successful on or off the field than all of the haters put together!

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