Panthers fans shouldn’t worry about Cam Newton leaving

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Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has a five-year contract, with one year expired.  And so, naturally, Panthers fans are concerned that he’ll finish out the next four seasons and bolt for a bigger city.

According to Newton himself, fans need not worry.

“I describe Charlotte as a very clean city, and that’s not being derogatory to cities I was in before. But it’s just so much on the rise, with what Charlotte is about to become,” Newton said Thursday at a charity event, according to Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer.  “We have a minor league baseball that’s up and coming.  The Bobcats, a professional NBA team.  NFL team.  So it’s on the up and up is basically what I’m trying to say.  This is the peak of time that you want to make an impact in the city.

“It’s not like Atlanta.  It’s not like Miami.  It’s not like Los Angeles.  I understand that and I know that.  But it’s one of many cities in the nation that is on the rise.”

Newton added that he wants to “embrace Charlotte.”

Apart from Newton’s intentions, the reality is that the Panthers are uniquely positioned to keep him over the long haul.  After the 2013 season, the Panthers (and, barring a trade, only the Panthers) can rip up his rookie deal and give him a significant raise.  If he doesn’t want a significant raise at that point, he’d have to spend one more year in Charlotte at a base salary of $3.378 million, under the incredibly modest terms of a rookie deal worth a total of only $22 million over four years.

Even then, the Panthers hold an option on a fifth year, at a salary based on the average value of the five highest-paid players at his position.  After that, the Panthers can use the franchise tag for as many years as they want.

That said, things can get dicey if a quarterback wants out.  But the path of least resistance for Newton will be to accept a big-money extension when the Panthers are ready to give it to him, and the Panthers should be ready to give it to him as soon as he finishes his third NFL season.

64 responses to “Panthers fans shouldn’t worry about Cam Newton leaving

  1. The Panthers improved this year, because of Cam. They will only get better. Of course he will not leave. This is his team and they will be a force in a couple of years, if not next year.

  2. It’s a little too early to worry about a quarterback leaving when they still have four years on their contract, especially considering the NFL has a franchise tag and teams can refuse to allow a player to leave, unlike other professional sports leagues. So I really don’t get why any Panthers fans would worry about this yet or why this is even a story.

  3. This isn’t the NBA, in case you didn’t know it the NFL teams have revenue sharing and stars never leave unless the teams dictate it.

  4. Let me get this straight- so if the two sides cannot come to an agreement the panthers have this thing thats called a franchise tag that they can use to keep him as long as they want?

    Once other teams find out about this they will probably want to hold onto their franchise qbs also!

  5. bunnymen808 says: Apr 13, 2012 11:54 PM

    The Panthers improved this year, because of Cam.
    …and his OCs willingness to cater to his, and the other players’ strengths. A team is not one man. Coaches don’t get enough credit most of the time.

    Charlotte is a cool city though.

  6. Ive lived in charlotte for 18 years. I love it here. Many people from all over the country seem to love charlotte when they visit. Cam is right when he says Charlotte’s on the rise. I think the soon to be renamed Charlotte Hornets will boost the NBA image of our city. Cam and the Panthers will be a threat in the NFC for years to come. I believe Cam when he says he wants to remain a Panther for his whole career. He even said on local radio that he doesn’t want to leave the team after his rookie contract is up.

  7. I think Cam gets it. I think he might see what other QBs like Manning have done in smaller markets and understands he can become a figure that is larger then life and in that town. Elway in Denver is another example of this. In the big markets you are forgotten the moment you can’t throw TDs.

  8. Let’s all get childish over Newton’s pro-Charlotte remarks in 3…2..1…


    I live in Charlotte, there’s nothing Pro about it!

  9. he’ll wind up in a Jets uni before his fifth season. That will truly be the end of his great carrier.

  10. bunnymen808 says:
    Apr 13, 2012 11:54 PM
    The Panthers improved this year, because of Cam.

    The playing hasn’t even started yet this year, how did they get better?

    Oh, you meant last year bunnylover?

  11. Cam Newton has played one season. A great season it was, but ONE SEASON, stop the new contract talk. Keep in mind he didn’t have a 300 yard passing game after week 4.

  12. Man, this kid has so much class. I was one of the early detractors, and I’ve never been so wrong about an athlete in my life. Charlotte is luck to have him.

  13. Being that we has just drafted last year, I doubt too many Panthers fans were worried about Cam going anywhere for the time being.

  14. I have become a huge fan of this young man… i remember all the negativity around him and everyone was predicting him to be a bust…

    Not only is he the most exciting player to come out of college in a decade… he is also a genuine person… he always seems to be having fun while playing… i didnt see him sulk on the sidelines even when the panthers defense stunk it up…

    keep it up ma man!

  15. WTF is a “up and coming minor league baseball team”? dont those players usual go to that league called the Major League Baseball or am I wrong?

  16. Charlotte is a nice, under rated pro-team city.

    I live in NC and Charlotte is by far one of the best cities in the state and arguably a top 5 city on the east coast.

  17. That’s just CamSpeak for, well, uhhh….. I dunno……..hard to decipher really…………… But if he’s smiling when he says whatever the hell it is he is trying to say, that is probably a good sign.

  18. If Cam leaves after his contract, that can’t be good for the franchise, so will that inevitably lead to the say, LA Panthers?…..hmm

  19. I am sure Panthers fans were up late every night worried about what would happen after the 2015 season. Who cares about the schedule release this week and the draft next week? And who cares aboutnthe 16 games rhis season? All they can focus on is March 1, 2016.

    What a waste of paper, on a worthless story during a slow time. No wonder newspapers are endangered. I am sure glad this site never posts worthless stories during slow periods.

  20. Charlotte is a beautiful city. I wish I could visit there more often (long way from California) and I can understand why Cam is enthusiastic about the place.

  21. Yo Panther fans,

    Wait and see that Cam doesn’t pull a Sam Bradford and sucks after having a good rookie year before worrying about his next contract.

  22. “It’s not like Atlanta. It’s not like Miami. It’s not like Los Angeles.”

    Yeah Cam there are a lot of THIEVES in those cities, you certainly wouldn’t want to live where there are THIEVES would you?

  23. He’ll do what every other egotistical professional athelete does a few years into his contract – hold out for more money. Then we’ll see how much the Panther fans “embrace” him.

  24. Cam wants to become an ICON – remember. He can’t do that in Charlotte. Cam is all about Cam off the field.

    On the field, Cam isn’t nearly as good as Cam thinks he is. Watch for the typical drop in Cam’s production this year. Teams didn’t have the chance in the offseason to study tendencies on the young QB. This offseason, they have. I can’t say too much but if I were a betting man, I’d make a bundle betting the “under” early in the NFL season… The team may blame the reduction in offensive production on some other factor, but Cam is not going to repeat last years numbers – not even close.

    I can guarantee that there are several in the NFL that are laughing at the fact that Cam received the post season honors that he did. If it weren’t for politics and the league’s interference, Cam would have no where near the reputation that he enjoys today. The truth will be revealed this season! Gotta love the NFL, for many reasons…

  25. For those of you wondering why us Panther fans are worried about him leaving, see all of our previous best players who wanted out: Julius Peppers, Kris Jenkins, and Steve Smith. Luckily Smith stayed.

  26. The whole irony lost in all this was, just a year ago the media was doing everything but calling in a witch doctor to make sure the Panthers didn’t take Cam at the number one positions. You know with all those imaginary “concerns” that didn’t seem to be plaguing this year’s number one QB…Go figure.., the Panthers picking Cam was projected to be at worst a disaster and at best, only good to put a few butts in the stadium seat.

    Fastfoward a year and we are already concerned about Cam leaving the team and the kid hasn’t even played his second season yet. Can we say CONTROLLING.

  27. If they were smart, they’d dump those two big name backs for either proven WRs or picks to get cam some WR.. they can’t pass on a DT,, but they can’t pass on a WR like Floyd…. What’s the plan captain

  28. As a Charlotte resident and diehard Panther fan, I would like to disagree with Cam. The Bobcats are not an NBA franchise.

    Charlotte is a great city though, that I agree with.

  29. Cam wants to become an ICON – remember. He can’t do that in Charlotte.
    and why not????

    As for him leaving, it’s too soon to worry about that and anyways, that’s what the franchise tag is for, i dont see him leaving. after this rookie deal (or sooner), Newton will be signed to a long term deal and be one of the highest paid qbs in the league unless something happens.

  30. nyyjetsknicks says:
    Apr 14, 2012 6:27 AM
    Charlotte sucks, it’s just another flyover state.

    Yea, ummm, Charlotte is not a state. But hey, Keep up the good work NY Jet fans.

  31. Scam Newton is the football version of LeBron James….a joke of a player and person….so disingenuous….loved it when Vilma popped him last year…welcome to the NFL, boy….

  32. The best season Cam will ever have, he just had.
    back to the cellar with the Panthers

  33. myeaglescantwin says:
    Apr 14, 2012 7:20 AM
    If they were smart, they’d dump those two big name backs for either proven WRs or picks to get cam some WR.. they can’t pass on a DT,, but they can’t pass on a WR like Floyd…. What’s the plan captain

    You can tell this guy isnt a Panthers Fan nor a very good GM…this isnt Madden buddy our offense wasnt the issue last year, does anyone else besides me know that?!

  34. 1 have to be kidding me! He’s not proven anythg except he is a raw talent. He very well may pan out BUT stop it with the “OMG-He might leave in 4 yrs!”.

    Sometimes I wonder about ya’ll….some of you….I think if you had a brain you’d take it out and play with it. You know who U are.

  35. Cam Newton is such a diva. I can’t stand him and it’s not because he is in the same division as my saints. At games, he doesn’t allow people to talk to him and he puts that stupid f-ing towel over his head. It’s so annoying. I’m surprised his teammates “embraced” him after the comments he made about them. What a great leader–“I’m going to make them better because I’m around”; that’s Scamspeak for you guys suck. And when did winning 6 games become a good year? It’s pretty bad when your team’s one goal for a season is to not be last in your division. Good thing for the panthers that tampa bay only lost two more than they did.

    And for him to say that Charlotte is a “clean” city implies that he felt that the city was dirty before he went there. I guess he was just above the notion of being in a city that didn’t suit his needs. Also, for him to say that it’s on the rise because A) There’s an NBA team {they had one before, it didn’t propel the city into rising} and B) He’s there, so naturally, is rediculous and overly egotistical.

  36. whodatgirl1 says:Apr 14, 2012 10:49 AM
    “Cam Newton is such a diva. At games, he doesn’t allow people to talk to him and he puts that stupid f-ing towel over his head. the comments he made about them. ”I’m going to make them better because I’m around”; that’s Scamspeak for you guys suck. And when did winning 6 games become a good year?”
    The Towel is probably the way he gets in the “zone”, like John Henderson having people slap him before games.

    He Spoke some truth, He made the team better as they went from 32nd on offense to one of the top Offenses in the league.

    Winning 6 games was due to his team not being on his level, the QB can’t win games alone, Troy Aikmen didn’t win a game his 1st season, Peyton went 3-13, It should be considered a personal success due to him breaking/setting rookie records, Emmit Broke Walter’s Record back when the cowboys were garbage, should that not be considered a success to break Walter’s record?

  37. Best way to make this guy happy? Get another received ASAP! Maybe even multiple receivers!

    Steve smith hocked everyone last year, but he’s still small and definitely not getting any younger.

    Find Cam some more weapons! The guy can throw, so don’t force him to run more than he has to!

  38. Let me explain some things to Florio and all the non-NC posters that will clear up why this is a question among Panther fans, from someone who has lived here since 1988…

    Charlotte has very insecure business and political leadership. These leaders obsess over what other cities think of us, whether or not we are considered “world class” by outsiders. Some of this was created in criticisms from other places – examples include when George Shinn was making his pitch to get an NBA franchise in ’87, and a newspaper (I’m pretty sure it was the Phoenix paper) said the only franchise that Charlotte deserved had golden arches on it, and a leader in some NY financial company that a couple years ago ridiculed the idea that Charlotte was a major financial center (despite Charlotte having the HQ of 2 of the 5 largest banks at that time). Then there is the massive inferiority complex we have with Atlanta and New York. The NY complex comes from criticisms like that finance company leader. The Atlanta complex comes from the fact that Atlanta is right down the road, but is so much more respected nationally.

    Beyond that, there is the fact that so many of our best pro athletes got the hell out of here at the first possible opportunity, such as Alonzo Mourning and Julius Peppers. Mourning didn’t hate the city, but wanted to be the highest-paid Hornet, because he was the best player (he was, and Larry Johnson’s ridiculous contract made it impossible for Shinn to pay both of them top dollar under the NBA salary cap). But Peppers pretty much said the city of Charlotte was a trash heap not long after he signed with the Bears.

    So, with all that insecurity and inferiority complex dripping from city leaders, the sports fans worry about losing the big stars, even if – as in this case – the worries are unfounded.

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