Rice will skip offseason workouts

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Another day, another news item regarding a franchise player who won’t be attending his team’s offseason workouts without a contract.

Steve Wyche of NFL.com reports that running back Ray Rice, who has received but not yet accepted the franchise tender, won’t be there when the program opens on Monday.

As explained on Friday, Rice and any/every other franchise player may attend offseason workouts without a contract.  Few ever do, although Titans safety Michael Griffin will.

In February, coach John Harbaugh expressed confidence that Rice won’t hold out.

“I would be surprised, just knowing Ray and I know how much he loves football,” Harbaugh said.  “I think he understands there’s not leverage to be gained by doing that.

“Guys who’ve done that haven’t come out and played well.  That would never be the way to get a contract here.  That’s not how the Ravens have operated.”

For now, Rice won’t be missing much.  The first several weeks of offseason workouts feature guys working on their biceps.  Eventually, practice begins in T-shirts and shorts.

During a January appearance on PFT Live, Rice guaranteed he’d be with the Ravens in 2012.  “If the franchise tag happens, it happens,” Rice said at the time.  “Not the worst thing in the world.  It’s definitely a lot more than I’ll ever have.”

It may be a lot more than he’ll ever have, but he’s still trying to have more.

21 responses to “Rice will skip offseason workouts

  1. No news here. Rice’s personal workouts are probably more strenuous then what the team would have him do. Rice and Flaccos deal both get done before training camp.

  2. Have you Seen Ray Rice’s biceps? I don’t think he needs to prove anything to the Ravens about how prepared he is. Both sides want a deal that works for both sides. They just don’t agree on what that deal will be…yet. If Ray is still holding out in July, I would be surprised.

  3. Pretty ridiculous if u ask me. Here’s a guy who produces every year and never says a word abt a contract then they franchise him. I just don’t see the logic, there is little risk in offering ,maybe the best player on the whole team a nice contract.

  4. Good for Rice. As a running back, he needs to use every bit of leverage he can. The next long term contract he signs will be the most important thing he signs in his life.

    Assuming the Ravens & Rice can agree to one…

  5. Definitely their offensive MVP. Both Rice & Forte on the bears are in similar situatioins: very high percentage of their respective teams’ offensive production. Good but aging defenses. Overrated QBs that are actually mediocre. Both certainly deserve to get paid, but will likely have to wait a little while as they earn (only!!) several hundred thousand dollars to play a kid’s game this coming season. Both would also likely get better $/terms from their GMs if they would just suck it up & quit pouting. All good things to those who wait.

  6. Great… Now Flacco has ANOTHER excuse when his offense isn’t doing anything.

    I can hear it now… “well, he and rice don’t have the chemistry yet because rice held out and isn’t up to speed on the playbook and is sill getting into shape”

    Shoot, ravens probably telling rice to hold out themselves just do they do have that built in excuse for Flacco.

  7. I’m a Steeler fan but I am also a fan of Ray Rice, because he’s an excellent football player. He’s everything you want in a RB. I hope he can get a deal done, he deserves it.

  8. Rice should stay away and enjoy some time off. Once the season begins, he once again will have to carry that offense due to the weakness they have at QB.

  9. Wow look at all these haters. Go worry about your own teams, I mean a Eagles fan talking crap on Flacco? Your QB is Mike Vick, he’s horrible and a grade A loser, both on and off the field.

    Us Raven fans believe in Joe, twice we’ve lost in the playoffs due to our wide outs droping perfect passes. Boldin (for a TD) and Housh on 4th down back vs Pitt 2 years ago and Evans last season against NE. We know he isn’t the issue with the inconsistant offense.

  10. Rice just pull a Barry Sanders. Fly to Europe and do fun stuff until they start losing games only come back if they give you what you want. Barry didn’t come back to us Lions fans though :(.

  11. Ravens need to sign him long term, they lost a few key players already and rice unlike most RBs isn’t injury prone.. I am a Bucs fan and would love to see the Bucs send Blount and a 2nd round pick to Bmore for him so he can reunite with Shiano.. i know there is no chance of this happening, it was only rhetorical.

  12. The ignorance and stupidity on this board is amazing. It’s workouts for crying out loud. I’d bet ray rices next contract he works out daily

  13. @dellis07:

    Same here my friend; lifelong Steelers fan, but Ray Rice is one of my favorite players in the NFL. The guy brings his “A” game every single down, and is a pure class act both on and off the field. I would LOVE to see him come over to the dark side, but I have no doubt that the Ravens will get him back under contract and (unfortunately) we’ll be having to defend against him yet again next season.

  14. @bettis3636

    Dear Western Pa troll,

    Did you watch any of our playoff games? Of course Ray was a huge factor during the regular season, but during the playoffs not so much, it was Flacco’s baby and if Lee Evans could do his job we would at least have an AFC Title. Ray is a beast but he’s not our entire team.

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