Florio’s NFL draft mock top four

Mike Florio makes his first four selections in this year’s NFL “mock” draft. Will the Cleveland Browns justify drafting a running back with the 4th pick?

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  1. Browns fan here. I think Florio’s point about keeping opposing AFC North offenses off the field by using Richardson to grind out the offense and chew up the clock is spot on.

    I would also point out that Flacco and The Ravens have Ray Rice. The conventional wisdom lately is that you don’t need that big RB. Well, look at Ray Rice. If Trent Richardson can factor into the Browns offense the way Ray Rice does in the Ravens offense, then that will help out the Browns tremendously.

    Finally, say what you will about Colt McCoy and the West Coast Offense. When it snows and gets cold in Cleveland, you need a guy who can get you the yards on the ground — doesn’t matter who your QB is.

    There are some other excellent players that will be available at 4, but the case for Richardson is strong.

  2. Richardson will last 3 years as a premier RB, 4 at the most if history is any guide; whereas, Blackmon will last 10 years as a dangerous WR. And in a pass-happy league to boot.

    Seems like an obvious choice to me, even assuming that a premier RB is equivalent to a top WR.

  3. Drafting Trent Richardson would be a mistake. If the Browns really need a “grind it out” type of RB, why did they let Peyton Hillis walk to KC for next to nothing? On second thought, don’t bother trying to answer the question. I doubt the Browns themselves could provide a coherent response.

    Letting Hillis walk for less then 3 million and then drafting Richardson would be a huge mistake, but not an unprecedented one. Last year, this same regime let Lawrence Vickers leave only to waste a draft pick on Owen Marecic. Why let a good, young player leave if you know that you’re going to have to draft an uncertainty to replace him? Only the Browns can answer that.

    Blackmon is the obvious choice for this team. He’s a bona fide playmaker, and has very good intangibles – which makes him more likely to be a Calvin Johnson and less likely to be a Dez Bryant.

    If the Browns draft Richardson I won’t be surprised, but I will be disappointed.

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