Gregg Williams helps with tornado cleanup in Kansas

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Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has been keeping a very low profile in the time since news surfaced of the bounty system he admittedly ran in New Orleans.  Williams recently made an unexpected appearance in Wichita, Kansas, assisting with the cleanup of a tornado that struck on Saturday.

He’s a really nice guy,” resident Scott Lyon told  “He went out and helped in a community he doesn’t live in.  He just wanted to help us.”

Lyons said he had told his girlfriend that it would be helpful if someone showed up with a chainsaw.  And not long after that Williams did.

“He was chain sawing, cutting branches,” Lyon said.  “He was getting his hands pretty dirty.”

Lyon didn’t know it was Williams until he made a joke about it.

It’s not entirely clear how Williams joked about it, but it would have been funny if he said something like, “You know, this chainsaw would have really taken care of Crabtree’s ACL.”

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  1. No jokes like you suggested at the end of your blog would be good if he ever hopes to be allowed back into the NFL. If he doesn’t want to come back; then yes, that would have been funny.

  2. Who cares what Greg Williams wants. He obviously didn’t care that opposing players wanted long term careers or that the NFL wanted the Saints Bounty program to stop or that Drew Brees wanted a better explanation.

  3. Gregg Williams was wrong but so were his leaders and the mentors that that taught him. It like a domestic violence circle. The guy has kept his mouth shut, hadn’t denird or pointed fongafale, lost his job and I’n a moment of crisis he showed a willingness to help and extend charity. Were you out there Mike? Can you seriously put that slur I’n your story and not apologize? Surely, you’re better than that. You lead a lot of people with your ink, think about what you’re leading them to. You’re better than that. Sincerely. “KodaknRocky”

  4. That’s exactly what he said. Just ask Sean, he was hiding in the debris with a tape recorder. Audio will be on Yahoo by this time tomorrow.

    Said something about dropping a house on Gore like in the Wizard of Oz too, but I don’t even think that would stop him

  5. I live in Wichita and didn’t know Williams did such a thing. That might be for PR purposes or it might be him doing something he didn’t have to do to help others.

    Regardless, he did it.

    So that’s something positive.

    Doesn’t excuse his past behavior but there are other places for him to pay that price.

    He showed some humanity in this story.

  6. Just read the story. Williams was in my neighborhood, probably working a few minutes from where I live. Pretty interesting.

  7. Is it true while cutting the trees he was heard saying “take that Frank Gores’s head, and “Crabtree! your ACL is now severed in a million pieces”.

  8. Williams: ‘I just wanted to help the community.’

    Lyon: ‘Who’s that guy with the chainsaw?’

    Williams: ‘Did you hear about Sam Bradford’s horrific chainsaw injury?’

    Lyon: ‘No, what happened?’

    Williams: ‘He got the bounty!’

  9. Greg williams should take his skills and apply for a job at Home depot. he certainly aint getting a D coordinator job in the near future.

  10. “He was chain sawing, cutting branches,” Lyon said. “He was getting his hands pretty dirty.”

    Then he spun around and told him if you cut the tree trunk the branches will die.

  11. Does anybody think this is a Public Relations stunt intended for damage control? Or is this dude really genuine about what he is doing? None of us knows Williams personally but we all do know Pro Football is a man’s game. Williams could possibly be a really sincere guy who really cares about people but the violent game of NFL Football has shown us a side of him that isn’t really his character. His job was to pump his defense up and destroy opposing offenses. He just went about it the wrong way and now he is paying the price. I kinda feel bad for the guy because he probably is a good husband, friend, and father but the stress & demands of his job were his downfall. The nature of his “crimes” were pretty bad because he called on his players to target certain opposing players and specific areas of their bodies to hurt but he still is no Jerry Sandusky.

  12. My buddy and I were out helping our neighbors in Oaklawn clear stuff and Coach Williams kind of fell in with a bunch of workers and neighbors.

    He actually spent the entire day with us helping with the clean up. He was with a guy and they had a Chevy truck with some chain saws and other gear to help move debris. He worked besides us and really lent a helping hand. The two of them didn’t say much, just jumped in and dragged branches and cut trees down. When we finished with a street or driveway or whatever, they just moved along. He stayed with us until dark.

    I didn’t know who he was until my friend asked him if he was famous cause he looked familiar. We all were stunned when he said his name. For being a big shot NFL coach, he sure could work. Wasn’t afraid to get into it. I think he was just stunned by the damage like the rest of us.

    I don’t care what people say, he helped my friends and family in our time of need and he did it quietly. I grew up in the country and from where I come from, that’s all I needed to know. Not many people can say that.

  13. Well, it’s not like he’s got anything else to do at the moment. Still, it’s good to see him helping people instead of paying someone to hurt them.

    Interesting that he let it be known who he was by making some kind of joke. Just couldn’t go there anonymously like every other volunteer; nope, had to get his name out there so that people would say “he’s a really nice guy”. (ya watching, Roger? Hint, hint.)

    Sorry for being so negative on this “feel good” story, but the fact that he had to let someone know who he was tainted (sorry about the pun) the whole thing for me.

  14. First of all, IMO that might be the funniest thing you’ve ever written on PFT. Second, I just want to commend Greg Williams. This doesn’t exonerate him for what he did, but I do believe that anyone should get credit for doing the right thing, and if he hopes to rehabilitate himself this is a good first step on a very long journey.

  15. I take back everything I said about the guy. I like a man who offers more than phony apologies.

  16. Okay…now go to Haiti for two years and work with amputees who got that way from having multiple breaks or ACL-PCL-MCL tears and no surgery thus no way to stop the pain except for emergency limb removal.

    Hey fat Greg why don’t you go do physical therapy for 2 years more in Haiti for those quake victims with very mis-shapen arms and legs that were broken (sort of like Steve Smith after dirtbag Roman Harper’s way late hit…except without the med help Smith had) and allowed to heal without being set or operated on.

  17. Pathetic attempt at public reconciliation. “Hey, I’ll help cut your tree. By the way, do you know who I am?”. Just make sure you tell the press.

  18. My sister lives in Nebraska and I pay close attention to any and all storm warnings throughout the plains.

    Putting my ill feelings for Mr. Williams aside for a moment, I applaud you (GW) sir for you actions over this past weekend. Helping a town, city, and community along with the victims who have just seen their actual lives destroyed by a tragic event caused by mother nature should be somewhat eye-opening to you. Hopefully by witnessing the emotion taking place from others while helping, you can start to put into perspective the wrong you called for in the locker field and on the field.

  19. The rehabilitation of Gregg Williams has begun. The better part of me believes that Mr Lyon has some connection with the Rams… If this found its way into the paper a week later, it would have been more believable…

  20. Greg Williams should be in jail, not allowed to have a chainsaw in his possession. He is a sick person that does not deserve a second chance at least in the nfl. If you disagree listen to the audio of him on YouTube.

  21. It’s hard to tell if Williams wanted people to know he was doing good and was trying to be subtle about it. If so, it sounds like he was a bit clumsy in his hints.

    Before (or if) he is reinstated, the NFL probably wants to see actions that show remorse for the bounty program. Maybe Williams figures little good Samaritan work on the side couldn’t hurt.

  22. Wow…u people are something else. Absolutely nothing good in you. The man made a Big MISTAKE. He has been let go, and paying for his mistakes.
    But oh no, that’s just not good enough for some of you. Everybody…including you:-) have made terrible mistakes along the way and need ed forgiveness and support.
    Most of us have lied,cheated, and deceived someone in our lifetime,unless you are 2 years old,which is how some of you act. For heavens sake. You folks damn folks if they do,damn them if they don’t. Just remember someone has forgave you along the way, do likewise.

  23. You can tell that there are people on these blogs, that are just as bad as Gregg Williams, by their tasteless jokes. What he did was wrong indeed, but nothin he can’t get forgiveness for. He deserves another chance, because he is no different than anyone else. The whole thing was blown way out of proportion, due to the aggressive & neverending media coverage.

  24. Remember someone has forgiven each of you for SOMETHING, RESPOND IN KIND…
    You don’t know the heart of anyone,including your own. Some of you obviously have miserable,miserable lives. Get one for heavens sake. Put for once your self righteouness in your pocket, AND YOU GO OUT AND HELP SOMEONE. Oh you can’t …you are too busy gripin’ about someone who did.
    Stay classy folks.

  25. @dmatt777 ABSOLUTELY.

    I’m from Wichita and I didn’t see another NFL guy out helping. And Gregg comes out and does a GOOD THING and all that you get is sarcasm? Boy are we ever jaded. Thanks Coach. Whatever the heck the reason you helped I don’t care. It saved me a lot of work. Kansas appreciates you.

  26. dmatt777:

    “lied,cheated, and deceived” ??

    Last time I checked, lying does’t tear an ACL.

    He went out of his way to try to FINISH PLAYERS CAREERS, and HURT people. I am well aware that this is a contact sport, but there’s a difference in trying to get guys pumped up before a game, and putting money on the table to hurt people.

    People are still bashing Vick for the dog fighting. Williams is going to get it for quite some time. Count on that, and this is coming from a Skins fan. Don’t forget, he was DC on my team too..

  27. Londonfletcher
    Yes He Lied,Decieved. What have you done?
    We are NOT JUDGE,JURY,AND EXECUTIONER. Again, have you ever needed forgiveness? Sure you have.When I think about how some of you lie, cheat, deceive wives,husbands,children. But those things don’t hurt …right. You MISS THE POINT.AT SOME TIME IN ALL OF OUR LIVES ,WE NEED FORGIVENESS.Ever heard of it? Obviously not.

  28. I can applaud his efforts without knowing if his reasons were genuine. Either way something good came of his actions.

  29. The interesting thing about this whole Greg Williams fiasco, is that in the grand scheme of things, he barely did anything wrong. NFL players can assault, rape, electrocute dogs, murder, drive drunk and kill, and they get second chances to repair their reputation, and it’s simple – all they have to do is help their teams win, act remorseful, and the fans forgive them if they’re successful at it. The things they do OUTSIDE of football is repaired WITHIN the game of football.

    Greg Williams made a big error WITHIN football, but in terms of the real world OUTSIDE of football, it’s barely worth mentioning. The man is most likely a model citizen.

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