Rex Ryan: “I know we’re going to build a great team”


It’s the first day of the offseason program, and Jets head coach Rex Ryan is back at it: Ryan expressed confidence, as he always does, that the Jets are going to be something special.

“I know we’re going to build a great team,” Ryan said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

Part of building a great team will be building a closer team. Ryan said he wants to build “a brotherhood” or a “tribe” full of players who get along. That wasn’t what the Jets had last year, but Ryan called it “great” that Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes, who feuded in 2011, have been working out together this offseason.

Ryan also reiterated that Sanchez is the starter and Tim Tebow is the backup, and there will be no quarterback controversy and no problems between the two of them. And he indicated that the problems that arose last season were mostly related to the fact that the Jets weren’t as good as they thought they’d be.

“When you don’t meet your expectations, it kills you,” Ryan said of the 2011 season.

In 2012, Ryan is confident he has a team that will meet his expectations. Then again, he was confident last year, too.

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  1. And all his other predictions have worked out tremendously. This slob just can’t keep his mouth shut. And Jet fans wonder why the rest of the NFL laughs at their organization.

  2. If Rex could build a team as well as he can build a sandwhich he’d be a 3 time Super Bowl winner

  3. I wonder what he’s going to say next April after another team collapse and Tebow-sized iceberg sinks the ship?

  4. Has Tim Tebow even worked on his mechanics in the offseason? Only time I hear about him is when he’s at a Yankee game, doing press conferences, or charity events. None of them are bad things but if he needs more practice than any QB in the league right now.

  5. And I know I’m going to write the next great American novel, marry the next Heidi Klum, win the Boston Marathon, pitch a shutout in my first game, and so on.

    Get a life Rex and do something that would lead us to believe you could actually do it.

  6. So when is fat boy Rex going to guarantee a Super Bowl win. What a joke these Jets are. Its tough to be a dolphins fan, but dam it must suck to like the New Jersey Jets.

  7. The man is just answering a question in an interview. Any other coach would say the same thing and no one would care. Give the guy a break.

  8. I really thought this guy was going to shut up this offseason and I was mildly impressed. The only time I have seen him even remotely humble was when his foot fetish video was released. His brother Rob will never be hired as a coach no matter how talented he is. No reputable team wants to be associated with this garbage all the time.

  9. He didn’t get to finish the sentence…….”and it started when we got Tebow”.

    Now that would have been great fodder.

  10. The man is just answering a question in an interview. Any other coach would say the same thing and no one would care. Give the guy a break.

    actually i think that most coaches would say something like “our GOAL is to build a great team”. when rex throws in the words “i know” thats when he gets in trouble.

  11. I never really considered the Jets as a “great” team under Rex Ryan. The only reason the Jets made the playoffs in 09 is because Caldwell decided to pull Manning from the game, basically forfeiting any chance of an undefeated season. Jets overachieved in 2010 but fell back to being the average team I thought they were last year.

    Skies the limit for this Jets team because Rex is so confident in his players, but time is also ticking. He just needs to tone down the bravado and stop making guarantees and putting pressure on the team to fulfill them.

  12. I love Playstation NFL fans.
    Yep, Rex was naive in predicting championships, but the man also said they would have a Top 5 Defense.
    His defenses have been 1st, 3rd, and 5th in his first 3 years.
    The guy can coach defense.

  13. I would bet that 31 other head coaches around the league expressed the same sentiment today with their players coming back. Of course, since it’s Rex – he’s a “blowhard” and so the blowhards at PFT jump all over it.

  14. I agree njdevil…. I agree. “coach believes team will be great” please take note of my shocked face! What coach, when INTERVIEWED, believes his team will have a let-down season? I know you kids love unleashing the venom, but please use it productively. I believe Rex is finally starting to mature as a head coach and I look forward to the day he has more consistent success.

  15. @ wadecountry…

    you do not honestly believe that the Dolphins are in a better spot than the Jets right now…

    People have to realize, we are from NY.. We do not mind this talking. We dont care what other people think of us.. .


  16. @ billsfan27 I wonder what he’s going to say next April after another team collapse and Tebow-sized iceberg sinks the ship?

    haha. wait, so how did the bills season end last season? you were 5-2 and then lost 7 games in a row. sounds like a collapse to me!

  17. kathyisintheroom says: Apr 16, 2012 12:59 PM

    I don’t know who is more mouthy and obnoxious, Rex, Steelers fans, or Patriots fans?
    I vote for you.

  18. njdevil7 says:
    Apr 16, 2012 1:12 PM
    The man is just answering a question in an interview. Any other coach would say the same thing and no one would care. Give the guy a break.

    Where have you been the last three years?

  19. Well that settles it…Jets will not build a great team. Now all we need for him to say is that they will start each practice singing Kumbaya.

  20. fans in

    buffalo, miami, cleveland, cincinatti, oakland, san diego, kansas city, indianapolis, jacksonville, tenessee, washington, philly, dallas, chicago, minnesota, tampa, carolina, atlanta, arizona, seattle, st.louis

    simply big off. you all wish you were the jets

  21. and the snowball of promises for this year starts….

    – we are going to build a great team
    – Tebow will be a quarterback
    – our defense will be unstoppable
    – we will go to the playoffs, mark it down
    – we will go to the AFC Championship, mark it down
    – we will win the Superbowl, mark it down

    nobody… and I mean nobody… wishes they were the Jets or Jet fans……

  22. jimjets… you can’t be serious. I don’t know anyone that wishes “they were the Jets” or a Jets Fan.

    If Sanchez and/or Tebow lines up under Center there is no way the Jets win a Super Bowl. They will possibly be back in the Playoff mix, but you just can’t make up for a lack of a contending QB no matter how much talent you think you have around him.

    Focus on trying to even win the Division first before claiming the Jets are really anything envy-worthy.

  23. wrdtoyrmama says

    His defenses have been 1st, 3rd, and 5th in his first 3 years.
    The guy can coach defense.


    Notice a trend here though? Going the wrong direction!

    If the Jets are trying to build a great team, it is strange that two of your first moves are to bring in Tony (Field Goal Fist Pumper) Sporano and Tim Tebow! Not sure that’s moving in the right direction!

  24. A tribe…hahahahaha…Cromartie building a tribe of children (# 10 just arrived)…..You would think that Rex would learn already…One more non-playoff season and he is a goner…

  25. I think the Jets are going to be worse than last year, but they have an easy schedule as does the whole AFC east, so you could see a few teams make the playoffs from the AFC east like the AFC north this past year.

  26. How is this “Rex being Rex”? Or him guaranteeing a bowl? There is a ton of biased journalism going on here as well as lots of illiterate posters. All Rex said this time was that he believes they will build a great team this year. Thats confidence. Ask ANY coach in the NFL if they have that belief and if they think they have a good team and they will say the same thing. Hate somewhere else. Rex says a lot of silly stuff but this is not one of those times.

  27. they’ll build a great team after the get rid of Tebow and make Sanchez a better than average qb. Whoever is handling the personel department needs to get his S@$T together too.

  28. Rex will turn the jets around. this year they will win 12 games. this year Sanchez will throw 35 td passes tebow will run for 15 td santonio will catch a 100 passes Shawn greens will rush for 1800 yrd and 14td. Courtney upshaws will get 18 QB sacks 5 of them will tom Brady’s. Dwayne revis will get 10 ints . he will intercept tom Brady’s 5 times. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I’d be shocked if they finish above .500. Two bad QB’s, no running game, one starting WR with awful character, no right tackle, lack of pass rushers, lack of impact safety, crappy offensive coordinator…


  30. Rex, all you have to do is check the locker room at the other end of MetLife…

    – 2-time Super Bowl MVP quarterback who is just plain deadly in the first-half 2-minute drill or the 4th quarter
    – a defense that can put Umenyiora, Kiwanuka, Pierre-Paul, and Tuck on the line together (no offensive line in the NFL can consistently stop all 4 on a passing down)
    – clutch kicker and punter
    – a young receiver who had five 65+ yard TDs (including a 99er against you)

    The only Jet that scares anyone is Revis. Not enough.

  31. Rex Ryan is definitely building a good team for third place, because the Buffalo Bills are taking the AFC East this year!!!Bills Nation stand up!!! Go Bills the real team of New York!!!

  32. What?… more blathering blowhard predictions from Rex?…. I bet that caught everybody by surprise.

  33. As a Ravens fan I was originally upset that they did not hire Rex Ryan. But after the last four years I’m sure glad they didn’t. When is that lars a$$ going to learn to keep his mouth shut. This will be his last year in New York unless he wins the big game. PS…nice signing in Tebow. He’s a bum. Rex is a bum. The Jets are bums.

  34. Can we stop piling on the Jets for a while?…………………………… OK long enough. Go get ’em.

  35. “I know we’re going to build a great team” proof in the pudding is the Jets extend a useless QB Sanchez, and they sign Tebow, that shows me “we’re building a great team. As I stated before, the Jets are a ship of fools.

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