Peyton vs. Brady in Week 5 a highlight in Broncos’ schedule

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The NFL clearly views the Denver Broncos as one of the marquee teams this season, with the schedule that was released today showing that the league office wants Peyton Manning on national television as often as possible.

We already noted that the Broncos open the season at home against the Steelers on NBC’s Sunday Night Football, but it turns out that the Broncos actually have their first two games in prime time: In Week Two Denver is at Atlanta on ESPN’s Monday Night Football.

But the game that could be among the biggest of the entire 2012 NFL regular season is in Week Five, when Manning and the Broncos visit Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. When Manning’s Colts played the Patriots it was often the NFL’s most-watched game of the season, and now Manning’s Broncos against the Patriots may be as well. That Week Five contest is a Sunday afternoon game on CBS.

The Broncos have another Monday night prime time game against the Chargers Week Six, a Sunday night prime time game against the Saints Week Eight, and a Thursday night prime time game against the Raiders Week 14.

43 responses to “Peyton vs. Brady in Week 5 a highlight in Broncos’ schedule

  1. Hope he stasy healthy.

    If he goes down all were going to hear on primetime is how they should have kept playoff winning game qb tebow as a good back up.

  2. I will be curious to see if they hype this meeting as much as they hyped acquiring Josh Daniels or the signing of Tebow? I hope for their sake they don’t draw to much attention to their organization. After all, we see how those two events, Tebow and Daniels, worked out for them.

    Furthermore, does anyone really think Manning matches UP to Brady? Come on.

  3. Bronco’s have a BRUTAL schedule this year.

    Patriots, Saints, Steelers, Falcons, Texans, Chargers (twice), Ravens…

    I don’t see any Caleb hanie’s and Tyler Palko on this schedule… they may be a better team with Manning, but they drew a terrible schedule.

  4. boy the league wants to televise all of peytons game for his final farewell tour, they better hope he has anything left in the tank or they will be wishing they can flex these games

  5. The Brady/Manning thing is one of the best rivalries of all time. Glad to see Peyton is still around so it can continue.

  6. @petonsneck18

    Why would they be WISHING they can flex these games…they CAN flex these games…wish I could flex your comments out of this blog

  7. Manning and the Broncos are not going to win that division. Not with the schedule that I”m seeing.

    Every team in that division has to play the same teams. So I don’t understand what your saying. Anyone can say, “Broncos wont win the division”….so find someone to bet and put your money where your mouth is. I like the odds of Denver winning the division. Obviously the guys in Vegas like them too & to win the super bowl.

  8. The sad part is this will most likely be the last time Brady & Manning play against each other as the Bronco’s will never finish in first place in their division or make the playoffs over the next 3 or 4 years. By then Manning will be retired.

    So lets enjoy the game this year as Brady & the Pat’s end the same way they began the Brady/Manning yearly clash with another victory!

  9. I looked at all the AFC West schedule! Love it, & it should be interesting. I like the Chargers:)

  10. Too bad this match up will lose its luster. Peyton will be out for the season by week three!

  11. The texans never have, or ever will sweep the colts. They couldn’t beat orlovsky, and have had one good season EVER.. so funny how everyone wants to anoint them kings… They Can never stay healthy, and the rest of the division is weak. The colts will be back, much sooner than later… Hate all you want, but I see Luck being the next dynasty quarterback… RG3 will be great too.. Glad you get to watch the twighlights of amazing careers, but the future is in Carolina, green bay, Cincinnati, washinton, and of course Indy… Best move ever, getting rid of Peyton was so unpopular, but in the end, the greatest call in sports history…

  12. Damn! as a Bronco fan, a 10-6 record would be quite an accomplishment! Hardest schedule I’ve seen in years…

  13. Gonna be funny when Pitt takes out Peyton that first week and you will be watching Adam Weber in primetime.

  14. What a waste of time haha. I’ll wait until the season to have the truth. My eyes are open, & I don’t trust anyone but me lol. Perhaps that is because I am usually correct:)

  15. @marima07 you make no sense look at the pats and packers they drew the easiest schedule was nothing to do with playoffs and division winner and all to do with luck.

  16. orangecrushil says:
    Apr 17, 2012 10:59 PM
    @marima07 you make no sense look at the pats and packers they drew the easiest schedule was nothing to do with playoffs and division winner and all to do with luck.


    Well, obviously you’re a Donkey fan so I will try to explain this so you can understand it. But we know that won’t be easy, because…well you’re a Donkey fan and they aren’t real bright.

    Every team plays one division from each conference every year on a rotating basis. This year the AFC West plays the AFC North and the NFC South.

    The other two games are played against the same place teams from the previous year’s record in the other two divisions. So since the Donkeys miraculously won the AFC West last year, that means they play New England and Houston.

    Still following me Donkey fan? Those previously mentioned games equal 10…if you can guess the remaining 6 you win a prize. But I wouldn’t bet on you guessing that…because you know, you’re a Donkey fan.

  17. forget all you donkey lovers come week 4 my raiders are going to cripple him .the raiders will win the west without a doubt . good luck stopping darren mcfadden,carson palmer,denarius moore and our defense oh yeah and was’nt our new coach your old def coach last year yeah i think he knows the broncos pretty good . good luck chumps

  18. Even the League is buying into the hype that Manning is the bestest everything ever despite 4 neck surgeries in a year and a half, no play time in a year, and oh, yeah, 36 years, that the team and Manning have been hard-selling. They better hope they didn’t just schedule a season of primetime games with a ‘QB to be named later’.

  19. Raidermanrock: yep the best the Faiders could do is hiring the DC from the 24th ranked defense in the league, the guy who schemed (and kept calling) the brilliant 3-3-5 defense that was gashed over and over by teams running out of the spread formation. I’m sure he’s a brilliant hire though, not a two year coach like pretty much every other coach your team has had over the last decade. But at least he has all those high draft picks to stock the team with…

    Enjoy your rightful place in the cellar, we’ll send a postcard from New Orleans!

  20. U guys are retarded, they play every single team within 4 year span. You always play your divison twice, and 2 other divisons every season. Go broncos and quit hating, I bet all of you guys would want peyton to play for your team. I see a 11-5 record, as long as our defence play wells u will for sure see us in the playoffs… Peyton Manning!!!

  21. Count me in for week five. I will definitely fly up from DC to watch Tom and the boys put it to the Donkeys. That should be a great time.

  22. I would have liked to see this later in the season, and in prime time… but I guess having it earlier reduces the risk that either Peyton or Brady (shudder) are too injured to play.

    The Pats / Colts games were the best rivalry of 2000-2010, with only the Ravens / Steelers being close (and a different kind of game.) Looking forward to a last few QB duels between these two… enjoy it while it lasts, people.

  23. I haven’t seen this mentioned, but the refs will be on the look out for anything close to roughing the quarterback against Peyton. Especially with the Saints bounty scandal. Remember when Brady came back from his knee surgery? Anything near his legs….or actually anything near him in general after the ball was thrown….was called a penalty. Seriously, it was pretty blatant protection of Brady by the officials.

    Peyton is one of the NFL’s best “brands”–Goodell is going to make sure he stays health and plays. I would not be surprised if he issues a directive that all defensive illegal hits against players coming back from injury will be high scrutinized.

    Also it’s worth mentioning that according to Dungy, Peyton’s neck problems started with an illegal tackle by the Redskins in 2006…just so happens that Gregg Williams was the DC of the Skins. I don’t think the NFL wants everyone to be reminded of that fact if he gets hurt again.

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