PFT Live: Justin Blackmon, Kent Somers and more mock draft

The draft will be the big topic up for discussion on Tuesday’s PFT Live.

Mike Florio will speak to former Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon about his experience preparing for the draft. We’ll also find out about his expectations for next Thursday night, when he figures to be one of the first players off the board.

Florio will also continue the mock draft he started on Monday by revealing the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth picks. Blackmon could be one of those picks with the first four passing by without his name being called.

We’ll also welcome Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic on the show for some talk about the Cardinals. We’ll hear about what they are thinking in regard to the draft as well as what else has been going on in the desert this offseason.

You can watch it all live at noon ET.

9 responses to “PFT Live: Justin Blackmon, Kent Somers and more mock draft

  1. It’s easier to get a March madness bracket right than it is a mock draft. If you miss on one player it throws the whole mock off.

  2. Rubroll has it right. It’s all guessing designed to occupy morons’ time. No one knows what is and will be happening in the war rooms.

  3. lets just get the draft started, this is dragging out, seems like the nba draft might happened before the nfl draft, i know its the nba playoffs coming up, but still, i cant wait to see who goes where after the top 2 picks

  4. If he’s anything like the radio interviews he did with a couple of Cleveland stations yesterday, it will make for a good c ure for insomnia. Dude does not interview well.

  5. If you could add in a segment on Eric Decker’s opinion of Peyton Manning’s arm I’d appreciate it.

  6. Rather than mock drafts I’d like to see all these experts past draft player evaluations. Lets really see who knows what they’re talking about. Say 3 years back, 4 years back and so on.

  7. If I get below 95% quality rating in 3 straight months, I get fired. Oh to be a meteorologist or Mock Draft expert and be less than 30%.

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