Chris Johnson will be at Titans workouts

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Chris Johnson’s absence from Titans camp last summer while he held out for a new contract earned him a lot of enmity when he turned in a season far below his established level.

With a new contract, Johnson obviously wasn’t going to miss camp this time around. But he’s also going to be a participant in the Titans’ offseason workout program for the first time in his career.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that Johnson is expected to be with the team when they convene in Nashville next week. He’s due to report on Tuesday, one day after the rest of his teammates. Johnson has usually spent the offseasons working out on his own in Florida, but his appearance isn’t solely about trying to make up for his poor 2011 season. Johnson’s new deal allows him six absences from workouts before he’s docked $250,000.

Regardless of the reasons for Johnson’s appearance, the results should be positive for the Titans. Getting a full offseason of work in with Johnson and the offensive line should lead to better results than the team got on the ground last season. If it doesn’t, Johnson might not see the $9 million he’s due in the third year of the contract.

8 responses to “Chris Johnson will be at Titans workouts

  1. Better hope the line can block better too; they did well pass blocking but all backs struggled behind that line last year rushing. It’s not all on CJ, who I think will get back to form if the line picks up it’s game.

  2. Glad to see he made it to his destination… How many carries did it take?!… My name is Shecky and I’ll be here all week. Please don’t forget to tip the waitstaff.

    I agree that the O-line wasn’t pulling their end very often, but CJ2K seemed to lack any explosiveness.

  3. Chris Johnson will be at Titans workouts
    checkin’ out the softest places on the field to lay down when they hand him the ball…

  4. I swear it seemed like CJ1/2K took a knee every play right as he hit the line last year

    No heart, just tats and gold teeth.

  5. He should be at every workout. For the money they’re paying him, he should have to help the equipment guys afterwards (not to mention the janitorial staff as well).

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