NFLPA sues NFLCA, in apparent effort to take control of coaches’ organization

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Earlier this year, David Cornwell became the new executive director of the NFL Coaches Association.  Even earlier this year, David Cornwell made an open and direct assault on the job of NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith.

Smith is now returning the favor.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports that the NFLPA has filed a lawsuit against the NFLCA seeking payment of $650,000 and, apparently, putting Smith in charge of the NFLCA.

“I do not know which is more absurd, the claim that De is the Executive Director of the NFLCA or the fact that the NFLPA is blocking us from using coaches’ dues money to advance the interests of coaches,” Cornwell told Cole.  “Instead of working with the NFL on retirement benefits, uniform insurance, and other important issues for NFL coaches, now we have to incur real debt to deal with De Smith and the NFLPA.

“De has not done anything for NFL coaches and there is no support for a continued association with the NFLPA.  I think the lawsuit and the alleged debt is a smoke screen to prevent the NFLCA from breaking away from the NFLPA.”

The NFLCA previously shared office space and employees with the NFLPA, which also provided money and legal services to the NFLCA.  Before Cornwell was hired, the NFLCA had been kicked out of the NFLPA’s offices.

Though Cole reports that the current acrimony traces to the poor relationship between Smith and Cornwell, the atmosphere between the organizations took a turn for the worse last year, after former NFLCA executive director Larry Kennan filed a legal brief supporting the players in their antitrust fight against the NFL — and then a stream of coaches and coaching staffs came out and disavowed the effort.

This fact alone demonstrates that the interests of the NFLPA and the NFLCA aren’t and weren’t fully aligned, which means that someone other than the executive director of the NFLPA should be the executive director of the NFLCA.  It also suggests that the past alignment of the organizations was a mistake.

It’s safe to say there will be no alignment of the organizations at any point in the foreseeable future.

18 responses to “NFLPA sues NFLCA, in apparent effort to take control of coaches’ organization

  1. Unless the NFLCA wants to make LESS money over the next 10 years (and borrowing money from future years so that their Executive Director can somehow get re-elected) for the added benefit of having 10 less work days in shorts and t-shirts per year, agree to take money away from teams that spend lots of cash to give it to teams that DON’T spend much, give the NFL the right to suspend coaches that hit the drive-thru naked even if they are NOT under contract or employed by the NFL or its teams, etc etc etc etc…….then i would have NOTHING to do with DeSmith who will go down as the WORST union boss in the history of the world….I mean seriously the NFL and the NFL money is rising astronomically every minute and he somehow took LESS money, after a lengthy dirty lockout?!?!?!?!?

  2. DeMaurice Smith is one of the few people related to the NFL who has as big an ego as Roger Goodell. He’s no better than the owners. 100% clown.

  3. I have no idea how any coaches’ association could ever be aligned with the NFLPA under one head. They need to be separate entities.

  4. Makes me respect Bill Belichick even more. He is the only coach that doesn’t belong to the NFL Coaches Association. Most likely because of petty ‘issues’ like this.

  5. Really De?

    If I were Roger Goodell, I would attempt a coup of the NFLPA, call it a pre-emptive strike b/c De will most likely try to take the NFL offices by storm if he can railroad the NFLCA.

    I do love the union on union fighting though, I hate unions, they are the scourge of the earth.

  6. Can anybody honestly tell me how DeSmith got re-elected? He held the players out for months, had a public fight with the NFL and then finally signed a BAD deal overall…..and yet he was STILL re-elected??? He is the worst labor boss in professional sports!!!

  7. Where was the NFLPA fighting for Greg “the Hitman” Williams and Sean “turn the Cheek” Peyton to not get suspended?

    Oh, that’s right. You ONLY represent the players.

    GDIAF De

  8. De Smith is a jackass!!! he let the owners win the CBA deal and now he wants to control a union and a trade association???

  9. I can sympathize with exploited common laborers who live from paycheck to paycheck forming a union to protect themselves from the big fat cigar chomping boss.

    But football players and coaches that make a minimum salaries in the hundred thousands and millions more often than not?

    Give me a brake!

  10. The NFLPA and NFLCA really need to get on they job stop running over each other and join together and see what’s really going on with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell he looks like he tell the NFLPA & NFLCA what to do. You guys knows what NFL football is about hitting and every team in the NFL rewards there guys. You guys suppose to represent the players and the coaches, just weeks ago New Orleans Saints loss two coaches and players. You guys not protecting the players nor the coaches just collecting a check both of you guys need to fire each other because never one of you doing your job.

  11. What an organization this has become; NFLPA sueing NFLCA, players sueing the NFL League over past safety issues, NFL issuing fines to players, passing judgement and suspending coaches & GM. Heck why not required anyone with intentions of being in these organizational groups to be a fully qualified lawyer as part of the qualifications for any job. That way it would be so much easier to sue if everybody knew the laws and ways of defending or prosecuting each other. Man what a world we have become and of all things a sports group with so many legal problems. You guys all stink-talk about a bunch of clowns.

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