Report: Bucs shopping Aqib Talib for trade

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The signs of the Buccaneers’ interest in drafting LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne are coming faster and faster.

Ronde Barber is playing safety at the team’s workouts, Barber said last week that the team will “probably” draft Claiborne and now there’s a report that the team is shopping cornerback Aqib Talib in a trade. A team source told Pewter Report that general manager Mark Dominik would like to acquire additional picks in next week’s draft in exchange for Talib, a pretty good sign that the team plans to add a starter at the position.

Wanting to deal Talib and actually dealing him are birds of a very different feather. Talib’s trial for aggravated assault with a handgun doesn’t start until June 25th, which means teams are not going to have any idea of his status for quite some time. There’s also the specter of a suspension from the league to deal with and that’s not going to help the Bucs get much value in return for Talib.

Talib is entering the final year of his rookie contract and is set to make just over $1.85 million in 2012.

53 responses to “Report: Bucs shopping Aqib Talib for trade

  1. They might as well release him. That’s a disaster waiting to happen. Who’s going to trade for him when no one knows if he’s going to play at all this season?

  2. Good luck with that. I remember when he was drafted there were rumors the skins would take him. So glad they didn’t wind up with this knucklehead

  3. Give us some picks for a guy that will not only be suspended, but may spend time in jail.

    Waiting for the call….waiting for it….waiting for it….

  4. Whoa, a late round pick for a guy like this would be a steal for any team. A guy in the last year of a deal that pays peanuts, even if he’s suspended, or heck, jailed, its still a low risk move. He’s suspended 8 games, bring him back, you like what you see, lock him up with a contract based on his off-field business and you have yourself a darn good player. Even if he gets a year suspension you could still lock him up with those details in his next contract. If he’s jailed, well, think of it as he was signed away by the mean machine…

  5. The Bucs would like to acquire additional picks? I don’t know if I would even give up (1) 7th rounder for this kid. He has undeniable talent but with his off the field issues I don’t know if I would take the slightest gamble on him.

  6. All these people claiming they won’t get anything for a starting CB don’t know the NFL. Will they get a top pick (no) but a team will definitely give a mid to late round “conditional draft pick” for a 1st rounder who is a starting CB. It’s a win-win, no risk type trade. Talib walks on his charge, the Buc’s get rid of him & get a draft pick. The team gets a starting CB for a cheap price. He goes to jail the pick is null & void.

    His legal team is fairly certain he’s going to walk on the charge & he’s already met with Fidel Goddell regarding the incident, and was not punished. One thing is for sure, the Buc’s won’t cut him, he only makes 1.8 million & his contract is up after this year. So either a team can take a flyer on him & hope it works out or he’ll be a Buc this year, if he’s not in Jail

  7. Redskins need to surrender a 4th round pick for the great Talib. Reunite him with his former head coach Morris and Tanard Jackson in the secondary.

  8. pooflingingmonkey says: Apr 18, 2012 11:13 AM

    Coach Morris? I have Mike Brown on line 1…

    You spelled Schiano wrong…

  9. Trade him to the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL for 6 cases of Molson Golden , couple bushels of king crabs and a DVD copy of Strange Brew .

  10. You’d think somebody would take a shot at him.

    The Bucs are really gunning for a trade.

    Talib’s got to be nervous at the news, he’s probably sweating bullets.

    Thanks, I’ll be here all week, try the veal.

  11. You’d think the Bucs would be wary of ANOTHER illiterate scumbag corner with a criminal past.

  12. I have to say I think Schiano’s going to be really really good for the Bucs. They needed a no nonsense tough minded coach like him. Players will almost always stick up for turds who are their teammates because of loyalty, but guys like Talib can wear on the good guys like Ronde, etc who try to do the right thing. This team could surprise some people, big time. Maybe not Harbaugh/Niners level, but a 2nd place finish in the division.

  13. @trefkennedy: “We team Cowboys need to get a 6th round pick to get him”

    You are the PERFECT candidate to be the Dallas Cowboys spokesman . Maybe you team cowboys won’t choke in December again this year….

  14. A deal like the Cowboys made for Pacman would make sense here. Someone gives the Bucs a pick in 2012 with a pick going the other way in 2013 if Talib doesn’t work out. Talib’s new team can cut him if he can’t beat the charges or if he’s a bad influence in the locker room. If he does pan out, they get a very good CB for cheap. No risk.

    A team might not want Talib, even under those circumstances because of the message it would send to the rest of the team and that is a legitimate reason not to take him on. That’s a different story from risk, however.

  15. I’d give a 7th round pick. Maybe a 6 and 7, with conditions. He’s definitely talented, and definitely a Pacman Jones-sized headache. Worth the risk. I remember thinking that the Steelers were nuts to accept a 5th round pick for Santonio Holmes, but that trade seemed to work out for everybody (IIRC, the Steelers eventually turned that 5th round pick into Antonio Brown). And maybe with Raheem, (and some love from the judge) Talib could meaningfully contribute.

  16. Classic, never fails. Every time the is character issue guy on the market, you’ll see the comments well the Bengals and Mike Brown are calling. As a Bengals fan, hate it, but it’s the Bengals own fault

  17. Vikings could team him with Chris Cook to form the most-likely-to-succeed-as-long-as-they-aren’t-in-jail CB tandem in the league!

  18. 25 or so teams probably won’t even consider him, but we all know there are usually a couple who will take that risk. He’s also held in higher regard talent wise than he actually is(he’s good but not great, and gets beat deep too often to be considered anywhere near elite status), so hopefully that misconception will play into our favor.

    I’d assume we’ll be trying to get that 4th round pick back, but I’d be very pleasantly surprised if we could get that much for him. Maybe the Redskins with Raheem?

  19. Raheem Morris needs new pants after reading this.

    Only problem is, the only team dumb enough to want Talib with his pending trial in June would be the Redskins. Are they dumb enough to trade for him? The guy might not even be available to play this season.

    That being said, Bruce Allen IS dumb enough to trade for him. Remember, he’s the same guy who traded a 7th round pick to Denver for Jake Plummer despite the fact that Plummer said he wasn’t going to play for the Bucs.

  20. I got to believe that he would be a steal IF he is acquitted of the gun charge. The courts didn’t do him any favors by moving his trial to June. Maybe its a blessing for the Buc’s should he be acquitted.

  21. If this were preseason 2011, Al trades Hue Jackson for Talib..straight up! Al Saunders runs the offense.

  22. If Asante Samuel is only going to go for a 4th or so AND is willing to lower his cap number AND is known as a team leader…

    How is Talib going to get traded when he is most assuredly a felon AND is know as a hot headed malcontent AND will probably be in jail at some point?

    I wouldn’t give up a stick of Doublemint for this clown.

  23. The cowgirls will take him!! He’ll fit right in with Dez Bryant… Jerry Jones would gladly blow a pick to get a CB on the cheap… heck, he might even pay the legal fees…

  24. bearsrulepackdrool says: Apr 18, 2012 11:07 AM

    You know what he’d be perfect for the disfunctional Lions.


    *dysfunctional………..and how are the Lions more dysfunctional than duh bears???? They actually made the playoffs….they didn’t lose 6 straight games to end the season like the losers from chi-town. I know you don’t want to hear this but duh bears are done. Lions and Packers will rule the division for the next 10 years.

  25. rexryanschoolofpodiatry says: Apr 18, 2012 2:01 PM

    bearsrulepackdrool says: Apr 18, 2012 11:07 AM

    You know what he’d be perfect for the disfunctional Lions.


    *dysfunctional………..and how are the Lions more dysfunctional than duh bears???? They actually made the playoffs….they didn’t lose 6 straight games to end the season like the losers from chi-town. I know you don’t want to hear this but duh bears are done. Lions and Packers will rule the division for the next 10 years.

    THANK YOU. #1. Guess they need to upgrade that education system in Chitcago. 2ndly, a negative Lions comment from a Bears fan is str8 hate. The difference between us is the Lions are young and building while the Bears are old and overrated

  26. If it weren’t for Talib’s anger management issues, we wouldn’t have to draft Claiborne. Pisses me off. We could have Trent Richardson or trade down and get a linebacker and additional picks.

    I hope the Bucs learned their lesson with drafting head cases.

  27. They should just do an Asante for Talib trade straight up.

    Eagles get to save almost $8M without losing their depth at CB but have to deal with his legal issues while Tampa Bay gets a stud CB who they can afford because of only spending $80M a year the last few seasons and then they can draft Trent Richardson.

  28. Redskins GM Bruce Allen drafted Talib during the Gruden era in Tampa, and Raheem Morris has been his coach for his entire pro career. I know Schiano is stating that he isn’t trading him, but the Redskins need to add proven talent after losing all of those draft picks.

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