Ireland: Tannehill a “great kid,” but Dolphins won’t be “pressured”

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Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland talked up Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill today, but he also sounded a note of caution about just how aggressive Miami might be to acquire him.

“He’s a great kid. He’s smart, tough, has a good family background,” Ireland said of Tannehill.

But Ireland also made clear that the Dolphins are going to stick to their draft board and take the player they think is the best, and they’re not going to feel any sense of desperation about either trading up for Tannehill or taking him with the eighth overall pick.

“There are times you should go after a first-round quarterback, but you shouldn’t be pressured into it,” Ireland said.

There’s been talk that Tannehill has climbed up draft boards since the season ended, but Ireland said the Dolphins’ draft board more or less has the same players in the same places now as they did at the end of the college football season.

“Very few change drastically,” Ireland said.

This year’s draft clearly has two elite quarterback prospects in Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, followed by four players who have separated themselves from the pack in USC left tackle Matt Kalil, Alabama running back Trent Richardson, LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne and Oklahoma State receiver Justin Blackmon. Tannehill is the wild card near the top of the draft.

That’s seven players, which might indicate that the Dolphins are in a position where they’re likely to miss out on all the elite prospects with the eighth overall pick. But Ireland is expressing confidence.

“There are certainly some glaring things that are hitting me this year,” Ireland said. “I have a pretty good idea of what I want at No. 8.”

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  1. Here we go again… Parcells brainwashed him into drafting low round QB’s.

    Okay = backup plan…. WR (flyod in first) QB (Cousins in second). Make it happen… but it won’t.

    Irelands a dead lock into the typical DL or OL first and second rounds. Wooo ahhh the crowd goes wild.

  2. “There are times you should go after a first-round quarterback, but you shouldn’t be pressured into it,”

    I guess Matt Ryan didn’t stand out eh?

  3. Finally something is making sense ….. Now please trade down and get the extra picks we need to rebuild the O … Andy Reid with those extra picks in round 2 &3 should be on your speed dial, Jeff

  4. I expect the Dolphins to trade down if they can. Tannehill is NOT the answer for their QB woes.

  5. I don’t envy the Fish front office for having to make this choice. #8 seems a reach for Tannehill, but that apparently is what you do in this league now.

    Best case scenario is Cleveland overreaches for Tannehill at 4, leaving the Dolphins to take the best player available.

  6. “I will not be pressured into making a bold move that may elevate my team to championship contention a few years down the road! I will comfortably make safe move after safe move, knowing that as long as the team remains mediocre, fans will continue to fill the stadium, the owner will continue to make money, and I will keep my job!”

  7. Let’s see 2 elite QB’s, 4 players who have separated themselves…..

    That’s seven players

    Wow, I wonder what the wonderlick score were at PFT.

  8. If he is still on the board when Jacksonville is on the clock then Kansas City will trade up with the Jags to take this kid.

  9. “He has a good family background,” Ireland said of Tannehill.
    So his mother isn’t comparable to Dez Bryant’s?

  10. phinfan says:
    Apr 19, 2012 1:14 PM
    “There are times you should go after a first-round quarterback, but you shouldn’t be pressured into it,”

    I guess Matt Ryan didn’t stand out eh?

    Maybe he did stand out as a QB, even in college who choked whenever the season came down to one-and-done.

  11. The Dolphins aren’t sniffing the playoffs this upcoming season, they are in rebuild once again. Don’t go after Tannehill. Next years QB class will be much deeper. The Dolphins will de drafting high next year, get one of those guys and get a player now that you can build with to be ready for that window they can make a run at the playoffs.

  12. “…has a good family background.”
    Really? He couldn’t have said strong arm or good mobility?
    Looks like he definately learned his PR lesson with the Dez Bryant thing.

  13. “I have a pretty good idea of what I want at No. 8.”

    Lotta I’s in that sentence.

    One day, you might realize that “I” is your worst enemy–or maybe the owner will realize it first.

  14. If Sherman, who was his college coach, doesn’t strongly encourage Ireland to take him, what does that say about Tanneyhill? Would that cause a Brady Quinn or Aaron Rodgers (or Jimmy Clausen) type fall down the draft board?

  15. Tomtravis have you seen there schedule. If 9-7 team can make it to the playoff theres a chance for them. On that note tannehill is not the answer. But i dont see why we should suck up another season for a shot at that. On top of that if we draft a wr in the first, dl & ol in the second. Dolphins will be in decent shape. Matt moore deserves another chance there. He made something out of nothing with the team. I will laugh when the dolphins shock everyone this coming year.

  16. Boy are all you Dolphin fans going to HATE your front office after Matt Flynn DOMINATES for Seattle this season!!! Just another example of why the Dolphins are the complete LAUGHING STOCK of proffesional football right now!! I guess mr BEN GAY David Garrard is the answer!!! What a total JOKE!! If i was in Miami right now i would be calling for these CLOWNS heads!!!

  17. Which means of course that Ireland wants everyone to think they won’t take him at 8, to dissuade anyone else from trading with Jacksonville for Tannehill at 7. So much smoke this time of year. Cough, Gagh!

  18. @liddogg33 if flynn is so franchise there shouldn’t be an open competition and Pete Carroll shouldn’t be jizzing over himself wanting tannehill to fall to 12. Or am I missing something here…

  19. translation: He might be the answer for us at QB but we rather draft a tackle and try to find a QB in the second round or trade for one that sucks.

  20. liddogg33 what offense do you guys have other than a running back…go back to the drawing boards yet another miami hater. Do something with your life rather than waste your time with worthless words.

  21. He should feel pressured. I’m not sure if he’s been keeping up on current events, but virtually NOBODY wants to play for the Dolphins as long as Ireland is GM.
    I sympathize as a Chiefs fan. There came a point when nobody wanted to play for the Chiefs as long as Carl Peterson was there. Peterson is now working with Ireland in Miami. This will only get worse until a whole new front office is installed there. Dolphins fans deserve better.

  22. Atta boy Jeff. Don’t be pressured. You ween’t pressured into Kyle Orton. Don’t be pressured now.

    But if you are going to take a QB, take Brandon Weeden.

  23. oh lawdy lawdy…another draft day green room tank ala Aaron Rogers, BRady Quinn…he’ll go in the 2nd round

  24. Trade down to the bottom of the 1st while acquiring and extra 2nd and 4th.

    Round 1. Coby Fleener
    Round 2a. Amani Salatou OG Midwestern ST
    Round 2b. Vinny Curry DE Marshall
    Round 3a. Brock Oseweiler QB Arizona ST
    Round 3b. Marvin Mcnutt WR Iowa
    Round 4a. Ryan Broyles WR Oklahoma
    Round 4b. Croyell Judie CB Texas A&M
    Round 5. Olivier DE Miami
    Round 6. Joe Long OG/OT Wayne ST
    Round 7. Vontaze Burfict ILB Arizona ST

  25. David Garrad was actually a Pro Bowl QB. Yes, he sat out for a back injury, but his was nothing compared to the P. Mannings risk. The Fins signed him to a minimum deal. At the very least we have a quality backup and experience in the Lockeroom. Matt Flynn offers absolutely nothing except hope (and a big Cap hit for a not guaranteed Starter). He might be good (I think he will be), but will be limited because the Seahawks are mediocre at best in talent ( no offense, I say this for the Colts and Redskins new QB’s as well). If the Fins passed on Flynn and decide to pass on Tannehill; I trust Philbin and Sherman’s judgement far more than a knucklehead Fan on Comment Blog.

  26. Stuck in the middle again.
    Best Recipe:
    Trade Down about 4 or 5 spots, no further than 13.
    Pick up another draft pick and choose the best OL, DE, WR-Floyd, or LB that falls in the first.
    Hate doing this again, but, get Weeden (smart, control) to compete.
    Package late rounders to add more middle picks and aggressively select remaining needs in 2-3 rounds…

  27. Well lets see…. We have Sydney Rice, Zach Miller, Mike Williams, Doug Baldwin, Ricardo Lockette, Ohh and a Young and UPCOMING OLINE coached by guru Tom Cable!! Not to mention per Peter King the BEST SECONDARY IN THE NFL!!! Ohh and another thing we have… A SOLD OUT STADIUM which gives us the best home field advantage in the league!! One of the brightest young gm’s in football and a MASTER MOTIVATOR in Mr. PETE CARROLL…. Should i go on???? And what do you have??? ohhh yea you have…. WAIT NO YOU DONT HAVE BRANDON MARSHALL YOU TRADED HIM AWAY!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    did i answer you question fin fan?????

  28. There are only 3 good decissions in the 1st rd for Miami, sice Blackmon will be gone by #8

    Take DECASTRO at #8, or trade down and take either WEEDON or RUEBEN RANDLE

    Taking any other players except one of thses 3 would be a HUGE MISTAKE

  29. im i the only one who wants the dolphins to draft Quinton Coples??? Last year out pass rush was horrible. I rember counting one time and we gave Tom Brady 8 SECONDS to throw the ball.we need someone else who the O-line have to worry about other then Cameron Wake. he cant do it all by himself.

  30. Liddog33 I will give it to you, u sound like a true fan. Now back to the reality. Do you realize all the names you just listed? Hurt rice who hasn’t recovered. Baldwin??? I could compare him to hartline! Moving forward, mike willams is a bust. You do have a okay line with a runni g game which I have mentioned. Did you watch last year??? Best home field advantage? Where we’re u guys again? Now to Brandon Marshall, who had 5 drops in the ensuing who could of turned some of our games around… Well thank god! Will will have a positive season this year just watch.

  31. Hey liddogg33…

    Let me me bring you back to earth. The Seahawks are losers .475 (277 wins and 306 losses) lifetime record, Zero Super Bowl wins and the only Team in NFL history to go to the Playoffs with a 7-9 record. That’s it… that is all you got. Without Steve Largent and Cortez Kennedy, no football fans would ever know your team exists. Atleast you got that puke green color in your uniform to keep you in the news.

  32. I only look FORWARD!!!! I agree the past Seahawks were NOTHING to brag about!!! I ASSURE you guys that after this next season you will ALL see the truth!! Best of luck to your teams!!

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